5 Exceptional Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Sales

The retail world has been brought down to the click of the mouse, and yet eCommerce is not as simple as eating a piece of cake. A lot goes down to draw traffic to an eCommerce website and consecutively drive sales.

This worldwide shopping experience is as fluctuating as the NYSE. Hence, even though there is a huge bank of knowledge on how to boost your eCommerce sales, many ventures overlook some fundamental ones. Let’s take a comprehensive look at the 5 best ways to boost your sales.

Looks Matter – Clutter free, simple yet UI will attract more users

Check out Net-A-Porter, Ikea and Fab.com – what do you like about these sites? A great user interface dominates each one of them. The UI designs are vibrant, spaced out and clutter free and they shout out their offers effectively through creative images. This enhances customer experience and they enjoy surfing through the website.

The attention span of a user on a website is hardly 10 seconds. A website like Fab.com will grab eyeballs and increase the time spent on your website. The more the time spent on your website the more they get to learn about your products and services increasing the probability of sales.

Categorize your product and services neatly so that customers can easily sort products as per their requirements.

Shopping is Fun – Let your customers enjoy the experience on your website

The success of Amazon, Ebay and Groupon lies in their fantastic customer experience on the website. Browser compatibility, lesser site loading time, minimum number of clicks to login, easy navigation, optimize and streamline your product pages, smooth payment check out point, easy payment options, and a fully functional search bar.

A live chat window is an added advantage for any queries a user might have. A better customer experience will help in word-of-mouth publicity which is the best advertisement for any eCommerce venture resulting in more eCommerce sales.

Social Buzz – Engage with your customers through social media

Social media, namely Facebook and twitter, have a part of the personal space of your customers. Engaging with your customers through social media will help you increase your fan base. Your updates will show up on the feeds of your audience.

Run contests, campaigns, special promotions that will appear on the feeds of your fans and gauge their interest. This will increase your visibility and as a result increase sales as well. Showcase your products and services through social media in a creative way.

Interesting games and contests, like sweepstakes, with exciting prizes will hook the interest of your audience. Involve your fans with engaging content on your social media pages – ask them for their reviews, create polls – this will help you understand your customers better and offer better deals for them.

Targeting Traffic – A click on an online advertisement is worth every penny spent

Don’t get stingy on your spends – be smart. Online marketing is a great way to boost your eCommerce sales. Through your SEM, SEO, SMO, mobile marketing, banner ads and other strategies will help your drive targeted traffic to your website. Do a very good research on the keywords and meta tags related to your brand, also a complete analysis of the section of the audience that your product and service will appeal most to.

Your ads will then be more refined to the searches of the people who are looking for products and services like yours. Success lies in tapping the right customer base for your online business – doesn’t it?

Special Offers – Who doesn’t love them?

Discounts, offers, deals – is one of the simplest and effective ways to spruce up your eCommerce sales. Highlight your discounts throughout your website this will attract more visibility. Give your customersoffers that they can’t resist, but don’t confuse them. Your messaging should be very clear.

Remember if they are not buying on your website they are buying elsewhere because your competitors are giving better offers. Beat your competitors with best price deals. Give clear messaging about your offer to your target audience, confusing customers will only backfire.

This is a guest post by Pooja Ray, the world’s easiest A/B testing software.

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