Android Theme For Windows 7 Laptop and Desktop PC

If you are an Android user then most probably you would like to have Android on your desktop as well. Though, there is no Android OS released for desktop you can still experience it on your desktop by installing an awesome Android theme for Windows 7 PC.

It’s an easy and safe way to make your Windows 7 PC look like running Android OS. These Android themes’s skin pack mostly changes the visual elements of Windows 7 to respective Android element.

List of Android Theme for Windows 7

Basic Android Theme Click here

Basic android theme for windows 7 pc

Key Features

  • Android boot screen.
  • Android log-in screen.
  • Android icons for most common apps like Notepad, Windows media player etc.
  • Text elements with green color.
  • Taskbar moved to top which makes a drop down menu look.

Advanced Android Win 7 Theme – Click here

Advance Windows 7 Android theme for Laptop

Key Features

  • Android boot and log-in screen.
  • Digital clock and date at the top-left corner.
  • Weather report and system usages on at the top-right corner.
  • Yahoo news.
  • Quick launch buttons – iTunes, Videos, Pictures, Facebook, Gmail etc.

These are high-resolution Android theme for Windows 7 which will fit very well into nearly all desktop and laptop screens. These themes are fun tweak for Android lovers so if you’re fond of Android OS try these themes on Windows 7 operating system. And if you get tired of the theme don’t worry you can easily uninstall it and your Windows will revert back to normal.

I tried both the themes on my laptop and it was fun. If you are not convinced then go ahead and try one. Personally, I recommend you to try the advanced Windows 7 Android theme. It has some extra features that you will love to see.

Do let us know which android theme for Windows 7 are you using. And if you find this post interesting  don’t forget to share it with your friends. I’m sure they will love it too.

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