Best SEO Plugins for WordPress (8)

For rank your website google use 200 ranking factors in the  SERPs. If you are think for incress your rank then you need optimized your post for SEO and then you need the best SEO plugins for WordPress. this is our luck that WordPress have a platform of most important plugins for SEO for get more traffic from search engines.

Here you get the golden beg of the best SEO plugin for get mare traffic from search engine. You can write better content and you are focus on technical optimization With the help of SEO plugins.Now this time to know the importance of the SEO Plugin, here you are  learn how SEO plugins can help you for get better ranking in search engine and how incress you website traffic.

In case you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin,read this.

8 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress:

1) WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin the best SEO plugins at that time. WordPress SEO plugin is use by almost all blogger, this plugin help you to get to get top in ranking and it will also offer you social optimization for incress your website  ranking. I am also use it and many other WordPress users also use it. Let’s see why this plugin is  popular. First this that this plugin make your website social media friendly. this plug in tell you that your Meta descriptions tags for keywords are include in you content or not.It also major your inbound and outbound links and it will be rates your website content. This plugin have Flesch Reading Ease scale that can check your content is in terms of reading. This plugin prevent you for duplicate content by his rel=canonical tags. This plugin. It’s also optimize your RSS feed.

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2) SEO Pressor

SEO Pressor is the powerful tool for manage your complete website by care of your all pages, posts and format. This plugin is the best competent SEO plugin. Ok let see the features of this plugin. The first thing is that this plugin have intrinsic keyword research tool that give drag and drop your keywords into your content. This plugin give you the SEO statistics related to your post that help you keep track your post and page. this plugin give you  effectiveness for your content. this plugin assign a word or phrase for a desired link.  this plugin make your reviews for supporting.

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3) All in one SEO Pack

This plugin the best SEO plugins for magazine website. Approx 14 million user download this plugin. Let’s see what thing makes it a favorite. This plugin suitable for those users they are have no knowledge about SEO. This plugin are create meta descriptions, meta tag and keywords for your article. It’s also optimize tour post tittles and create alternate tag for your post picture. This plugin Extended your website e-commerce features and it also traces duplicate pages in your WordPress website.

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4) WP Social SEO PRO

This plugin built for make your website social media friendly, it’s also have social signals to incess your page rank in search engine Result Page (SERP).It’s the best plugin for improve your social presence and reach higher your traffic. This plugin have social call to action button for share your right image in social websites. As my thing if you want to higher your conversions and top on search engine ranks in 2015. Let’s see out this plugin featured. The frist thing is this plugin integrates with best SEOPlugins like Yoast. This plugin ad rich snippets in your content with very easily. This also have Facebook open-graph, Twitter meta-data optimization. This plugin have adds itemprop tags in your content that thing make it Google Plus friendly. It’s allows add social share button for sharing your page on social media with very easy steps.

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5) Google and Bing Sitemap Generator

If you are using best SEO plugins by Yoast’s then its not useful for you. THis plugin help you to create sitemaps easily that sitemap are submitted to webmastertools of Google and Bing. This plugin gnreate file type video, gallery, etc formats. This plugin add these multiple formats in the sitemap.  That featured makr this plugin unique.

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6) SEO Friendly Images

This is the best SEO Plugins for increase your website traffic with the help of Google image search. Total traffic of google 15 % traffic come from google image search so this plugin very important attract more traffics, leads and customers. It’s also help you to add titles tags in your image. this plugin also makes your post with W3C/xHTML compatible.

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7) Broken links checker:

Broken link word is the most enemy for any blogger. Broken links are mostly coming from comments made by people on your website site and and those people site is no more. Broken links are made if you are change in URL structure in your website. Broken links are not only degrade your website in SEO but also give penalize from Search engines.

Broken link checker plugin check your website broken links, emails you and also give by visitors the links they are place was incorrect link or by removed it completely.

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8) Google XML sitemap for images:

This plugin is best seo plugins for incress rank in SEO because your blog images also include for search engine queries. Google XML sitemap for image  plugin also help you to submit your blog images sitemap to Google. You can install and active this plugin if want to optimize your blog traffic coming from your blog images searches.

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So, Download the 8 best SEO plugins  and Enjoy Traffic and also subscribe this blog for get more tips and tutorials.

5 best plugin for wordpress

are you searching for best plugin for WordPress in web? however, then your got right palace there. In this post, GAI Info describe the 10 best plugins for you. By install this plugin user get best experince and simply drive your WordPress website

Having that said, here you are see the 10 best plugin for WordPress for 2015.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO is that that pluging that you get not only seo plugin but also you get all in one optimaization pack for your website . Apart addin your coustem tittle and description for your article, WordPress SEO Plugin Also give you Keyword resource tools, Analitcs, Tranding now, Meta tag, Social eidtor… etc .


BackupBuddy  plugin is the best plugin for WordPress websites. this plug in give you automatic backup by your time schedule. In this plugin you are backup your data in cloud storage for more effective backup. See how to your website is more safe from BackupBuddy backup.

3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

When your website in web your first thing that how to your website rank in Google search engine is incress. W3 Total Cache plugin help you for optimize, speed up and incress SEO rank of your website. This plugin is easily setup browsers and page caching, compress your website page for fast download, and it is also setup a content delivery network for your static files.

4. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms plugin is more friendly and easy contact form for your WordPress website it also developer friendly. This plugin will be use for add any kind of online forms. This plugin is the allowed you web directory, online survey, user submitted posts, with power full add on or approx anything where the user input are required.

10. Disqus


This plugin is default WordPress commenting system that works well for WordPress websites with fewer visitors. However, your website are comment on your artical for better off with Disqus plugin. Disqus is a third party commenting system, that mean the comments are not effect on your website server.that’s also not effect on your web page speed and it will come with anti spam filter.

How to create a Free blog on blogger and write post.

How to create blog on searching for simple steps to make own blog? How do I start my own blog? No problem, here you get very simple and clear steps to build your own blog.

Today I teach you to create a blog on Blogger and write the first post. Before starting a blog you need to know that How do you build a blog.

How do I create a free blog?

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Before starting how to create a blog on blogger you need to know that If you search anything on google then you get many results (Ex. 2,74,00,342 results in 6.4 second). That’s mean lots of blogs and websites are available on the web.

So, if you really wanna create a blog on Google then you have to do so much hard work for get success with your blog. Without hard work, no mean came for create a blog in google. Google give an opportunity to all peoples to create a blog on Blogger for free.

Steps to How can we create a blog.

Let’s follow all given below steps for start a blog with blogger for free

How do I start my own blog?, How do I create a blog on Google?, How do you build a blog?, How do I create a blog for free?, create a blog google, create a blog for free and make money, how to create a blog on blogger, how to start a blog wordpress, how to start a blog on facebook, how to make money with a blog, how to start a fashion blog, How can we create a blog?, How do I create a blog for free?, How do you create a blog on Blogger?, What is the blogspot?

  • First of all your need a Google account. So, first go to Google and make a Google account.
  • After create account, Click on and here you see Google Blogger dashboard page.
  • In the left side you see “New Blog“, Click on the new blog and here you get a page of fill details.
  • Click on title and put your new blog name and take a unique address of your new blog or website.
  • In below you get several templates. So, select which template/theme you like for your new blog.
  • Select good looking template for your blog and then complete all option click on the finish button.

So, all steps to how do I create a blog for free is completed and you have your own blog. Now follow below steps to make your first post for your blog.

How to create a Post in your New Blog

I wanna congrats you for create a blog for free with Google. Now let’s go to steps to make your first blog post.

How do I start my own blog?, How do I create a blog on Google?, How do you build a blog?, How do I create a blog for free?, create a blog google, create a blog for free and make money, how to create a blog on blogger, how to start a blog wordpress, how to start a blog on facebook, how to make money with a blog, how to start a fashion blog, How can we create a blog?, How do I create a blog for free?, How do you create a blog on Blogger?, What is the blogspot?

  • Click on the “add new post”, see given upper image.
  • Here, add your post name and details about your post.
  • After writing your first post, click on the publish button.

So, now you have your own blog and you are also publish post. After start a fashion…etc. blog you need to read SEO tips to increase your website rank.

I am help peoples to make their own blog and make money with blog. Help us by share this post and like our page. If you have any problem to start a blog with blogger then place a comment below.

5 Best tips for Android phone

At this time android is the highly using operating system. Many peoples don’t know below tips for android. With those android your can use your smartphone with smart way.

Best Android Tips

top android phone tips
top android phone tips

Those android tips make you smart for using your android phone. So, just follow below best tips for android

Disable apps notification

android tips
android tips


Many android phone apps are irritate you by notification. No problem we are here. Apps notification are drain your android battery. if u don’t know then this steps are useful for you.

  • firstly you get notification on notification box.
  • long press on them one massage box appear on display.
  • Touch on app info and unmarked show notification and then touch Ok.

Disable Mobile Data

tips for mobile
tips for mobile

When you data connection is on and not in usage, your phone battery will drain quickly. So, this is important to turn of mobile data.

  • Go to System Setting.
  • Touch on data usage and turn off mobile data by touch on “On-Off” toggle.

Set Mobile Data Limit

mobile tips
mobile tips

this is most important thing for using net. Set your data limit by limit of your internet pack for avoid from cut your mobile balance.

  • Go To Settings and touch Data Usage.
  • Set your mobile data limit by dragging the show line to reflect your monthly use.
  • Set your mobile data usage like  “month” starts and ends, done.

Add Multiple Google Accounts

best tips for mobile phone
best tips for mobile phone

To use an Android phone you need a Google account but you also add more than one Google account on your Android phone .  To add multiple Google accounts:

  • Go to Settings and touch on  Add account.
  • Select Google and setup your Google account.
  • Once added, choose what you want to sync with the Google account.

5. Disable automatic App Updates

Disable you apps automatic update for show app permission and install it. this is important thing that automatic app update is update any app that you are not use, however Disable it:

  1. Open Play Store and go to Settings.
  2. Touch on Auto-update apps.
  3. Select Do not auto-update apps.

How much this best android tips are useful for you. Place your view about this article in below comment box and if you know any other best android tips then also place your tips for android in comment box.

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Tricks to drive more traffic to your website/blog

Searching for tricks to increase your blog/website traffic without SEO? Wanna drive more traffic to your website? Don’t worries, I am write this article for simple and best tricks to increase traffic to website.

How to increase website traffic through google

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After building a new website, every one trying to drive more and more visitors on their’s blog. You are also one of them, I also. If you read all given tricks clearly, I swear your website Organic Visitors will increase.

You have to know that “Content is King”, If you write more fresh and quality content then no one can stop you to drive high visitors in your site.

Tricks to increase blog traffic for free

Those given tricks to increase traffic to your website are very simple to follow and you can write a SEO friendly posts-

Added it to a search engine
fastest Increase websites visitors
fastest Increase websites visitors

This is the best method to get more traffic on your web, submit your website to all search engines like google, yahoo, MSN etc and drive more traffic to your site.

  • Added to google searh engine, link
  • Added to yahoo, link
  • Added to MSN, link
Advertising your website on another websites

easy ways to drive more traffic

Advertising your website is the easiest way to immediately improve your website traffic, because you have to pay only and you can get traffic to your website fast.

If you have money problem then you can search on to “free ads” on google. You can also advertise your website on your social profiles for free. You can also write guest post to others blogs, you will also get back link to your website.

Join discussion forums

increase website traffic

Search for discussion forms and join more and more, because on discussion forms you get many question and you can also add back links to your website. Joining discussion forms are very helpful to get instant website traffic.

Write fresh and unique articles

hack for increase website trafficI already say ” Content is King “, If you write unique, fresh and original posts then you can increase website traffic fast.  For writing fresh and unique articles check the How to write unique and SEO friendly post.

So, read those proven ways to drive traffic in your blog. If this article is helpful for you then like, share and follow BubbleIndia.

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