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Trick To Get 5000 Friends On Facebook

I am back with the new trick 5000 friends on Facebook. At this time all people are use Facebook and everyone want to increase their friends list. here every one are share post in Facebook and and they are searching for likes in here posts, So i am coming with the new impotent trick. Using this you can get more Facebook friends request in a one day, Its simple method, if you are using this then you are think that you are blocked then this not right you are not get block. I am also try this trick and i am got success. This trick not harm your account. This trick is safe and you are easily use this trick.

Advantage of 5000 friends on Facebook

This trick have many advantage. If you have 5000 friends on Facebook then you are easily earn money.  Some people are pay money forget big followers and get more traffic they are pad for Facebook advertisement . Also can merge your account into Facebook fan page. If you have 5000 friends on Facebook then you are make money from sell your account on web.


Steps to steps guide to get 5000 friends on Facebook

1) So, first login in to you Facebook account.

2) Now open a new tab on your browser and paste this URL http://friend-finder.ga/.

3) After open this website that i will give you in upper step login here for get information.

4) After this you will see here select friends you want to add  then slect it.

5) After select friends click on generate friends.

6) After generate friends you are see here many email IDs sojust copy all.


7) Now open your Facebook page and go to invite friends and open it and got directly invites friends.

8) Now you can paste all emails here and write her a massage like Hey, friend how are you or add me please

After this you are get a massage like below screenshot were i use 5 mails to invite friends.

9) After some time open your Facebook account you see you are get  many friends request on you account.

This tips for get 5000 friends on Facebook is complicate so, you can generate more emails but use this only once per Day.

Note: We are try share to share you new tricks of social site, but this tricks are not official tricks, So we are not responsible if your account get any harm because this tricks are not follow Facebook policies. Please Share this tricks to your friends.

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