3 Free and Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Are your website visitors leaving your website page after read your article? If you are not use related posts then your pageviews are decrease. So, if you are really want to increase website pageview then use related posts because they are increase your bounce rate and this is a great challenge for new bloggers. SO without wasting time let’s starting tips for:

3 Free and Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

1. Yet Another Related Posts

This Related Posts Plugins is also know as YARPP and this plugin is very popular related posts plugin and this plugin downloads are more than 2.4 Millions. This plugin give you textual and thumbnail related posts.

Pros: Yet Another Related Posts Plugins is use find related posts algorithm. This plugin not only allow thumbnails but also allow textual related posts and this is also give you the option of custom posts types. It’s also include with RSS feed display.

Cons: There are also available YARPP Experiments. If your website is very big then this plugin is very useful for your website and only use this plugin when your website is very big because this is help out you for throttle status, manually control cache, and so on.

2. nRelate Related Content

This plugin is also popular in related post plugins. This plugin is not only give you related posts but also offer advertising with along related posts. So, you are also place advertisement in along with related posts.

Pros: For use this plugin you don’t need to create a new account with nRelate website. This plugin give you more configurable settings page, So you are change the look of related posts as you like. this is not effect on your website because this plugin is use own nRelate servers.

Cons: This plugin are not very SEO friendly because this plugin are use the beta scripts for showing related posts in your website you will also check this in default plugin setting. This plugin also take more time to load related posts because first you all pages are open then is starting to show related posts.

3. Contextual Related Posts

This is plugin is also popular plugin for display related posts on your website. This plugin also show textual and thumbnails related posts in your website.

Pros: If you are use textual related posts then this plugin give you simple settings. If you are try to use thumbnail related posts then if you are not set any feature image then it is use your post thumbnails for show thumbnails related posts.

Cons: This plugin not match with any templates thumbnails. you are also use CSS to style but if you beginner then it’s very difficult.

I hope this article is very helpful for you. If you have any question then place a comment in comment box and don’t forget to share this topic 3 Free and Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress with your friends.

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