how to make custom search for your blog

If you want your Blog Design A Search Engine is also Be A Blogger according to your NAME and your Choice Information to you, it might Work. Here’s I’m going to do it Yourself Search Engine Tell you which you Can you create Way and Design. Free Service provided by Google, PLUS $ 100 Deposit Fee Can you take Advantage of the Other Features.
Google Custom Search Engine to open up the site, here you see the Button Create A Search Engine Click shown.

One of the Form you to come after clicking Thus, Whose Sites Search to the URL of your site a Box, you want to make the Custom Search by NAME.

Language Option then please go to the Language Select your custom search for, if you only want to create a Search Engine for Language as the only English Select to me, but if you want to make Search Engine for All languages ​​All Please Select A Language. So after you Please Click on the Create Button.

Click on the Create button, you will see the Message, here you Add in to your site – Get code and View it on the web – Public URL will see the button, Add in to your site – Get code you to click on Code will appear

Take your Blog Template paste this code into your copy, paste Way Where Can see the HTML example is the Button Click. Now talk, View it on the Web – Search Engine Public URL clicking this Button will know that the User will look at your your blog.

If your Search Engine Texture, look and feel like a Change can be so click Edit search engine.

Setup Option Can you Get your own ed Function Search Engine from here, look and feel from Option Texture, look and feel and Search Features Can Changed made ​​by Visiting the New Search Features Ed. All your change at any Time according to this Option ARE SUBJECT to your needs. Apply this Custom Search Blog today on his own then.

How to make your internet speed 10x faster

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2. Web site browsing is fast.
3. Download speed increases.
4. Online games go smoothly.
5.Streaming of music and movies is easy.
6. Download video and audio songs are fast.
7. Email is increasingly open.
8. Web graphics and images load faster.
9. Web page load faster.
10.Browser Speed ​​test you can browsing.
11. Speed ​​test of your Internet connection you can.
12. You can increase the speed of Internet connection.
13. It works on wireless Internet connection.
14. This software is free for ever.
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