How to Avoid 5 Biggest Problems in Link Building

Here is a list of the five biggest problems that link builders are going to experience. It is in order of how commonly the mistake is seen. The reasons why these problems happen so often is because people misunderstand the rules of SEO, or their trial and error tests lead them to conclusions that what they are doing is right, but is actually leading them down a more difficult path. Here are five of the biggest problems that people face when link building.

Overestimating How Many Links Are Needed

This is done by people who misunderstand SEO. More links don’t mean a higher rank in the search engine results pages. It is a good thing if you have more links than your leading competitors. But how you beat them does not really have any effect on your websites SEO.

The effects are the same if you have 10 links more than your competitors, as if you have 100 links more. The gaining of too many links is a common mistake. If it’s done too much, the website may be punished by Google.

Thinking That Link Building Is The Best SEO Method

This happens because link building is one of the fastest ways of raising your position on the search engine results. It has the very quick effect. People can go from being result number 220,000 to being result number 300 within a matter of days. This leads people to believe that link building should be their primary concern.

The problem with this theory is that it was born through a misunderstanding of how search engines actually index sites. The search engines will score a website on various things. If you use a SEO tool that shows PageRank, you may be able to see how well (or poorly) you score on some of these points.

For example, 25% of your rank may depend upon links, 15% on on-page SEO, and 10% on social media markers. Those are just examples of how the percentages may work. But you have to understand that when each portion of your SEO efforts has reached its maximum percentage – then adding to it will make little difference. This is where 2000 links will give you the same benefits as 75 links.

Becoming Accustom To Rejection

People are used to try to gain links through guest posts and requests to join article dissemination sites. Blog owners are going to reject guest post requests and some article disseminators are going to refuse access onto their sites. This will cause the link builder to send the same message to multiple blog owners in an attempt to gain guest posts by playing the numbers game. This results in more rejection as the blog owners will see it as spam.

Linking Only To Build Links

Google judges links by the fact that they may indicate if another webmaster finds your content relevant to something else, or finds your content interesting. A natural link will appear is a website captures somebody’s interest. Google will rank a site higher if it has multiple links going to it, but this is not the only reason to create links.

You should build links with a view to gaining direct traffic from them. This will remove your dependence upon search engines. A common mistake is to hide or play down a link. A link should be highly visible and advertised so that people will click on it.

Paying An Online Company To Handle Your Links

This is the cream of bad ideas. You have no way of knowing if the company you pay is actually going tocreate a high quality link campaign, or if they are going to use black hat methods. You have no way of knowing if their company will fail soon and take all of your links with them.

If Google punishes their site or company, then your website may also be punished. Google does not like websites who pay people to manipulate their links. Black link building will be punished.

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