How To Increase Internet Speed of Your Laptop & Desktop PC

Even in the word of high speed internet connection you might get stuck with slow internet connection. This could happen to you anywhere – office, home, school or even while travelling. Many people think that slow internet speed is down to to their broadband provider.

But sometimes it could be due to computer setting, wireless hardware or an old PC.

To solve this problem here are some tips that you can follow to boost your internet connection speed.

Basic Computer Maintenance

It’s not always that your internet connection has slowed. Sometimes, it’s just a sign that your computer is infected with viruses or other malware. So, run Disk Defrag, scan disk, virus scan (e.g. Norton, McAfee etc.) and malware scan.

This is important because sometimes your broadband speed may not be affected, but since your computer is infected it would not response well. And this can essentially lead to the same symptom of slow broadband Internet connection speed.

internet speed booster tips

Switch off Broadband Router and PC

If your broadband connection speed seems to have slowed. The first step you should take is to switch off your broadband router and your PC (Laptop/Desktop) and then switching them on again. Because sometimes even a simplest solution can fix apparently complex problems.

Delete Cache & Temporary Files

Deleting cache and temporary internet files can improve your broadband internet connection speed by not fetching the same file over and over. In Internet Explorer, you can do this by opening “Tools” tab at the top and choosing “Internet Options”.

Here, under the General tab you will find an option to delete cache, temporary internet files, cookies etc. click on it and you are done.

Block Flash & JavaScript

If you are having bandwidth issue or having really slow internet speed then I suggest you to block flash and java-scripts. To do this, you can install Adblock Plus and Flashblock extension if using Firefox, or use a solution specific for Google Chrome. Remember, by blocking flash and java-scripts you may not be able to access some areas of few websites.

Use Google Public DNS

To speed up your broadband internet connection you can Google Public DNS as an alternative to your current DNS provider. It’s a free global Domain Name System (DNS) resolution. Now the question is how to configure your network setting to use Google Public DNS?

Well, Google has published that on Google Developers website. There, you’l find how to configure your network setting on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux etc.

How To Check and Increase PHP Memory Limit In WordPress

If you are blogger and you use WordPress as blogging platform, there are chances that you will see an error which reads “Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted” either in your browser or server logs.

Usually, this happens when you install a new plugin, upgrade to the latest WordPress version or do other task.

Top and Best Premium WordPress Themes For Free

The reason why you get this error is the insufficient memory allocated to WordPress and to get rid of this error you need to increase PHP memory limit of your WordPress blog.

In this post, I am going to teach you how to check and increase the default memory limit when it gets exhausted.

How To Check PHP Memory Limit?

The most common way to check the memory Limit for PHP scripts is to create a PHP file on your server like view-php-info.php and put the following code in it.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

After creating this file on your server, simple open it in your browser e.g. . Here you will see a table list containing all configuration info about your current PHP environment (including memory limit).

PHP Memory Limit in WordPress

Another simple way to check the memory limit is to install a WordPress plugin called WP-Memory-Usage.

The plugin not only enables you to check the current memory limitbut will also show up the current memory usage and the PHP versionyou are using in the dashboard and admin footer.

How Much Memory Do I need?

By default, the max memory limit for WordPress core is 32 MB but if you are using too many plugins on your WordPress blog especially the plugins that deals with images such as NEXTGenGallery, you probably need 64MB or more memory.

WordPress Memory Usages Overview

If you are unsure of how much memory you need, make use of WP-Memory-Usage Plugin and look out for the memory usage bar. If you find it RED try to increase the max memory limit until it shows up inBLUE color.

How To Increase PHP Memory Limit For Your WordPress Blog

1. Increase Memory Limit via. php.ini

The most common way to increase memory limit is to edit the file on your server. However, most small shared hosting servers won’t give you access to this file.

But if you have access to this file simply follow these steps:

  • Find the location of php.ini on your server by creating view-php-info.php file as mentioned above.
  • Search for “memory_limit” in php.ini and change its value to 64 M or 128 M. In case, there is no “memory_limit” found, add the following line at the end of – memory_limit = 64M;
  • Save it and restart your Apache server with command line –httpd restart

2. Edit Your .htaccess File

A fresh WordPress Installation won’t have a .htaccess file so you need to create it yourself. In case you already have it for some reason just put the following line in it and save the file.

php_value memory_limit 64M

By adding this line in your .htaccess file the memory limit will now be 64 MB. In case, you want more just replace 64M with 128M and you’re done.

3. Change Memory Limit in wp-config.php

If you don’t have access to and you don’t want to mess with your .htaccess file, then this method would be the best for you.

In this method, you don’t need to create a new file. Just adding the following line in your “wp-config.php” file would increase your PHP Memory Limit to 64 MB.

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

Over to you.

Do you know any other ways of increasing PHP memory limit in WordPress?

How to Enable New Gmail Layout

A few days back I blogged about the leaked video of new Gmail layout and today, Google rolls out a redesigned new Gmail layout which is now available to everyone. The HTML5  makeover of Gmail  has some amazing features like elastic density, streamlined conversations, smarter navigation etc.

Gmail New Layout Features

  • Improved conversations
  • Automatically resizes to fit any size window screen.
  • Adjust display density
  • Adjust the size of the label and chat panels
  • New HD themes
  • Streamlined conversations view
  • Toggle between Contacts and Tasks
  • Improved readability
  • Displays the sender’s profile photo, if available
  • Advanced search box

How to Switch to New Gmail Interface

Step 1: Login to your gmail account and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Switch to the new look in the bottom-right corner. If you don’t find it there refresh Gmail and close Tasks and chats.Enable new Gmail HTML5Step 2: Now a box will appear, click on the button “Switch to the new look“.

Switch to new Gmail layout

Step 3: Another box will appear with a massage “Welcome to Gmail’s new look”  and some links to get you aware with Gmail’s new interface, click on the blue button “Continue to the new look” and you are done.HTML5 GmaiGmail also allows you to temporarily postpone the switch to new look but I advice all Gmail users to switch to new Gmail layout, so that you may get used to it.

—— UPDATE ——

Brand New Gmail Web Layout 2013

With this new Gmail update instead of having one inbox, you now have a collection of tabs – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.

So when you receive an email it will now automatically get organized into one of those five tabs depending on the content and sender.

In short, emails related to social networks will automatically be put into the Social tab and those related to promotions like Google offers, discount coupons, new product launch etc. will be put into Promotions tab.

Isn’t this cool!

How To Enable New Gmail Web Layout With Tab Categories

[sociallocker]As per the Google’s official blog post, the update will be available in the next following weeks. However, if you go to Gmail settings you may be able to enable the new tabs feature right now.

Gmail 2013 New Layout

Click on the setting gear and see if there’s an option for “Configure inbox”, if its there then you can enable the tabs feature in your Gmail account.

Gmail with Tabs feature

Unfortunately, you are currently not allowed to create a new tab, you will just have to trust Google to filter the emails out. However, you can move an email to a different tab and make sure that Gmail remembers it for future.[/sociallocker]

Will you be using the tab feature in Gmail? Share your views about this new Gmail layout in the comment box below.

3 Ways to Add JavaScript to WordPress Posts or Pages

You might have modified your WordPress theme to add a JavaScript code but there are times when you may want to add JavaScript to a specific post or page. So, In this post I will explain you how to add JavaScript code to single WordPress post or page.

  • If you are running a self hosted WordPress blog than you can simple add the JavaScript code to your post through the built-in editor, just switch to HTML mode and paste the code.

Adding JavaScript in WordPress Posts and Pages

  • Alternatively, you can install a WordPress Plugin “Allow Javascript in Posts and Pages” which enables you to add JavaScript to blog posts and pages just by adding a simple short-code.
  • And if you don’t want to install an extra plugin to your WordPress Blog you can simply add a Custom Field (js) and paste the JavaScript code into the Value field. After that just add short-code in your post – [cf]js[/cf].

Adding JavaScript in WordPress using Custom Fields

Adding JavaScript in WordPress posts using Custom Fields

Android Apps that turns your device into Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

If you’re looking for a way to turn your Android phone’s touch screen into a touch-pad for your computer, you gone love this post. In this post , you’ll find the best five Android apps that can make any Android device into a wireless mouse and keyboard.

The apps listed below instantly transform your Android device into a wireless keyboard and mouse, allowing you to control your computer remotely.

Top 5 Remote Mouse/Keyboard Android Apps

Advanced Touchpad

Advanced Touchedpad is an Android app that can turn your Android device into a wireless touchpad (mouse) and keyboard to control your PC. The app gives you simple yet powerful user interface supports both portrait and landscape modes.

With Advanced Touchedpad there’s no need to activate WiFi before starting it as it automatically enable WiFi and detects computer IP address. The app supports special characters, smiley keys and works well on both Windows XP and Windows 7.

To get this work you need to save a .zip file and then extract and run “Advanced Touchpad Server.exe” on your PC.


Android Wireless Mouse and KeyboardAndroMouseis one of the best Android app that converts your phone into wireless mouse, keyboard and not only this it also features speech-to-type which uses Google speech recognition to make your work easier. The app allows you to connect your Android phone with PC over WiFi and Bluetooth.

However, speech-to-type and Bluetooth connective is not offered in the lite version that means you need to purchase the pro-version of AndroMouse if you want these two additional features.

Mobile Mouse Lite

Mobile Mouse Lite also converts your device into wireless remote but it offers some unique features like it has the ability to hide keyboard with a shake, supports foreign language keyboards and works with well multiple monitors.

To get this work you will need to have Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard (Intel) or Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32/64bit) or Linux (Ubuntu) and a Mobile Mouse server software that you can get from

UControl wireless mouse

With UControl you can easily convert you Adnroid device into a wireless mouse and keyboard through WiFi or Bluetooth. But to get this work you need to install the UControl Agent program on your computer (PC, Mac or Linux) and select it from the list displayed on your Android phone.

The key feature about this app is “pointer mode” which allows you to move your mouse by moving your phones in the air. However, this option is only available for Android phones with gyroscope capabilities such as Nexus S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus and Optimus 2X.

Remote Mouse

Remote Mouseapp can turn your mobile phone or tablet into a set of wireless mouse and keyboard through WiFi and 3G Network. The app offers an intuitive interface and its very easy to use.

Unlike other apps Remote Mouse doesn’t need require server software to be installed on your PC. And its fully compatible Windows 7, XP, Vista as well as Mac OSX Lion/Snow leopard/Leopard.

3 Best Apps To Increase Android WiFi Connection Speed

Sometimes you might creep in with some astonishing problems on your Android smartphone. One of them is having a bad Android WiFi connection speed. Since certain functions on your Android mobile phone needs WiFi connection. Having a bad WiFi connection can really spoil your mind.

If you are facing a bad connection speed. Just try out the following Android apps to increase your Android WiFi connection speed.

WiFi Analyzer

analyzer your WiFi speed by this awesome app for android phone. Download

Memory Booster

If you want to double your WiFi speed on android phone then first install this app and then install any app that’s given below. I am 100% sure this is best app forever for speed up your WiFi network. Download

Internet Connection Booster

This is an awesome app that can speed up Android connection up to 20%. With this application installed on your device you can speed up instantly WiFi/GPRS/UMTS internet connections. Besides that it can also boost Bluetooth connections up to +20%. This is help you to optimize your wifi speed. Download

The app works in two ways to speed up your connections:

  • By simply optimizing system configuration parameters of your Android device.
  • By dropping  your current connection when it finds a better connection. It could be a closer WiFi access point or a stronger cell tower which gives a better network signal.
wifi internet connection booster app

Network Signal Booster

This application boosts your Android WiFi network connection by 30-40% just by pressing one button. It is probably the most advanced network signal booster on market. It  runs well-known commands and tweaks to improve 3G, 4G, and WiFi signal. Download

One thing you should be keep in mind here that this app is device dependent. Therefore, results on different devices may vary.

network signal booster app

WiFi Booster Easy Connect

As the name suggest this app not only boosts WiFi connection but also finds the best available WiFi access points. The app enables you to search for best available open WiFi networks with just one press. Download

android wifi booster easy connect

So, which WiFi booster app you like must place a comment in below comment box. And if you know any other app for WiFi booster, increase WiFi connection, improve WiFi speed, make faster WiFi, double WiFi speed, increase WiFi speed on android, android WiFi speed bosster, best WiFi speed booster for android, best WiFi booster app…etc then please share your knowledge with as by place a comment.


Android Theme For Windows 7 Laptop and Desktop PC

If you are an Android user then most probably you would like to have Android on your desktop as well. Though, there is no Android OS released for desktop you can still experience it on your desktop by installing an awesome Android theme for Windows 7 PC.

It’s an easy and safe way to make your Windows 7 PC look like running Android OS. These Android themes’s skin pack mostly changes the visual elements of Windows 7 to respective Android element.

List of Android Theme for Windows 7

Basic Android Theme Click here

Basic android theme for windows 7 pc

Key Features

  • Android boot screen.
  • Android log-in screen.
  • Android icons for most common apps like Notepad, Windows media player etc.
  • Text elements with green color.
  • Taskbar moved to top which makes a drop down menu look.

Advanced Android Win 7 Theme – Click here

Advance Windows 7 Android theme for Laptop

Key Features

  • Android boot and log-in screen.
  • Digital clock and date at the top-left corner.
  • Weather report and system usages on at the top-right corner.
  • Yahoo news.
  • Quick launch buttons – iTunes, Videos, Pictures, Facebook, Gmail etc.

These are high-resolution Android theme for Windows 7 which will fit very well into nearly all desktop and laptop screens. These themes are fun tweak for Android lovers so if you’re fond of Android OS try these themes on Windows 7 operating system. And if you get tired of the theme don’t worry you can easily uninstall it and your Windows will revert back to normal.

I tried both the themes on my laptop and it was fun. If you are not convinced then go ahead and try one. Personally, I recommend you to try the advanced Windows 7 Android theme. It has some extra features that you will love to see.

Do let us know which android theme for Windows 7 are you using. And if you find this post interesting  don’t forget to share it with your friends. I’m sure they will love it too.

Activate Vodafone 3G Services on Prepaid & Postpaid SIM

Vodafone has approximately 146.84 million customers across India which makes it country’s second largest mobile network operator after Airtel. By winning the 3G spectrum auction in 2011, the company made its presence in 13 out of 22 circles in India – Delhi, Kanpur, Gujarat, Haryana, Kolkata, Maharashtra & Goa, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh (East) and West Bengal including Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh (West) through an agreement with Idea and in Karnataka through an agreement Airtel.

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The activation codes for prepaid and postpaid plans are different. Secondly, if your handset does not support advanced HSPA, your 3G speed would be similar to 2G.

Vodafone 3G Services

So, in order to enjoy high-speed internet you need to buy a handset which support advanced High Speed Packet Access, before the 3G activation.

How to Activate Vodafone 3G Services

To Get Vodafone 3G services on your 3G Phone simply send an SMS as:

  • ACT 3G to 111 (Postpaid Customers)
  • ACT 3G to 144 (Prepaid Customers)

It may take upto 24 hours to activate Vodafone 3G services on your handset. And once your 3G service got activated you will receive a confirmation message from Vodafone.

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Vodafone 3G Plans for Postpaid

Unlimited Packs – With this pack you can enjoy internet without any limit, meaning if complete your data usage you will still be able to browse internet but at a reduced speed of 64 kbsp.

Regular Packs – There are only three different choices in this category to choose from and when you complete your data usage you’ll be charged 4p/10KB.

Booster Packs – If your internet speed is reduced, don’t stop using it. Instead, use this Booster Pack get extra data at full speed till your bill-cycle date.

Vodafone 3G Plans for Prepaid

Unlimited Packs – Get unlimited access to internet browsing but remember your speed will be reduced 64 kbps once you complete you pack.

Regular Packs – Enjoy internet browsing with Regular Packs! But one thing you need to know about this pack, is you will be charged 4p/10KB once you complete your pack.

Small Packs – Nothing special it’s just a mini version of Regular Packs (4p/10KB after data usages).

Long Validity Packs – Works just like above mentioned Regular and Small Packs (4p/10KB after data usages) but here you’ll get 56 days of validity.