What to Do When You Have No Idea to Write About?

Have you ever wondered how few blogs come up with great posts all the time? There are many popular blogs out there which post almost daily for their readers.

How do they post daily without burning out? Can you do the same??

What kinda blog posts go viral and how to write great topics on your blog when you have no idea?

What to write when you have nothing to write about?

Here are few surefire tips to write great contents on your blogs all the time.

1. Read other blogs: If you want to generate better blog post ideas, you must be reading other blogs. I won’t recommend you to read ONLY the blogs which are in your niche, instead read the blog posts even which are totally unrelated to your blogging niche. Why?

When you are reading completely irrelevant blog posts, you will actually get inspiration and/or new post ideas to write on your blogs. Trust me, this things works! I know because I will get so many unique blog post ideas when I stumble upon irrelevant blog posts to my site’s niche.

2. Write series posts: If you don’t get any idea to write about on your blogs, this tip is for you – create series posts. First of all, know what your audience wants, then research what kind of blog posts may go viral in your niche to create successful series posts.

Creating series posts on your blogs will not only improve your readership but it also give you more page views, email subscribers and credibility.

3. Write product reviews: Writing product reviews will not only give you a room to fill blog posts when you don’t get any ideas, but it also give you more affiliate sales and income. But remember one thing while writing product reviews on your blogs to get more people attention, write genuine product reviews. Instead of writing on those products which you don’t use at all, it’s always advisable to write the product reviews that you personally use.

4. Conduct interviews: This is my all-time favorite! If I don’t get any idea to write on my blog, I simply choose an influential blogger in my niche. I contact them about the interview on ‘specific topic’ (most preferably, I will find out the top blogger in my niche and I will enquire about what topics he is a master) to post on my blogs. You can contact the top bloggers in your niche to conduct interviews via twitter, emails. Contacting through the emails is one of the effective ways to get a positive response.

5. Do link roundups: Link roundup’s are the best ways to attract more bloggers attention. By linking to other bloggers, you will not only give your readers the best stuff, but you will also create great impact on other bloggers. Who knows they might find it interesting to linking to your blog posts in future too! It’s a win-win approach to get more people attention to create a better blog.

6. Talk about your blogging mistakes: We all are humans, and everyone makes mistakes. You can create great impact on your blog readers, if you not only write about the strength of yours, but also about your weak points and blogging mistakes that you have made in the past. This way you are making your readers NOT to commit that same mistakes again and again.

Bonus: Write a post on the plugins that you use

This is one of the easiest ways to write contents when you have no idea – write about the plugins that you use on your blogs. Most readers are interested to know what everyone else are using on their blogs.

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