Best security tips for Android device

Android came in our life, since there has been an influx of smart phones. Today’s smart phones in every pocket. But at the same time create a problem has become even more broadly, its security. It’s so easy to play smart phone, the more vulnerable to the virus come cheaply or can be hacked, giving here are some tips so that you can secure your smart phone. Android phone platform for the biggest advantage is that most applications are available throughout Worlds millions of them in the free fall. In order to download new new application on your mobile most people are able to download applications from the any websites. Which is the risk of malware and spyware. Of all applications on Google Play Google good thirty testing is provided for your use of them. This is much safer here to download. There is a reason and designed by Google’s Android operating system to create your own Who will deteriorate.

Any application must check the phone Install permissions before you Install an application to your phone, If you use your phone to various function, and allow him permissions, for example, when you Install Google Play services to your phone so that your phone, including hardware and applications that use these 43 function is the –

1. Your accounts
2. find accounts on the device
3. create accounts and set passwords
4. add or remove accounts
5. use accounts on the device
6. read Google service configuration
7. Your location
8. approximate location (network-based)
9. precise location (GPS and network-based)
10. Network communication
11. view Wi-Fi connections
12. view network connections
13. receive data from Internet
14. full network access
15. connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
16. Phone calls
17. read phone status and identity
18. modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
19. System tools
20. test access to protected storage
21. read subscribed feeds
22. retrieve app ops statistics
23. modify system settings
24. interact across users
25. write subscribed feeds
27. Camera
28. take pictures and videos
29. Other Application UI
30. draw over other apps
31. Your social information
32. read your social stream
33. read your contacts
34. write to your social stream
35. Development tools
36. retrieve system internal state
37. Affects Battery
38. prevent device from sleeping
39. Your applications information
40. run at startup
41. Sync Settings
42. toggle sync on and off
43. read sync settings
This is because most applications except for some applications to work much of your phone (including hardware) to use and allow you to use them all the time, you only see the application is complete. But when you take Install application, then it moves into background. So you would not know which parts of your phone is being used.
unknown malware or spyware application download from the site was taken by mistake, then connect to the Internet as soon as he can steal your confidential information. Unnecessary Do not download the application as possible to keep your phone clean, many people are able to download the application to your phone unnecessarily, thereby significantly reducing the speed of the phone and the risk of the virus remains second only work required to download the application. The phone lock password / PIN lock Use simple lock in most people use their smart phone, but at that time it would be useless when your phone gets lost, a Your data can be easily used by anyone, but in password lock or pin lock is far less likely. necessary Turn on Bluetooth on your phone is always on most people’s phone Bluetooth, Bluetooth is on It’s easy to get to hack your phone, the Bluetooth on your phone only when needed because otherwise put off. Your phone must use the remote control function lose any position to call you by remote control function You can easily find the phone, using your phone’s GPS to help tell its location, as well as you can keep your data safe. Be sure to back up your phone, be sure to keep a backup of your Android Device, because Sometimes you have to reset it or horizontal format, you will get your data back, you may wish to back up your phone line, so the data can be easily obtained in any phone. Good antivirus Must Use . Android phone is useless without the Internet, and the Internet is likely to be in the known and unknown virus attacks continue, so yeah it is a gorgeous Use antivirus must be updated.

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