How to Sign up for Google AdSense

 If you are reading this blog post than you might have been running a blog or website and are attracting visitors on a regular basis. And now you want to earn some money that’s why you have been looking Google AdSense Sign up process. If the answer is yes – read the rest of the post.

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is basically a program to earn money from your online content. After getting approved by Google AdSense Team, you are allowed to create ad units. Once done simply past the codes on your blog or website’s HTML page.

Now every time someone clicks on these ad units Google makes money and gives you a part of this earning. Although it is not much for each click, it really adds up. There are many success stories of people making thousands of dollars.

Types of AdSense Ads Delivered

1. Text Ads

There are different types of AdSense ads but the most basic type is the plain text ads. These type of ads shows company slogan or a tag line which can easily draw web surfer’s attention.

The benefit of using plain text ads is that you can completely customize it. For example, you can choose background color, front size and color. By changing background and front color you can easily blend ads to better match theme of your blog or website.

2. Banner Ads

The second type of ads available through Google adsense is a Banner ad. Instead of displaying just text this type of ads shows graphical banners e.g. pictures and animation.

Though it can easily draw web surfer’s attention you cannot customize it as the case with plain text ads.

3. AdSense for Feeds

The third type of ads available through Google adsense is feed ads. These ads works very well for blog publishers as blogs often generate a huge amount of traffic through blog subscribers. So, when the web surfer’s subscribes to blog feeds they receive advertisements along with the feeds.

Google AdSense Sign up Process

Step 1: Create a Google account or if you have one than proceed to next step.

Step 2: Go to Google AdSense Sign up page and follow the easy directions to fill-up the form.

Step 3: Once you are done you will have to wait a week or two for Google to check things out and make sure they want to include you in their program.

Step 4: If your application is accepted they will send you an email. This email will have a small bit of a code to add to the html of your website or blog. Once done, wait for their second stage approval email.

Until the second stage is completed, your account will continue to show under review status.

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