5 Easy Ways to Extend Laptop’s Battery Life

Today, there are more laptops sold in PC market as compared to desktops. So, there must be some advantages over traditional PCs. One of them is the mobility of laptop computers. It’s obvious that we like light and thin laptops but without battery it is no more than a paperweight. Almost every laptop on average has a battery life of about 3-4 hours. So what if you could do something to increase your laptop’s battery life a bit more – hopefully a few extra hours.

Here’s a guide for you which will focus on how to increase battery life of Laptop PCs.

Close Background Running Applications

In simple terms, anything your laptop does requires power. Therefore, when your laptop is running on battery you should shut down application that you aren’t using instead of minimizing it to Windows taskbar.

This important to extend laptop’s battery life because all these add to the CPU load and consumes battery power.

Turn Down Display Brightness


Laptop’s screen with lager display (14-inch to 18-inch) is the single component that consumes a lot of battery power. To avoid this battery loss you can lower down screen brightness to the dimmest setting you can tolerate.

However, you might need to increase brightness depending on where you are. For example, if you’re sitting under direct sunlight you’ll have to increase screen brightness.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wireless Connections

You need laptop’s Bluetooth and wireless connection to send and receive file or to connection with people around the world. But when you aren’t using these connections turn them off.

Because, both Bluetooth and WiFi connections (3G, 4G Broadband) drains a portion of battery juice by sending and receiving wireless signal data.

Setup & Optimize Power Option

The Windows operating system allows you to setup and optimize battery power supply. In control panel find power option and set it up as per your requirement.

There are two basic and three additional power plans which can help you maximize your laptop computer’s performance or conserve energy.

Use Hibernate Option Over Standby

Although in standby mode your laptop recovers your data quickly as it is stored in RAM. It drains out battery while running on low power mode, but still on.

On the other hand, hibernating your laptop completely shut it down and doesn’t use any power. In this mode your data is saved to your hard disk and not RAM. So, this option is much safer but slows down shut down and resumes.

By following these methods you can easily increase your laptop’s battery life by hours in some case. Even when not extending battery life these tweaks helps  you improve system performance.

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