5 Ways to Improve Android Battery Life

Today a lot of people uses Android phones because of its brilliant display, impressive cameras, super quick processor etc. But most importantly because it lets you connect with your friends on social media site at all the time. However, the most disappointing feature about any Smartphone is its battery. It requires at least one charge per 24-hour period. So, if your android phone does not lasts longer and you want to know how to improve Android battery life follow these simple yet effective tips.


How to Improve Android Battery Life?

Reduce Brightness of your Phone

You love your device for its large and colorful display besides it being battery’s mortal enemy. More than any app or feature, the display consumes a lot of battery life. Even more when you’re browsing the web or watching a video. So, the first step to increase battery life of android is to reduce its screen brightness from display settings.

Turn Off Bluetooth & Wi-Fi When Not In Use

No matter how much you love using Bluetooth or hands-free headset to listen music and receive calls. You will need to turn off your Bluetooth if you want to extend android battery life. Especially when you are not using it.

The same goes for Wi-Fi which really sucks battery life of Android. As it constantly searches for wireless hot spot even if you’re out of range.

So, turning off both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will save a lot of battery power on your Android device. However, if you need to turn on/off them more often than you should add toggle widget on you home screen.

Disable Vibration

You don’t want to miss your important calls so you enable your phone to vibrate. But unfortunately, vibrating uses much more power than playing a ringtone. So, if you want to improve battery life of Android phone enable ringtone instead of vibration.

Turn Off Auto Sync

One of the best thing about Android phones is that they keeps you update with new information like latest news, Facebook notification, new emails and much more. And this means your phone is constantly working even when you are not using it. As a result it keeps draining down Android battery.

However, you can avoid this by turning off auto sync and then just sync manually when you actually need it (like once in an hour).

Install Power Saver App

Head on to Android market and install power saver (battery saver) apps like JuiceDefender. This app can help you increase android battery life. The app comes with a battery consumption list of real-time running items and its very simple and interactive. Besides this there are many other apps available in Google Play to improve android battery life.

Finally, if even after following these tips on how to improve Android battery life your phone requires at least one charge per 24-hour period. Then perhaps you’r spending too much time on your device.

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