Off Page SEO Checklist For Bloggers – Do off page SEO yourself

Searching for off page optimization techniques 2017? wanna do off page SEO? In this article you get best off page SEO checklist 2017. This off page SEO techniques help you to Increase your website traffic and Rank. You can easily optimize your off site SEO with this best off page SEO practices. This off page SEO factors also help you to increase your search engine ranking. Before start off page SEO tutorial you need to know that SEO off page?

What is off page SEO?

what is off page seo

Off Page SEO or search engine optimization is a strategy of doing things outside your blog to improve search engine ranking. And the only thing you can do outside your blog is building up backlinks.

More Backlinks = Better Search Engine Ranking

Remember when you are trying to build backlinks always focus on quality of links and not on the quantity.


A link or hundreds of links from low quality sites/blogs will have little or no impact on your ranking.

“Create Social Profiles” for do off page optimization

create social profiles for do off page seo

One of the most common mistake committed by newbie bloggers is not creating social networking profiles.  It is the best way to promote your content and get backlinks. In fact Google considers social signals as a ranking factor so it’s time to create your social networking profile. Here are some social networking sites to start off.

“Submit Articles To Social Bookmarking Sites” for off site SEO

submit your post to social bookmarking site

There are huge number of social bookmarking sites where you can submit your articles and get backlinks. Though it’s  time-consuming it gives you more exposure and a huge amount of traffic. Here are some high authority bookmarking sites.

“Write Guest Posts For High Authority Blogs” best off page SEO technique

Write Guest Posts For High Authority Blogs, off page seo

Guest blogging is one of the most popular way to get high quality backlinks. It has been used for many years and is still in use. By doing guest blogging you not only get backlink and traffic but it gives you brand exposure. Here are some high page rank blogs where you can submit your guest posts.

“Leave Comment On Other Blogs” faster off page seo technique

Leave Comment On Other Blogs, off page seo

Don’t just read article, create a habit to leave comment. There are lots of blogs with dofollow comments from where you can easily get backlinks to your blog. It’s simple but a necessary method of Off Page optimization.

Final touch to ” Off page optimization checklist / off page SEO 2017

“Your Sharing is Our Caring.”

Do let us know if you want us to add any point we missed on this off page SEO checklist. If you have any confusion in those  off page optimization technique then place a comment below with your confusion to off site SEO.

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Way to create WordPress site icon & add favicon code in your site

Create Favicon : Searching for How do I add a favicon to my WordPress site?, What is site icon WordPress? In this article you get easy way to generate favicon for WordPress website. I write about best way to make WordPress site icon and add it to your website. After read this article i hope you are able to generate favicon or make favicon. So, just read below and create a beautiful favicon icon for your WordPress website.

What is meant by favicon icon?

what is favicon?

Favicon is a tiny image that appears next to page title in web browsers. It helps users easily recognize your website and differentiate your WordPress site or blog from your competitors. This tiny little image also helps you build trust and credibility among your audiences.

Steps to create favicon online

I’m not saying that adding a favicon image to your WordPress site is absolutely essential. But incorporating it is one of those small touches that goes a long way towards improving overall quality of your WordPress site.

In this post, I am going to teach you how to create and add a favicon Image to your WordPress site.


How To Create A Favicon Image?

how to create favicon?

The best way to create a favicon image is to design a square image, ideally 16×16 pixels or 32×32 pixels, then save it as a PNG file. This is important because we don’t want to loose the transparency when we convert it to ICO image.

Here are some popular websites where you can upload an image and convert it into a favicon for your WordPress site.

How To Add Favicon To WordPress Site

Nowadays, many WordPress themes come with a favicon uploader that lets you upload your favicon image directly through WordPress Admin area. So be sure, to check you theme settings panel first.

If your WordPress theme has an option to upload favicon that’s great. And, if not then you have two choices either you upload favicon to your website’s root directory using FTP or use a WordPress plugin like All in One Favicon in case you don’t want to deal with FTP.

If you are one of those who try to avoid using plugins as much as possible, then, I would recommend you to add your favicon image manually directly through FTP.

To do that first you need to upload your favicon image to your website’s root directory. Then you will have add the following code in your theme’s header.php file.

<link rel="icon" type="image/x-icon" href="">

Once you have added your favicon on you WordPress site, you should see it on you browser tab next to page title. If it’s not displaying you should visit the URL of the favicon image and refresh it. If you still don’t see it then may be your favicon image location is incorrect.

Final touch to “create favicon/ free favicon/ favicon html code/ browser icon”

“Your Sharing is Our Caring.”

Can you add favicon to website  successfully?, Have any problem to make a favicon & add favicon? Place a comment below with your problem to create favicon and add favicon html.

If you have any other idea to create website favicon and add favicon to WordPress website then also place comment with your way to make html favicon for WordPress.