Best Ways To Increase Internal Space Of Any Android Phone : July 2018

Increase Internal Memory Of Any Android

You can easily extend your android phone internal space by following the below given steps to increase android phone internal memory. There are two places on Android phones where you can store your files and apps – Internal and External memory. The Android internal memory is an important part which when is full can slow down your device.

So it’s important to free up some space as you can not buy or upgrade it like external memory.

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Why Increase Internal Memory of Android?

What To Do When Android Internal Memory Is Low?

Clean History and Caches

Every time you surf internet, get an app from market or run an application that needs internet access a history and cache log is created on phone internal memory. Clearing this log you can easily free up some space on your device.

If you want to clean multiple app cache and history at once, try the free app Memory Booster and see the difference it makes.

Uninstall Apps

It is the easiest way to clean android internal memory. So, if you don’t use an app much then go ahead and uninstall it.

You don’t need to worry if its a premium app because you can re-install it again at any time you want.

To uninstall an app open Application Manager and sort apps by size. By sorting apps by size you can easily figure out which app you should uninstall to increase internal memory on android phone.

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Move Apps to SD Card

Though you can set up default storage location for installeded apps. You might find some apps that automatically installs on android internal memory.

So you may need to manually move them to SD card by going through Manage Application Setting.

And if you hate to check for each app whether it supports moving to SD card or not. Install App2SD, this app enables you to move all possible apps to SD card. Secondly, it notifies you if there’s an app which can be moved to SD card.

However, there are some apps that you can not move to SD card. To force them move to  SD card you’ll need to root your device, which is complicated.

But if you have access to rooted phone, then you can easily move such apps to SD card. For this you need to install Link2SD app from Google Play.

Another ways to extend android Internal memory

Root Your Android Phone

Rooting your phone is the best way to increase android internal memory space. Once rooted you’ll get full control over your device. You’ll be able to uninstall system applications, widgets, themes and much more by using Titanium Backup app.

However, rooting your android phone has its own disadvantage.

If somehow your phone gets damaged then the manufacturer will not repair it. Because rooting your android phone violates manufacturer’s warranty.

So be careful while you root your device.

Use USB OTG storage for free up internal space

You can also use USB OTG storage to increase you android internal space. If you android phone support USB OTG storage then you can increase your android phone space. You can clean your android phone storage by following the below steps-

  1. Move your data like picture, videos, and other files from the internal storage to USB OTG storage.
  2. Move your all application from internal storage to USB OTG storage for free up some space.

This given steps surely help you to free up your android internal space. So follow those simple steps and you can easily clean your android internal memory.

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Increase Internal storage with Terminal emulator App

You can also clean you android phone internal space by terminal emulator app for android but you need to root your device first. If upper given methods not work for you to increase android internal space then you can do this so by following below given steps-

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  1. First you need 4 class or higher memory card on your phone.
  2. Now download terminal emulator for android phone by click here.
  3. Open the app and type “SU” and press enter of your device.extend android space, internal space increasing tips, more internal space on android
  4. Then enter the next command “a2sd xdata” and hit enter.
  5. After this this app ask you yes on no, so put “Y” for yes.
  6. The this terminal ask you to reboot your phone so put “Y”
  7. Sit down and relax your phone restart soon and memory clean.

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So your android internal space increase by android terminal app. You can easily increase your android phone space by following those steps.

If you have any problem to clean your android phone space by the following tips then you can also place comment in below comment box with your problem to increase internal space of your phone.

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