Best WordPress Plugin for Rich Snippet Breadcrumbs

Google first introduced Rich Snippets in 2009. But still many websites and blogs are not able to take the advantage of this feature. Rich Snippet helps users as well as search engines to understand what kind of information is published on a particular page or your website or blog.

Some of the snippets that Google currently recognize are Snippet for Reviews, People, Products, Businesses and organizations, Recipes, Events , Music and very important which affects every website is Breadcrumbs.


In order to display rich snippet breadcrumbs in Google search result all you have to do is add special markup to your website or blog that will help Google to recognize and display the breadcrumbs on search results.

The best WordPress Plugin I found to display breadcrumbs on Google search result is RDFa Breadcrumb by Mallikarjun Yawalkar. The plugin uses RDFa content markup.

Once you installed this plugin on your WordPress blog you will have to add the following PHP code to your blog where you want to display breadcrumbs.

<?php if(function_exists('rdfa_breadcrumb')){ rdfa_breadcrumb(); } ?>

After that check your result with Rich Snippets Testing Tool by Google.

If you have any other plugin for rich snippet like this plugin then place a comment of your best in below comment box and also share this post with your friends.

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