Best iPad Apps for SEO to Rank Higher

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways you get better ranks for your website or blog at the popular search engines. Hence there are many people who eat, sleep and breathe SEO these days. With the help of modern day technology gadgets the search engine marketing campaigns have become easy.

You can simply carry out any marketing drive all across the web at any point of time by using various modern devices and applications.

If you have devices like iPad hooked with internet, you can certainly perform your SEO tasks with this device using a number of search engine marketing or SEO applications as discussed below.

Google Analytics for iPad

This is one of the smartest applications meant to bring in Google Analytics reports using an insightful touch interface. With this app on your iPad you can find these complex reports as simple. You can see those stats and charts in a full screen mode by doing a double tapping on the reports.

Google Analytics for iPad

This makes the report amazing and easy to share with your clients during the business meetings. The standard version of this application gives you ten data rows; however, if you are looking for a couple of advance features, this app is available for 6.99 dollars.

SEM Calculator

It is an important tool for SEO tasks since it allows you to analyze each and every aspect of your search engine marketing. It renders you a couple of vital functions like calculating your impressions, display campaign cost per action (CPA), cost per thousands, conversion rates and click through.

It also helps in planning for your banner and email marketing campaigns. So while working with affiliate marketing or AdSense the SEM calculator on your blog, this application can expedite the marketing campaigns with ease.

SEM Calculator

WordPress for iPad

If you have a blog or a website which uses the WordPress theme this application is useful for you. It helps you make a couple of changes over your blog, modify an affiliate link, helps you in replying to any comment and even assist you to write any post for your blog.

WordPress for Ipad is certainly a nifty application which helps you in updating your blogs and sites with a real pleasure when you are away from your office computer or laptop.

Lastly, it also helps you change the keywords on a whim if you notice the competition coming down for any specific trending keyword.


SEO Manager

This application is designed by at2 GmbH and can be called as one of the favorite tool for the SEO experts. This app helps you manage a multiple number of websites and keywords and at the same time displays before you the top keyword list of your competitors.

In this way, SEO manager is the most useful application for competitive analysis. It also helps you get your historical ranking data of your keywords.

SEO Manager


This is a perfect application for people who want to use social media platforms as their backlinks for their blogs or websites. HootSuite can help you to promote your blog or site at all the major social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The interface which HootSuite gives you is neat, beautiful and organized, thus making things work like a dream. Other than ipad this feature is available only in Sony Ericsson Zylo, probably which is why the device is in demand.


You can see a number of users have made iPad as their basic device for their business use. These people pull out their iPad devices for various business activities including the search engine marketing activities.

For such people, the SEO applications as discussed above can prove effective for their search engine marketing tasks.

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