5 Attention Grabbing WordPress Plugins To Get More Tweets, Likes, +1s’

Not getting enough blog traffic?

Tired of optimizing posts for SEO?

If so… then you should start focusing on driving traffic from social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. These sites have potential to drive tons of traffic to your blog.

However, you need have content that can stand out of the crowed – but that’s not all.

You need to encourage your readers/visitors to share your content with their friends and contact on their social networking profiles. And to make them do so you need to add attention grabbing social sharing buttons on your blog post.

You may easily find some cool social sharing WordPress plugins in WordPress repository but choosing the BEST for your blog is not an easy task as there are so many plugins available. So to make your work easy I’ve created a list of some attention grabbing WordPress plugins to help you get more Tweets, Likes and +1s’.

Best WordPress Plugins To get More Tweets, Likes, +1s’

Digg Digg

It’s one of the most popular and highly recommend WordPress plugin to display social sharing buttons. The beauty of this plugin, it requires minimum customization as compared to other sharing and floating bars, which you still need to customize and position accordingly your blog layout.

With Digg Digg plugin, you get an option to display social sharing icons in the body of your post (Above or Below the post), or you can display them in a floating bar (Left or Right Side), or if you prefer you can activate both of them to grab your reader’s attention.


Another awesome plugin from WordPress repository, which you can use to display eye-catching social sharing icons and floating bars, or if you prefer you can also display Follow ME widgets on your blog with links to social networks to get more followers and fans.



With this plugin you can display social sharing buttons inside the blog post (aligned left or right) or below the post with ‘Call To Action’ box asking your readers to subscribe and leave comment. The plugin also gives you the ability to edit text inside the box, which can be done through ‘Socialize Admin Page’.

Social Traffic Pop Pro


We know that pop-ups are very effective in capturing leads, but it can also help you to get more likes, tweets, Google +1s’ and this is what Social Traffic Pop Pro does. The plugin allows you to set a predetermined amount of time, before it appears on a page. Not only that, you can also choose whether or not show Social Traffic Pop Pro on the homepage.

Social Toolbar


The name it self clears that it’s not a plugin that you can use to display social sharing icons inside the post. In-fact,  this plugin is used to display social icons in the footer or at the top which will float when you scrolls down. The plugin allows you to choose the color, front and even rearrange your list of social network icons.

Which Social sharing WordPress plugins do you use to make your readers Tweet, Like or +1 your blog post?

How To Increase Internet Speed of Your Laptop & Desktop PC

 Even in the word of high speed internet connection you might get stuck with slow internet connection. This could happen to you anywhere – office, home, school or even while travelling. Many people think that slow internet speed is down to to their broadband provider.

But sometimes it could be due to computer setting, wireless hardware or an old PC.

To solve this problem here are some tips that you can follow to boost your internet connection speed.

Basic Computer Maintenance

It’s not always that your internet connection has slowed. Sometimes, it’s just a sign that your computer is infected with viruses or other malware. So, run Disk Defrag, scan disk, virus scan (e.g. Norton, McAfee etc.) and malware scan.

This is important because sometimes your broadband speed may not be affected, but since your computer is infected it would not response well. And this can essentially lead to the same symptom of slow broadband Internet connection speed.


Switch off Broadband Router and PC

If your broadband connection speed seems to have slowed. The first step you should take is to switch off your broadband router and your PC (Laptop/Desktop) and then switching them on again. Because sometimes even a simplest solution can fix apparently complex problems.

Delete Cache & Temporary Files

Deleting cache and temporary internet files can improve your broadband internet connection speed by not fetching the same file over and over. In Internet Explorer, you can do this by opening “Tools” tab at the top and choosing “Internet Options”.

Here, under the General tab you will find an option to delete cache, temporary internet files, cookies etc. click on it and you are done.

Block Flash & JavaScript

If you are having bandwidth issue or having really slow internet speed then I suggest you to block flash and java-scripts. To do this, you can install Adblock Plus and Flashblock extension if using Firefox, or use a solution specific for Google Chrome. Remember, by blocking flash and java-scripts you may not be able to access some areas of few websites.

Use Google Public DNS

To speed up your broadband internet connection you can Google Public DNS as an alternative to your current DNS provider. It’s a free global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution. Now the question is how to configure your network setting to use Google Public DNS?

Well, Google has published that on Google Developers website. There, you’l find how to configure your network setting on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux etc.

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How to Sign up for Google AdSense

 If you are reading this blog post than you might have been running a blog or website and are attracting visitors on a regular basis. And now you want to earn some money that’s why you have been looking Google AdSense Sign up process. If the answer is yes – read the rest of the post.

What is Google AdSense

Google AdSense is basically a program to earn money from your online content. After getting approved by Google AdSense Team, you are allowed to create ad units. Once done simply past the codes on your blog or website’s HTML page.

Now every time someone clicks on these ad units Google makes money and gives you a part of this earning. Although it is not much for each click, it really adds up. There are many success stories of people making thousands of dollars.

Types of AdSense Ads Delivered

1. Text Ads

There are different types of AdSense ads but the most basic type is the plain text ads. These type of ads shows company slogan or a tag line which can easily draw web surfer’s attention.

The benefit of using plain text ads is that you can completely customize it. For example, you can choose background color, front size and color. By changing background and front color you can easily blend ads to better match theme of your blog or website.

2. Banner Ads

The second type of ads available through Google adsense is a Banner ad. Instead of displaying just text this type of ads shows graphical banners e.g. pictures and animation.

Though it can easily draw web surfer’s attention you cannot customize it as the case with plain text ads.

3. AdSense for Feeds

The third type of ads available through Google adsense is feed ads. These ads works very well for blog publishers as blogs often generate a huge amount of traffic through blog subscribers. So, when the web surfer’s subscribes to blog feeds they receive advertisements along with the feeds.

Google AdSense Sign up Process

Step 1: Create a Google account or if you have one than proceed to next step.

Step 2: Go to Google AdSense Sign up page and follow the easy directions to fill-up the form.

Step 3: Once you are done you will have to wait a week or two for Google to check things out and make sure they want to include you in their program.

Step 4: If your application is accepted they will send you an email. This email will have a small bit of a code to add to the html of your website or blog. Once done, wait for their second stage approval email.

Until the second stage is completed, your account will continue to show under review status.

Keep Your Blog Stale Free Through These Six Tips

One of the many problems that bloggers nowadays face is keeping their posts from getting stale. Being boring in the cyber space means losing readers. Thus, most writers try to write about controversial topics they think would be of much interest to their audience.

Of course, knowing what’s needed to be done and actually doing it are two different things. After all, keeping your content fresh is easier said than done in this cut throat industry. Work on these six things in case you’re having trouble with keeping your blog “going”.

Think About Yourself For Once

Stop thinking about what your readers will like! The first thing you need to do in order to express yourself much better is know what you really want. Don’t sit in front of your keyboard and channel someone who isn’t “you”. You need to be your own writer. Own your power and talk about stuff that are of interest to you.

Furthermore, there’s a big difference between idolizing someone and actually imitating him/her. The latter will make you lose your “writing voice”. Thus, you need to make sure that the person who holds the pen at the end of the day is the one you see in the mirror next morning.

Know That Complexity Is Boring

Avoid using highfalutin words in the hopes of impressing your readers. As cliché as it might sound, writing is still about expressing yourself. You need to write as if you’re talking to your readers face to face. It’s all about making your topic conversational.

Scratch words that are too complicated for your average Joe. Instead, utilize terminologies that you use every day. Keep it as simple as you can and you should be fine.


Find Your Angles

How can you make sure that your blog offers something new to the platter that others haven’t presented yet? Well, the answer to that lies in finding angles! An angle is a writer’s take on the smaller details of a bigger picture. I learned this tip from my best essay copy writing job. Indeed, it’s not going to produce hits for your web site on the get-go but it will surely pique the attention of people who are looking for something different.

Don’t Just Show The Good Stuff

Behind your blog is a person who is also struggling with his/her daily life. This is someone your readers could relate to. Breaking down your walls and showing some vulnerability might do you some good. Why not consider dealing with your inner demons sometimes as you write? Yes, you’re a blogger but do not forget that you’re still a breathing, thinking, and at times, a problematic human being.

Remind Yourself That People Are Naturally Nosy

The readers of today loves digging everybody’s secrets. Use this to your advantage and write about your guilty pleasures. Admitting stuff that most people would not talk about will surely ruffle feathers.

Blog More, Brag Less

No one likes a bragger. True, you need to think about yourself when you write. But that doesn’t give you any right to act like a douchebag and sit on your “I’m superior” throne. Be sincere, keep your feet on the ground and you would be fine.

Keeping your blog from boring those readers to death may seem difficult at first. But you will eventually get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect. Prepare your cup of determination, add in some shots of creativity and include the above mentioned tips and you will surely keep that “stale feeling” away.

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3 Free and Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Are your website visitors leaving your website page after read your article? If you are not use related posts then your pageviews are decrease. So, if you are really want to increase website pageview then use related posts because they are increase your bounce rate and this is a great challenge for new bloggers. SO without wasting time let’s starting tips for:

3 Free and Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

1. Yet Another Related Posts

This Related Posts Plugins is also know as YARPP and this plugin is very popular related posts plugin and this plugin downloads are more than 2.4 Millions. This plugin give you textual and thumbnail related posts.

Pros: Yet Another Related Posts Plugins is use find related posts algorithm. This plugin not only allow thumbnails but also allow textual related posts and this is also give you the option of custom posts types. It’s also include with RSS feed display.

Cons: There are also available YARPP Experiments. If your website is very big then this plugin is very useful for your website and only use this plugin when your website is very big because this is help out you for throttle status, manually control cache, and so on.

2. nRelate Related Content

This plugin is also popular in related post plugins. This plugin is not only give you related posts but also offer advertising with along related posts. So, you are also place advertisement in along with related posts.

Pros: For use this plugin you don’t need to create a new account with nRelate website. This plugin give you more configurable settings page, So you are change the look of related posts as you like. this is not effect on your website because this plugin is use own nRelate servers.

Cons: This plugin are not very SEO friendly because this plugin are use the beta scripts for showing related posts in your website you will also check this in default plugin setting. This plugin also take more time to load related posts because first you all pages are open then is starting to show related posts.

3. Contextual Related Posts

This is plugin is also popular plugin for display related posts on your website. This plugin also show textual and thumbnails related posts in your website.

Pros: If you are use textual related posts then this plugin give you simple settings. If you are try to use thumbnail related posts then if you are not set any feature image then it is use your post thumbnails for show thumbnails related posts.

Cons: This plugin not match with any templates thumbnails. you are also use CSS to style but if you beginner then it’s very difficult.

I hope this article is very helpful for you. If you have any question then place a comment in comment box and don’t forget to share this topic 3 Free and Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress with your friends.

How to increase Android phone RAM (Easily)

Hello, I am back with new trick How to increase Android phone RAM with easily. At this time every one have own android phone and they are using Android phone for around every work like study, play games, surfing web… etc and some peoples phones are low memory phones and they are tired for slow android. This problem is usually come on Samsung smart  phones or low price smart Android phone. So, I am here for help out those people. If you phone RAM is too low then you are not applicable for play most android game like Subway surf, Temple run… etc. However, let’s start without wasting time:

Steps: How to increase Android phone RAM (Easily)

  1. You will need to download and install from ROEHSOFT RAM Expander on your Android phone.
  2. Run this app and select swap file size. (I am use 256 MB swap)
  3. After select swapiness. (I an use 50 swapiness)
  4. Now tap on optimal value and this is going very slow and this is take up to 15 minute to complete this process swaping.
  5. After complete the swap file you will need one more application for download so download RAM Boster.
  6. Install this app on your Android phone an open this app and boost you ram by using this application.
  7. Now place a one tap boost widget on your android phone home screen.

Note:- Your Android phone must be rooted.


So, friends your android phone ram is expended and you will see the results by playing games…etc. If you have any problem or question about this trick How to increase Android phone RAM (Easily) then place a comment on comment box and if you have more idea about increase Android phone RAM then place a comment below. And Don’t forget to share this important trick with your friends.

How to Root Android Phone or Tablet (Easily)

Hello, I am back with new trick How to root Android phone or tablet easily. Your android phone developers are give you limited option for drive your phone but If you are root your android phone then its Unlock your phone all features, So let’s start

How to Root Android Phone or Tablet (Easily) steps:

Step 1: Firstly you need Kingo Android Root so Download and Install it.
Step 2: After this Enable USB debugging mode in your Android phone, So if you are using Android 4.0 or 4.1 then go to settings and tap on Developer option, After open this touch on  “USB debugging” box and turn ON USB debugging mode.

Step 3: Now open Android Root application on your computer and connect your Android phone with computer using USB data cable. Now your mobile drivers are automatically install in your computer. After few minutes,you computer former are shoe a connection. And after this check your Android phone or tablet you will see a popup on your android phone screen. you are see here like “Allow USB debugging?” Then you are select or tap on “Always allow from this computer”.

Step 4: So, If you are done all steps then Click on Root, After click here sit back and relax. It will take up to 3 minutes to done. Nexus & phone is take up to 3 minutes to complete rooting process, After complete rooting process your android phone or tablet automatically reboot and you are see Complete on your computer screen.

So, your mobile rooting process is complete and you are try to unroot your Android phone or tablet than open Android Root application again and connect your Android phone or tablet again to your computer and now click on Remove Root.

Note:- If your phone your phone brick then I am not responsible, Try it at you own risk and if you are follow upper step clearly then your phone is safe.

If you have any question and problem then place a comment on comment box and share this knowledge How to Root Android Phone or Tablet (Easily) with your friends.

Top 5 Free CDN Services for WordPress

What is a CDN ?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is locate your all multiple severs in different places in word. CDN are also caches all state content of your website like images and CSS-JavaScript files and also stores on his servers.

So when anyone visits your website then the closest servers are deliver you site static content to visitor. I give you below a image for easily understand you about data is delivered.

So, after see image that’s clear when your website data is delivered from a distance then it’s take more time load. But, if you are use CDN services then the nearest servers delivered data, So your website loaded very faster.

So i think you are ready for use CDN after i am understand you about CDN and you are searching for best CDN services then i am here for see you

Top 5 free CDN services for WordPress and It’s absolutely free to use.

1. CloudFlare

CloudFlare is the top 1 free CDN service for WordPress. CloudFlare are serve your content at very fast speed because it’s data centers are located in all world.
Your are setup your website in CloudFlare very easily. Firstly open CloudeFlare and create a account then add your website or blog URL, After this once CloudFlare check your website and it’s all free of cost.

It’s is very easy and this is make our website load very fast and it’s also save near 60% bandwidth and 65% fewer requests.

In below image you see the 30 data center of CloudFlare in around the world.

2. Photon by Jetpack

If you are a WordPress blogger then i am absolutely sure that you are using the Photon by Jetpeck plugin. This plugin give many options that are make your website users friendly and It’s also give you Photon  One of them is Photon CDN!

This top 2 free CDN service is not like to other CDN service but if you have a photography blog or if you are using many images in your blog then this free CDN service is very helpful for you, So, active this feature.

Photon content delivery network service are loads your blog images with WordPress.com servers and that’s servers are powerful.

If you want to activate Photon then just go to install Jetpack plugin on your WordPress and then activate the Photon free CDN service from your WordPress dashboard.

3. SwarmCDN

This CDN service is new to compare with other in list but SwarmCDN is offer you 250 GB of transfer absolutely free, So, after this offer this CDN service is come in top 3 free CDN services for WordPress.

This free CDN services data centers are available in 196 countries in all around world. So, if you are really think to using CDN then once you will try out SwarmCDN.


4. jsDelivr

This CDN service  for hosting your javaScript file. If you are WordPress blogger then your website have lot of JavaScript files. So, I am think jsDelivr is top 4 free CDN services and this is very helpful for your website. So, If you are think to use this service then just install the free plugin of jsDeliver free WordPress plugin on your blog.

5. Coral CDN

Coral CDN service is based on P2P mean peer-to-peer content delivery network and MIT project. This CDN service is absolutely free because this service relies on the P2P network.


This is the top free CDN services and if you use this service then install Coral CDN freeWordPress plugin.

If you have any question about this topic then place a comment in comment box and don’t forget to share Top 5 free CDN services for WordPress with your friends.

How to Install Windows XP on Android Phone

Hello, I am Come back with new tutorial How to Install Windows XP on Android Phone. At this time every one have own Android smartphone they are try to something new in there phone, So, If you are bored from Android then it’s time to Install Windows XP on Android Phone So let’s start without wasting time,

How to Install Windows XP on Android Phone

1. Requirement:-
For install Windows XP one Android you need Bochs for Android and PC, So, download this software from given below link.

  • For Android download from click XP on Android App. We are really thanks to korvs2003 for give this opportunity.

After this you will need windows XP ROM file and install Bochs app in your Android phone. And also install Bochs and Qemu in your PC
2. Creating the bootable image!

  • So, open  bximage.exe that you can find this from C:/Program Files/bochs/ and this is also depend on your install location.
  • after open this you are need to create a image and select option hd, flat, 1500, c.img
  1. hd: This is the quality of your image that is depend your phone screen size.
  2. flat: that’s mean you are select your image fixed size.
  3. 1500: That is the fix size of your boot image. and that’s mean is you have 1.5 gb free space on your device.
  4. c.img: That’s is the name of your image file that will be use to setup of xp on android.

Note: You are need to open bximage.exe as Admin.
2. Install Windows XP in the boot image

1. Open up Qemu manager in your PC
2. After make a new Virtual Machine
3. Now, select  c.img to your disk
4. Then, you need Configure the CD ROM
5. And select 512 MB – 1 GB RAM of your machine if available
6. After that all start the Virtual machine and there are running the process of  installation of Windows XP
4. Run the Image on Android

1. After this process you need to create a SDL folder on your Android phone SDCARD. Example: XP on Android folder copy.
2. Now copy c.img file to your SDCARD in SDL folder that’s you are create in your SDCARD.
3. Then you need to replace bochsrc.txt lines with below code:

megs: 256

cpu: count=1, ips=6000000, reset_on_triple_fault=1, ignore_bad_msrs=1
# filename of ROM images
romimage: file=BIOS-bochs-latest
vgaromimage: file=VGABIOS-lgpl-latest
vga: extension=cirrus, update_freq=25
pci: enabled=1, chipset=i440fx, slot1=cirrus
ata0: enabled=1, ioaddr1=0x1f0, ioaddr2=0x3f0, irq=14
ata1: enabled=1, ioaddr1=0x170, ioaddr2=0x370, irq=15
ata0-master: type=disk, path="c.img"
#ata0-slave: type=disk, path="d.img"
#ata1-master: type=disk, mode=vvfat, path=/sdcard/HDD, journal=vvfat.redolog
#type=cdrom, path="CD.ISO", status=inserted
boot: c
config_interface: textconfig
#display_library: x
# other choices: win32 sdl wx carbon amigaos beos macintosh nogui rfb term svga
log: bochsout.txt
sb16: enabled=1
mouse: enabled=1
sb16: wavemode=1, dmatimer=500000
clock: sync=none, time0=1

If you need more Information about bochsrc configuration then click here.
I am use HTC Desire and i am use 256MB becouse 300mb are crash my windows after a while.

4. After that setups you are ready to Run bochs app on your Android. In Boot process this will be take up to 40 minutes in first time.

So, you are run Windows XP on Android phone and if you have any problem then post a comment below and also share this trick How to Install Windows XP on Android Phone with your friends.

Increase Website Rank with One Plugin

Hey friends, I am come back with new tips Increase Website Rank with One Plugin. There are many SEO plugins are available but the one but the one plugin are help you for increase your website or blog rank. So, lets start with steps to steps guide.

Increase Website Rank with WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin

1. Install WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin

According to me this plugin is the best plugin for increase website rank and this plugin also help to write SEO friendly article. If you are try to make your website SEO friendly then this plugin very important for you and this plugin also optimize your content for all search engines.

  • WordPress SEO by yoast help you to complete your website.
  • This plugin help you to sitemaps and it’s also submit your website sitemap to webmaster tools.
  • This plugin also help you to make you website social friendly.
  • This plugin also verify your verification for Bing, Google webmaster verification.
  • This plugin have a great option for complete your website that’s name is Force rewrite rule.

However, I see you some impotent featured of WordPress SEO Plugin. But that’s are only some highlights and this plugin also help you to prevent from copy content problems.

2. Setup Permalinks


In upper image i am force on two area, so you are change settings like image. This change are help you to increase website rank and also help you to prevent duplicate content issues. And the The second thing replytocom problem are create in your comment reply button. Google are index you comments issue, so this is also also help you to increase website rank

3. Title & Sitewide Meta Settings

Setup all this settings that’s i am give you in upper image because force rewrite rule is allow to change your setting in search engine.

There are first option is select to noindex all sub-pages because Google are index your website sub-pages and they are not good for SEO. And you are also see here more setting options but they are not necessary.

3. Social Settings

For open social setting of plugin go to WordPress SEO Plugin setting and open Social setting here. After open this you are see here below settings.

Facebook : In this option you are see connect your account with Facebook and set your default image you are want to see in Facebook of your website share.

Twitter : In twitter option select meta data.

Google Plus : In this option add your Google publisher page link and then setup author name.

4. Placing Your Keywords

this is very important task before you are write any past in your website. If you are want to perform your research, then you are need to palace keyword in your post without waste time. In the below i am see you the best things of me for focused phrase.

  • Palace keyword in your first sentence, this sentence must be under 150 words.
  • Put  key phrase in the last of your sentence.
  • Highlight most related word in your post using Bold, italic or underline.
  • Palace your keyword in H2 headings, H3 sub headings.
  • try to sprinkle your phrases, So specially Palace one one keyword in middle paragraph of your article.

And also place a keyword in your outbound and one inbound linking in your post.

Also read:- SEO Tips – Increase website rank

5. Add Custom Meta Description Tag

To increase website rank then this is good thing that Because Google are automatically add you meta description but this description are not friendly with your visitor and this is also carry your targeted key-phrase.

I am copy the first paragraph in below 150 words and place it on custom description become this is help to write valuable description of my post.

And this one is also important thing that palace your keywords in your description because Google is search engine that’snot right Google also a largest share search engine then it’s also focused on yahoo, Bing.

There are biggest problem to related to keyword is that spamming or simple terms keyword stuffing. If you are do this of one or both then Google panda algorithmic update are also penalized you and your search engine traffic is decrease in your website or blog.

Simple guidelines;

  1. Place targeted key-phrase.
  2. Also Place implement related phrases.
  3. Use one keyword only one or tow time in you website.
  4. Your tag must be simple and natural.
  5. Don’t Place up to 3 to 5 keywords.

However, If you have any question about Increase Website Rank with One Pluginthen palace your question in comment and also share this post with your friends.