Increase Website Speed with TIps to Optimize Website Speed

Searching for tips to increase website speed? Wanna speed up your website why is your website slow? Don’t worries, I write this article “How to make WordPress website faster” for reduce server response time of WordPress. You can easily optimize website speed  after read this tips to increase loading time of website. You slow website is effects on your visitors and as well as search engine. So, you have to improve website speed for getting higher ranking. I write this “How to speed up WordPress site” explain in very simple language.

How to increase website speed?

How to speed up website

Blog loading time is one of the major factors that could affect your blogging success. If your site loading time is REALLY better, your readers will love to spend more time on it.

If not, you are losing them and you will probably increasing your bounce rates of the sites. Loading time is that important, so make sure you are following few tips to make your site loading time faster and better.

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Use less plugins for make WordPress site load faster

use less plugins, increase site speed

Most new bloggers use too many plugins (most of them are not at all important, they won’t add any value to their blog readers) on their WordPress blogs. By using too many WP plugins, your site’s loading time gets even slower. Do you know that 80% of your site loading time depends on the plugins you use? Yes, the plugins impact will be more, so use only those plugins which are extremely useful.

Speed up WordPress by Choose the best hosting

make website load faster

Hosting service plays a vital role in any site’s loading performance. Don’t use free or cheap hosting services, they might give you troubles in the loading time as cheap hosting services don’t provide much bandwidth, so whenever you get a huge traffic spike on your blog posts, your visitors won’t be able to navigate your sites because of cheap web hosting services.

Make sure you are using the best hosting service providers like Host Gator, Dream Host, Blue Host etc. I personally use and recommend Host Gator as it’s affordable, high quality service and used by many professional bloggers and webmasters.

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Install W3 cache plugin to increase website speed of WordPress

make my website faster

W3 cache plugin is just a gift to the WP users. This plugin will minify the unwanted caches to make your site loading time better. W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the site load times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.

Crush the images before you use

Faster Website loading time

One of the major reasons your blog posts load slower is this, your images take very much time. It’s suggested NOT to use too many images on a single blog post, you can grab your reader’s attention to read your blog posts just by using one appealing images per each and every post.

And optimize the images even before you use. There are lots of sites available to crush the images, one of them are image Or you can you WPSmushit plugin to optimize the images on your blog posts to improve the loading times of your sites.

Don’t play with CSS

make faster wordpress

If you are not aware of CSS code, don’t play with them. Most bloggers open their CSS files (theme files) to edit their design elements. What happens when you are not aware of coding? You are simply killing your own blog’s loading time! So, never play with CSS elements if you are not aware of them.

Use broken link checker for WordPress site load faster

make faster website by use broken link checker

This is one of the best plugins to find and fix broken links on your WP sites. After all, we all need a great navigation system on any blog to spend our time, right? Don’t leave your blog with broken links and/or deadlinks.. they might kill your blog reputation and loading time too!

Go mobile theme to make website faster

speed up my website

50 to 60% of the readers are using androids, mobiles etc to browse Internet (according to an online survey). What does it mean? If you want to make your blog go viral and reach wider audience, use responsive design. You can buy the themes like Thesis, Genesis, WooThemes etc which are by default comes out with responsive designs, they are worth each and every penny. So, invest money on your blog design to give your readers a better user experience.

Bonus tip to increase website loading speed

To check your site loading time, use Pingdom tools. It’s one of the best tools to check your site performance, it will also let you know which factors are affecting your loading time.

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Final Touch to “How to speed up your website?/
How to optimize website speed ?”

“Your Sharing is Our Caring!”

Do you have any more tips to make a site loading time faster? place your comment with your tips to increase website speed and also if you have any problem in this post to speed up WordPress site then you are free to comment below your problem to make WordPress website faster.

5 Great Plugins For Making Your WordPress Site Responsive

A responsive website is one that changes according to the thing it is being viewed via. It changes depending on the operating system of the device, the screen size, browser and any other pertinent changes. There are plugins for the WordPress content management system that allow you to create a responsive website without there being a big fuss or having to do a lot of programming yourself. The list is in no particular order.

1. MobilePress


This is a plugin that will turn your website into a mobile friendly version of your website. It is not really a heavy plugin and is lacking a lot of features, but that does not mean it cannot be your number on choice. If all you are looking for is a website that may be used on mobile devices, then this is the tool that sits bereft of what are essentially unneeded extras. Create a mobile theme and plonk it on your website. You can test your website with a mobile view instead of having to use a real mobile.

2. WP Mobile Detector


This is a plugin that allows you to change your website so that it will work on mobile devices. There are mobile themes you can use right off the bat, and it will format and resize page elements for you. There are mobile tools that will help you to improve your conversion rate with your mobile device.

3. JetPack


This is the sort of thing for either the terminally lazy or the mystifyingly pragmatic. That is because it is quicker that a hippo at a buffet and that may be all that people need. It has twenty-four modules to choose from, but is basically just a big and fast WordPress converter. All you have to do is click a button and the WordPress friendly theme is there waiting. It can be made to be used in a more sophisticated and complex way, but there seems little point.

4. WPTouch


This is popular because it was well advertised and does its job. It is the Pepsi of the responsive world except without the patronizing appeal to the younger generation. The coca cola of course would be responsive design created by web programmers, which just like coke is not better, it was just there first. This plugin does its job and it work rather well with touch pad screens tool. It is popular and so, it has a few YouTube videos and articles written about it. This has helped it to become more popular as people start to see how easy it is to use.

5. Wapple Architect


This is a fast acting plugin in the fact that you can change your website very quickly and it is set to work with a wide range of mobile devices. It adjusts numerous features to be sure your website conforms with the mobile device you have chosen. There are a lot of functions that go with it and many that help the user get the most out of the plugin. It does work with quite a few devices and is rather good for the fact you can do it all relatively quickly and without too much fuss.

Customize WordPress Login Page Like A PRO! – No Coding Skills

Do you want your blog to stand out from the pack?

Well every blogger wants!

While there are many things you can do to make your blog stand out of the crowd such as writing great content, promoting them on social networks and customizing WordPress themes to make it look unique and eye catchy.

But in this post I am going to focus only on customizing WordPress login page design which I think is the most neglected area in a WordPress blog.

And when it comes to customize the default login page in WordPress there are only two ways either you code it or install a WordPress plugin like BM Custom Login which is a free plugin. By using this plugin, you can easily create custom login screen by uploading your custom logo or selecting the predefined template to give a personal touch to your WordPress login panel.

But if you want to do more than just adding logo and selecting predefined templates.

I would recommend you an advanced plugin called Pathway which is a premium WordPress plugin from CodeCanyon. With this plugin not only you will be able to add custom logo and background images but you will also be able to add custom field text color, button color, shaker effects and much more.


Some Amazing Features of Pathway Plugin

  • Custom Background color & image
  • Custom Form border & round & bg color & image
  • Custom Field border & round & bg color & etc
  • Custom Field Text color ( hover / active / focus)
  • Button color options
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Copyright text color & hover
  • Shaker Effect Options
  • Extensive Admin Options (Unbranded!)
  • WordPress 3.0.+ Ready
  • Extensive Documentation

Pathway – Custom WordPress Login Page Plugin In Action

Obviously, Pathway is not the only plugin to create custom login page designs in WordPress but when it comes to price and functionality Pathway is the best out there.

Do you know any other plugin better than Pathway to create custom WordPress login page?

WP Plugin – Optimize Images To Speed Up WordPress Blog

You are already optimizing your WordPress blog to reduce page load time, right? But I bet many of you aren’t optimizing images!

And if I’m right, continue reading…

In this post you’ll get to know how to optimize images to speed up WordPress blog, without loosing image quality.

While there are many ways you can do this, the best I came across isWP Plugin.

Why Install WP plugin?

Images speaks more than hundred words, right?

They make your content more engaging and interactive. But unfortunately, many bloggers forget that the size of an image can dramatically make your blog load slow.

If your blog takes more than 5 sec to load than you are at high risk to increase bounce rate of your blog. Which is absolutely not good for your blog.

How To Install WP Plugin?

Installing this plugin on your WordPress blog is very easy. Simply upload the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory manually or use the Add New Plugin option in WordPress dashboard and activate it through the plugin menu.

And You’re Done!

How To Optimize Images with WP

After you have successfully installed and activated the plugin, you don’t need to do anything else. The next time you upload an image in your media library the plugin will automatically optimize it on the fly, without loosing quality of the image.

Now you must be thinking, how to optimize your previously uploaded images.

Don’t worry! You can do this through Media Library in WordPress dashboard. See the image below to get a clear idea.

Optimize images to speed up wordpress

Bulk Image Optimization

Manually optimizing every single image through Media Library can be time consuming, especially, if you have hundreds of images uploaded ( if not thousands).

This where the bulk image optimization can help you save your precious time. Simply go to Media Library > Bulk and click the button which says “Run all my images through WP right now”.

Bulk WordPress images

Now here keep that in mind that it can take some time to processes all images if they have never been Smushed before.

Over to you.

Tell me how do you optimize images to speed up your WordPress blog?

The Ultimate WordPress Landing Page Plugin to Increase Conversion

You have written great contents and shared it on social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. You managed to generate backlinks to your blog. Now you are scratching your head to figure out how to get your blog make more money. So instead of spending all your time to generate traffic to your blog try to increase conversion rate. For this you can use WordPress landing page plugin to create an effective landing page.

There are many plugins available to create landing pages but most of them are premium. You need to pay a certain amount to get the WordPress landing page plugin. Before you scroll down to find out the ultimate free WordPress landing page plugin. Let me tell you what is a landing page.

What is Landing Page?


A landing page is any page of your website or blog which is specifically designed for visitors to take certain actions. You can use this page for newsletter sign ups, sell products etc.

Here are few examples which will give you an idea about how you can use landing pages with different traffic sources.

  • Traffic is sent from search marketing campaign (e.g. Google AdWords) to landing pages optimized to correspond with the keywords the searcher used.
  • Traffic is sent from a link in an email to a landing page designed to encourage people to buy.
  • Traffic is sent from a blog post to a landing page designed for newsletter sign ups.

Ultimate WordPress Landing Page Plugin

Now you know that to make your blog profitable you need to increase conversions. So it’s time to create an effective landing page for your blog.

Creating a landing page could be difficult especially if you aren’t a landing page expert. And if you don’t want to spend your time and money to create an effective landing page simply install WordPress landing page plugin.

This plugin is available on WordPress plugin directory for free. To get the Plugin click here.

What you’ll get with this Plugin?

  • Create a landing page in less than 5 minutes without any programming or designed skills.
  • Create landing page with customizable permalink to build your email list.
  • Add logo for personal branding.
  • Choose background image or color to make your landing page unique.
  • Turn visitors into subscribers by collecting emails in Feedburner.
  • Use custom headline, description and fronts including Google fronts.

Besides all these features the plugin also enable you to create a ‘Coming Soon’ page. You can use these pages to collect emails to tell interested users when your blog or product is ready.

The developers of this plugin has also created a Pro version. You can get the Pro version from their website for $29. To get the Pro Version click here.

What you’ll get with the Pro version?

  • Multiple templates for landing pages.
  • Turn visitors into subscribers by collecting emails with Aweber, MailChimp etc.
  • More front colors.
  • Maintenance mode to tell visitors while you service your blog.

11 Plugins To Add Notification Bar On WordPress Site

Have you ever wanted to draw your reader’s attention to something specific? If so then this is for you whether you run a business website or a personal blog built on WordPress.

In this collection, we have listed some of the best plugins to add header notification bar on your WordPress website that you can use to grab their attention and reach your goals. While some of these plugins are free to use others will cost you some bucks which is fair enough as long as they come with special features like click counter and A/B split testing.

Before we move further, let’s have a quick look at why do bloggers and website owners adds notification bar to their website.

  • To increase affiliate sales.
  • To make customer service announcement.
  • To capture newsletter signups or RSS subscribers.
  • To reduce bounce rate by linking to popular posts.
  • To promote newly launched products.

Free Notification Bar Plugins

Hello Bar

hellobar plugin
It is probably the most popular option that allows you to draw your reader’s attention to a call to action, not only on WordPress sites but also on static websites and other CMSs as well.

DW Promobar

dw promobar plugin
A clean and simple WordPress plugin that allows you to add a meaningful message with or without clock counter in just few simple steps.

Viper Bar

viperbar plugin
If your goal is to capture newsletter signups without annoying your readers with signup popups then Viper Bar plugin is what you should be looking for. It adds an attractive bar to your site, which you can use to increase newsletter signups or RSS subscribers.

WordPress Notification Bar

wordpress notification bar plugin
An easy and quick way to add header notification bar with your own custom call-to-action message and button.

Notification Bar

Another simple yet very effective notification bar plugin that allows you to add an attracting bar to your WordPress site which automatically hides after 7 sec. The plugin includes 5 different color schemes and allows you to choose where to display the bar – Top or Bottom.

Easy Heads Up Bar

easy heads up bar
Easy Heads Up Bar is a free WordPress plugin that allows you todisplay multiple bars randomly with different messages. It also allows you to set an expiry date for a bar and limit the display to only Home Page or Interior Pages.

Premium Notification Bar Plugins


foobar plugin
The Foobar is a highly customizable WordPress plugin to add anattention grabbing notification bar to your website or blog. You can create an unlimited number bars and display different bar on different pages or define a default bar to display on all pages.

Attention Grabber

attention grabber plugin
It is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to display custom texts, Twitter posts and RSS Feeds at the top of you website. You can create unlimited notification bars with this plugin and even track the number of clicks.

Notification Bar Pro

notification bar pro pluginIf you’re looking to add a cool notify bar to your WordPress website then you should try this awesome plugin. With this plugin you create an unlimited number of notification bars, and use them on single post or pages. One cool feature that sets it apart from rest of the plugins is that you can add additional extended message or display larger images.

WP Header Bar

wp header bar plugin
WP Header Bar is yet another attention grabbing and highly customizable responsive notification bar plugin that comes with A/B split testing feature and page level targeting.

WordPress Contact Form Widget For Your Blog

You have built a WordPress blog and managed to get visitors. But from time to time these visitors might wish to contact you personally. For instance, they might want to give feedback or suggestion for your blog post. And if you run an online shopping cart then having a contact form on your website is a must. Because if you don’t have it you might lose your potential buyers.

There are many free WordPress contact form widget available inWordPress plugin directory. But some of them are rather too old or doesn’t support the latest WordPress version.

Because choosing the right WordPress contact form widget for your blog is not an easy task. I decided to gather some of the best free WordPress contact form widget for you.

WordPress Contact Form Widget Collection

Formidable Forms

It is the most easiest and quickest way to create a contact form. This plugin has a simple drag-and-drop interface along with in-place editing. You can use short-codes to use it in sidebar text widgets, post or pages. To block spamming you can integrate it with reCAPTCHA.

Requires: WordPress 2.9 or higher

Sidebar Form


Easily create customized WordPress contact form widget for your WordPress blog’s sidebar. Again, this plugin allows you to use short-codes in posts and pages.

Requires: WordPress 2.0.2 or higher

Contact Form


Create and add contact form on your blog’s sidebar widget, posts or pages. This plugin allows you to add fields for attaching a file to the contact form. You can even change the label of a field in the form. The plugin is supports over 20 different languages and allows you to create your own language pack.

Requires: WordPress 2.9 or higher

Simple Contact Form Revisited Widget


The plugin creates a simple WordPress contact form widget that you can install in sidebar text widgets. The plugin use jQuery for validation and restricts email bots to harvest your email address which is a unique feature. The plugin also supports short-codes for adding the contact form in posts and pages.

Requires: WordPress 3.0 or higher

Best WordPress Plugin for Rich Snippet Breadcrumbs

Google first introduced Rich Snippets in 2009. But still many websites and blogs are not able to take the advantage of this feature. Rich Snippet helps users as well as search engines to understand what kind of information is published on a particular page or your website or blog.

Some of the snippets that Google currently recognize are Snippet for Reviews, People, Products, Businesses and organizations, Recipes, Events , Music and very important which affects every website is Breadcrumbs.


In order to display rich snippet breadcrumbs in Google search result all you have to do is add special markup to your website or blog that will help Google to recognize and display the breadcrumbs on search results.

The best WordPress Plugin I found to display breadcrumbs on Google search result is RDFa Breadcrumb by Mallikarjun Yawalkar. The plugin uses RDFa content markup.

Once you installed this plugin on your WordPress blog you will have to add the following PHP code to your blog where you want to display breadcrumbs.

<?php if(function_exists('rdfa_breadcrumb')){ rdfa_breadcrumb(); } ?>

After that check your result with Rich Snippets Testing Tool by Google.

If you have any other plugin for rich snippet like this plugin then place a comment of your best in below comment box and also share this post with your friends.

5 Attention Grabbing WordPress Plugins To Get More Tweets, Likes, +1s’

Not getting enough blog traffic?

Tired of optimizing posts for SEO?

If so… then you should start focusing on driving traffic from social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. These sites have potential to drive tons of traffic to your blog.

However, you need have content that can stand out of the crowed – but that’s not all.

You need to encourage your readers/visitors to share your content with their friends and contact on their social networking profiles. And to make them do so you need to add attention grabbing social sharing buttons on your blog post.

You may easily find some cool social sharing WordPress plugins in WordPress repository but choosing the BEST for your blog is not an easy task as there are so many plugins available. So to make your work easy I’ve created a list of some attention grabbing WordPress plugins to help you get more Tweets, Likes and +1s’.

Best WordPress Plugins To get More Tweets, Likes, +1s’

Digg Digg

It’s one of the most popular and highly recommend WordPress plugin to display social sharing buttons. The beauty of this plugin, it requires minimum customization as compared to other sharing and floating bars, which you still need to customize and position accordingly your blog layout.

With Digg Digg plugin, you get an option to display social sharing icons in the body of your post (Above or Below the post), or you can display them in a floating bar (Left or Right Side), or if you prefer you can activate both of them to grab your reader’s attention.


Another awesome plugin from WordPress repository, which you can use to display eye-catching social sharing icons and floating bars, or if you prefer you can also display Follow ME widgets on your blog with links to social networks to get more followers and fans.



With this plugin you can display social sharing buttons inside the blog post (aligned left or right) or below the post with ‘Call To Action’ box asking your readers to subscribe and leave comment. The plugin also gives you the ability to edit text inside the box, which can be done through ‘Socialize Admin Page’.

Social Traffic Pop Pro


We know that pop-ups are very effective in capturing leads, but it can also help you to get more likes, tweets, Google +1s’ and this is what Social Traffic Pop Pro does. The plugin allows you to set a predetermined amount of time, before it appears on a page. Not only that, you can also choose whether or not show Social Traffic Pop Pro on the homepage.

Social Toolbar


The name it self clears that it’s not a plugin that you can use to display social sharing icons inside the post. In-fact,  this plugin is used to display social icons in the footer or at the top which will float when you scrolls down. The plugin allows you to choose the color, front and even rearrange your list of social network icons.

Which Social sharing WordPress plugins do you use to make your readers Tweet, Like or +1 your blog post?

3 Free and Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Are your website visitors leaving your website page after read your article? If you are not use related posts then your pageviews are decrease. So, if you are really want to increase website pageview then use related posts because they are increase your bounce rate and this is a great challenge for new bloggers. SO without wasting time let’s starting tips for:

3 Free and Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

1. Yet Another Related Posts

This Related Posts Plugins is also know as YARPP and this plugin is very popular related posts plugin and this plugin downloads are more than 2.4 Millions. This plugin give you textual and thumbnail related posts.

Pros: Yet Another Related Posts Plugins is use find related posts algorithm. This plugin not only allow thumbnails but also allow textual related posts and this is also give you the option of custom posts types. It’s also include with RSS feed display.

Cons: There are also available YARPP Experiments. If your website is very big then this plugin is very useful for your website and only use this plugin when your website is very big because this is help out you for throttle status, manually control cache, and so on.

2. nRelate Related Content

This plugin is also popular in related post plugins. This plugin is not only give you related posts but also offer advertising with along related posts. So, you are also place advertisement in along with related posts.

Pros: For use this plugin you don’t need to create a new account with nRelate website. This plugin give you more configurable settings page, So you are change the look of related posts as you like. this is not effect on your website because this plugin is use own nRelate servers.

Cons: This plugin are not very SEO friendly because this plugin are use the beta scripts for showing related posts in your website you will also check this in default plugin setting. This plugin also take more time to load related posts because first you all pages are open then is starting to show related posts.

3. Contextual Related Posts

This is plugin is also popular plugin for display related posts on your website. This plugin also show textual and thumbnails related posts in your website.

Pros: If you are use textual related posts then this plugin give you simple settings. If you are try to use thumbnail related posts then if you are not set any feature image then it is use your post thumbnails for show thumbnails related posts.

Cons: This plugin not match with any templates thumbnails. you are also use CSS to style but if you beginner then it’s very difficult.

I hope this article is very helpful for you. If you have any question then place a comment in comment box and don’t forget to share this topic 3 Free and Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress with your friends.