5 Ways to Grow An Amazing Email List

Email list… It’s one of the biggest assets that any blogger can have. If your focus is on building an amazing email list, you will CERTAINLY get more than what you deserve (in the long run).

How to build a great list without sweating much then?

Here are few surefire ways to get more email subscribers in your list. Read and apply them on your blogs and TELL me the results in the comments section, I would be really glad to help you if you need anything.

1. Place optin forms in 5 *golden* visible places

Without any doubt, you will get more email subscribers if you place the optin forms in the RIGHT places on your blog to get more visibility. The more visibility give it to your readers, the more chances you will get to make them subscribing to your email list.

So, what are the BEST places to put your email optin forms?

  • About page
  • Footer of your blog
  • Top of the sidebar (this is a MUST)
  • End of each post
  • Above the fold (introduced by Derek Halphern of Social Triggers)

The above 5 places are the most visible places on any blog to grab more people attention. If you place your email optin forms in those visible places, you will certainly get more subscribers in no time, if your OFFER is good.

2. Offer something premium

build your amazing email listWho will subscribe to your email list if you don’t provide any value to them?

Always ask yourself this question, “what’s in it for them?”

If they find value in subscribing to your list, they will surely join your email list. All they need is value for their email address in exchange.

You can’t motivate them just by using “Subscribe to my email list” etc, you have to provide something more than that to make your visitors subscribing to your blog.

Offer a free eBook, video or podcast, this makes them to join your list without any hesitation.

3. Create top notch content – this is no EXCEPTION

If your content is so good, that actually solves your readers problems, then you don’t need to specifically ask your readers to subscribing to your blog’s email list.

Always keep this point in your mind, “create content that makes people to automatically subscribing to your blog by having a fear of not to lose even a single post from you”

Always target the beginners, write in simple language,

4. It’s not in landing pages, it’s in how you use them

Landing pages are golden when you use them wisely.

Invest your money and time on creating great landing pages which will certainly attract more people to subscribing to your blog’s email list.


Because landing pages have ONLY one goal in mind.

It is… they don’t have much distractions.

The more focused your landing pages are, the better results you can acquire on your email list.

5. Social media sites can bring you better results

Have you ever worried about using social media sites like Facebook, Google+, twitter etc?

They are growing so fast like never before. You need to work hard on getting more online visibility from the social media sites to bring a boost in building your email list.

When you have readers, fans coming from social media sites, it becomes very easy for you to get more visibility and spread your message to subscribing to your list.

Share the best stuff and promote others content very often to get other bloggers attention.

Don’t be selfish while promoting your contents on social media networks. Build a tribe instead of self promoting. You could get more better results if you do so.

Over to you:

What are the other ways do you use on your blogs to grow your email list??

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