Apple IOS 9 Release Date, Specs, Features

Apple Inc. decide to release new Apple IOS 9 soon. After Good success of Apple iPhone 4 and 6 apple Inc. come Again with IOS 9. So, I am here to update you about iPhone news and latest updates.

iOS 9 Release Date

According to Apple Inc. news, Apple iOS 9 release date is 16th September. So, your dream of Apple 9 is became true at this month.Apple ISO 9 Release date , Price, Specification, Features

Features and Specs

So, below you see new features off apple new operating system. See those features and specs and know what new thing is come on this new IOS.

Apple Improve Maps

Apple maps is most usage maps at this time and Apple is Improving apple maps regularly. Apple maps improve her map clearly. In IOS 8 some problems are come on map like what transport directions…etc

Humanise Siri

Siri is virtual assistant of apple iPhone like Tony Stark’s JARVIS from Iron Man movie. Siri is make your iPhone quicker, faster and easier for find out information’s and run your devices. It is come  better then iOS 8 and come with more new features. And it is also activated when you say “Hey Siri’

Browse Ad free with Apple New IOS

Apple also come with this great feature, when apple iOS 9 released you can surf websites ad free with apple new feature.

Default Third Party apps

Now you can make default third party app because iOS 9 beta come with new feature that’s are not available in iOS 8. In last apple operating system you can not choose default apps like mail, SMS app…etc So, you love very much apple new operating system because apple give you this new feature.

Hide System Apps

Now you can able to hide systems apps that you can not be able to uninstall. This is new and great feature of Apple new operating system.

TexEdit And Preview

TexEdit and preview both are two different applications of mac os but now you can get those applications in apple new operating system. This application help you to view easily file that are stored in cloud.

So, How much you like Apple new OS IOS 9 place a comment of your view, Place a comment.

Google+ Instant Upload saves photos & videos as you take them!

If you find it hard to store pictures and videos captured from your mobile phone start using Google plus Instant Upload and never loose them again.

Instant Upload is a feature in Google+ mobile app that instantly creates a backup on Google+ for every picture and video taken from your Android device. The best thing about this feature is that it will be stored in a private album so nobody can see them unless you explicitly share them.

How to Enable Google+ Instant Upload

To enable Instant Upload on your Android phone tap ‘Menu’ and select settings, and then select Enable Instant Upload from the Google+ Home screen.

Once enabled you can manage how and when Photos and videos from your phone are uploaded to Google+ from Instant Upload settings. To access the setting select ‘Menu->Settings->Instant Upload Settings’ from the Home screen.

From here you can manage the following things:

  • Instant Upload – Tap to enable or disable Instant Upload feature.
  • Upload Existing Photos – This option enables you to upload already existing photos and videos in your phone.
  • Mobile Upload – Here you can choose the type of connection to be used for uploading photos and videos to Google+.
  • Roaming Upload – Enable or disable uploads while you are in roaming mobile data network.
  • Battery Upload – Enable this option if you want to upload photos and videos while charging your device. It may help you improve battery life of you phone.

Finally, after setting up every thing the only thing left is how to access photos/videos uploaded on Google+. To do that simply log-in to your Google+ profile and click on ‘Photos’ (next to ‘Home’ in the menu), here on the left hand side you will find ‘Photo From Your Phone’.

If you haven’t installed Google+ Instant Upload yet, get it now from Android market.

Best iPad Apps for SEO to Rank Higher

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways you get better ranks for your website or blog at the popular search engines. Hence there are many people who eat, sleep and breathe SEO these days. With the help of modern day technology gadgets the search engine marketing campaigns have become easy.

You can simply carry out any marketing drive all across the web at any point of time by using various modern devices and applications.

If you have devices like iPad hooked with internet, you can certainly perform your SEO tasks with this device using a number of search engine marketing or SEO applications as discussed below.

Google Analytics for iPad

This is one of the smartest applications meant to bring in Google Analytics reports using an insightful touch interface. With this app on your iPad you can find these complex reports as simple. You can see those stats and charts in a full screen mode by doing a double tapping on the reports.

Google Analytics for iPad

This makes the report amazing and easy to share with your clients during the business meetings. The standard version of this application gives you ten data rows; however, if you are looking for a couple of advance features, this app is available for 6.99 dollars.

SEM Calculator

It is an important tool for SEO tasks since it allows you to analyze each and every aspect of your search engine marketing. It renders you a couple of vital functions like calculating your impressions, display campaign cost per action (CPA), cost per thousands, conversion rates and click through.

It also helps in planning for your banner and email marketing campaigns. So while working with affiliate marketing or AdSense the SEM calculator on your blog, this application can expedite the marketing campaigns with ease.

SEM Calculator

WordPress for iPad

If you have a blog or a website which uses the WordPress theme this application is useful for you. It helps you make a couple of changes over your blog, modify an affiliate link, helps you in replying to any comment and even assist you to write any post for your blog.

WordPress for Ipad is certainly a nifty application which helps you in updating your blogs and sites with a real pleasure when you are away from your office computer or laptop.

Lastly, it also helps you change the keywords on a whim if you notice the competition coming down for any specific trending keyword.


SEO Manager

This application is designed by at2 GmbH and can be called as one of the favorite tool for the SEO experts. This app helps you manage a multiple number of websites and keywords and at the same time displays before you the top keyword list of your competitors.

In this way, SEO manager is the most useful application for competitive analysis. It also helps you get your historical ranking data of your keywords.

SEO Manager


This is a perfect application for people who want to use social media platforms as their backlinks for their blogs or websites. HootSuite can help you to promote your blog or site at all the major social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The interface which HootSuite gives you is neat, beautiful and organized, thus making things work like a dream. Other than ipad this feature is available only in Sony Ericsson Zylo, probably which is why the device is in demand.


You can see a number of users have made iPad as their basic device for their business use. These people pull out their iPad devices for various business activities including the search engine marketing activities.

For such people, the SEO applications as discussed above can prove effective for their search engine marketing tasks.

Airtel Unlimited 2G Data Plan for Rs.149

Bharti Airtel has recently announced the launch of all new Airtel unlimited 2G internet pack for its 2G Prepaid mobile customers across India. The offer is available to all new and existing subscribers.

According to Airtel, the new GPRS pack for its prepaid users across India allows users to surf unlimited 2G internet upto 2GB Data at the cost of Rs.149/-. However, after the consumption of 2GB data the mobile user will have to surf the internet at the maximum speed of 40 Kbps.

But such low speed plans in the era of 3G and 4G technologies not much useful for each and every type of user. With this kind of speed one can just do simple basic surfing and check mails. Video streaming and Video calling is just a dream with 2G.


Now coming to the validity of Airtel unlimited 2G data plan, customers can continue to browse and save web pages or files from the Internet for a period of 30 days without any incremental charges.

Airtel Unlimited 2G Data Plan

  • Validity : 30 Days
  • FUP Applicable : Yes
  • FUP Applied at : 2 GB
  • Before FUP : 2G
  • After FUP : 40 Kbps

How to activate Airtel Unlimited 2G Internet Pack

This new plan is now available for purchase at all retail outlet of Airtel for Prepaid mobile customers across the India.

How to Enable New Gmail Layout

A few days back I blogged about the leaked video of new Gmail layout and today, Google rolls out a redesigned new Gmail layout which is now available to everyone. The HTML5  makeover of Gmail  has some amazing features like elastic density, streamlined conversations, smarter navigation etc.

Gmail New Layout Features

  • Improved conversations
  • Automatically resizes to fit any size window screen.
  • Adjust display density
  • Adjust the size of the label and chat panels
  • New HD themes
  • Streamlined conversations view
  • Toggle between Contacts and Tasks
  • Improved readability
  • Displays the sender’s profile photo, if available
  • Advanced search box

How to Switch to New Gmail Interface

Step 1: Login to your gmail account and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Switch to the new look in the bottom-right corner. If you don’t find it there refresh Gmail and close Tasks and chats.Enable new Gmail HTML5Step 2: Now a box will appear, click on the button “Switch to the new look“.

Switch to new Gmail layout

Step 3: Another box will appear with a massage “Welcome to Gmail’s new look”  and some links to get you aware with Gmail’s new interface, click on the blue button “Continue to the new look” and you are done.HTML5 GmaiGmail also allows you to temporarily postpone the switch to new look but I advice all Gmail users to switch to new Gmail layout, so that you may get used to it.

—— UPDATE ——

Brand New Gmail Web Layout 2013

With this new Gmail update instead of having one inbox, you now have a collection of tabs – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums.

So when you receive an email it will now automatically get organized into one of those five tabs depending on the content and sender.

In short, emails related to social networks will automatically be put into the Social tab and those related to promotions like Google offers, discount coupons, new product launch etc. will be put into Promotions tab.

Isn’t this cool!

How To Enable New Gmail Web Layout With Tab Categories

[sociallocker]As per the Google’s official blog post, the update will be available in the next following weeks. However, if you go to Gmail settings you may be able to enable the new tabs feature right now.

Gmail 2013 New Layout

Click on the setting gear and see if there’s an option for “Configure inbox”, if its there then you can enable the tabs feature in your Gmail account.

Gmail with Tabs feature

Unfortunately, you are currently not allowed to create a new tab, you will just have to trust Google to filter the emails out. However, you can move an email to a different tab and make sure that Gmail remembers it for future.[/sociallocker]

Will you be using the tab feature in Gmail? Share your views about this new Gmail layout in the comment box below.