12 Website Where You Can Buy Images For Commercial Use

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Finding an image online is as easy as finding any other information using a search engine. In fact many search engines give you image results for almost everything you search for. However, many of these images are protected by copyrights and so using them (especially for commercial purposes) without the owner’s consent will land you in trouble. You should know that a lawsuit is far much more expensive than that single image you want.

Getting an image to use for your commercial purposes is relatively quite cheap if you know where to buy. Here are six good websites where you can buy images for commercial use at very affordable price.

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With operations in slightly more than 150 countries and in 20+ languages Shutterstock is one website that you can be guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Shutterstock has been online for more than a decade and has more than 40 million royalty free images you can buy for commercial use. They also add more than a quarter million photos to their catalog on a daily basis.


Just the simple fact that it is operated by Getty Images should give you enough confidence that iStock is one site where you can find all the images you need for commercial use. iStock offers their clients unique and niche images at very competitive prices. To access their photos you only need to sign up on their website and then buy credits. You will use these credits to buy the premium photos you need.


Veer offers you images for as low as two dollar per image but they also have subscriptions plans if you want a bulk amount of images where you can download for less than $0.5 per imageif you become a frequent customer that purchases many images, they can offer you a monthly billing plan so you don’t have to worry about running out of credits.

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Theadstock is probably one of the cheapest sites to buy images for commercial use, if not the cheapest. For slightly less than a dollar you can be able to get a good quality image. The high quality images are specially created for commercial purposes.

Photoz Mania

Photoz Mania is another great place to find high quality stock photos at minimum prices. They offer stock images in the form of bundles at unbeatable prices.

Corbis Images

This UK registered company offers you a portfolio of many images from different categoriesincluding archival images which are difficult to find on other sites. You can also choose your own custom subscription.


Bigstock is a subsidiary of the larger Shutterstock since its acquisition in 2009 but still maintains it own library of photos. They also have a good pricing plan where on subscription you candownload 5 images per day for $0.5 per image. They also give you a platform to sell images.


Besides from the many images available, Fotolia offers you the best image prices in the market and on subscription you can buy an image for less than $0.2. New images are also added daily.

Getty Images

Getty Images is a market leader when it comes to imaging. Few companies can compete with Getty with its massive resources. This is one site that many customers can be guaranteed to get only the best there is on the market.


This is another subsidiary of Getty Images providing very good images like its mother company. They also offer you a search by image feature making it easier and faster for you to find the image you want. Their price plans are also quite fair.


Dreamstime is online since 2000 and has been providing hign-quality royalty-free stock images and videos. They have evolved into a powerful and active community-based site. The offer two different plans to buy royalty-free stock images and videos for commercial use – Pay per download & Time based subscription plan.

AP Images

AP Images is also a very good site to buy images for commercial purpose. If you’re looking tobuy the most recent Images then this is your site since the update their photo gallery all day long.

Now just visit any of these sites to find images for commercial use and avoid the high cost of lawsuits and also guarantee you get the best quality.

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