How To Use Blogging Techniques Effectively

No matter how dynamic things get on the internet with constantly revised algorithms, upsurge in the social media, and marketing strategies being ever modified, blogging is but one dominant and guaranteed way to drive traffic to your website and landing pages. When done on WordPress, Blogspot, Weebly or any such platform, blogging proves to be among the simplest ways, along with giving you complete control, to augment your content marketing success. You can use your blog as the most effective and valuable marketing tools if you follow the below given techniques diligently.

Think Through The Ideal Topic To Write On

  • All famous blogs have a finger on the pulse of the readers as far as trends, latest news, and popular taste is concerned. Keep abreast of all of these by visiting the blogs and websites of your industry competitors.
  • Successful blogs are more informative and less promotional. Readers care for call-to-action and are more likely to like and share a blog that they think others will enjoy reading.
  • More than informing, effective blogs entertain. So ditch the formal language and essay-like copies and give them an entertaining read.
  • Successful blogs endure for a long, long time to come.

Selecting a topic to write about that will work is a difficult job; but you can work your way through this process using other strategies. The headline of a blog post is the most important part since that will get people’s attention first. Much like headlines of a publication if readers don’t find the title interesting they won’t bother reading the post. And since it will be the title that will be visible all over the internet, choose your words carefully and make sure the title is not long or random. And then, Google Search Algorithm will take out and analyze the blog title so make sure to put in one of your keywords or phrases in the title.

Maintain Restraint On Your Keywords

Many times, bloggers base their subject and content on a keyword. But it may prove detrimental to the blog if your writing is desperately promotional, something an effective blogging technique would oppose. Having said that, you can still safely include your brand name and contact info in the blog if you make it a point to keep it minimal.

When it comes to keywords, there are other phrases used in SEO and marketing that can be used to make your blog show up favorably in the search results. If you’re still unsure about the use of keywords, engage professional marketing help to prevent Google from discrediting your site for the overusing SEO.

It would go a long way for you if you get very good at identifying keywords for your blog. This will ensure increased traffic to your blog of the target audience that is actually interested in buying your product. Of course, it is a bit difficult to strike a balance between engaging and well-optimized content but if you have a skillful writer then he will know the trick like the back of his hand. And if you are the writer of the blog yourself then get acquainted with keywords, ways to do the research, and use them effectively in your blog.

Incorporating Videos Into The Blog

If you optimize them meticulously, videos prove to be not just an effective way to reach your readers but they also rank quite high in search engines. So it will work in your favor if embed videos into your blog and site not just for SEO but to communicate more effectively with your site visitors and to break up your content strategy. But, if you intend to use videos to connect with your readers globally then remember that third party video sites like YouTube and Hulu are restricted in some countries so your video will be blank. You can relay the videos to those subscribers if you can use an open source player.

More Quality, Less Quantity

Of all the blogging techniques you will ever read about, giving importance to how good your content is instead of how many you publish is something you will find most valuable. An overenthusiastic bloggers will churn out content like there is no tomorrow in order to get more awareness and social shares to their blog, and to reinforce their marketing campaign. But, it’s a myth that this strategy works. Instead, you must think through the blog and write something that would interest you as a reader and you would be proud to share. An effective strategy is to work out a publishing schedule and publish a post once in a few days so that your quality does not suffer. Also, always check the facts, edit and eliminate grammatical and spelling mistakes as readers detest such a thing because it makes your blog seem careless.

Sharing On Social Media

When you have published your blog post, hunt for readers by sharing the post on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc since these platforms have easy widgets for sharing posts. Make this a regular habit and after sharing, recheck your posts and determine which ones were more successful and which were not.

Blog Some More

All popular blogs can easily get a discussion going between your social media followers. Whenever you see a conversation happening in the comments you can consider writing a more elaborate post on the topic and even take your readers’ suggestions about what they’d want to read about.

Share Your Blog Again In Future

Maintain a list of all the topics you have written about on your blog. You can share them again at a later point and use it to your advantage when an industry changes and people search for related blogs. Determining the most effective blogging technique for your own marketing campaign will be very useful.

Build Your Own Network In The Blogosphere

Having your own network of bloggers is as important as publishing a great blog because being involved in the blogosphere has tremendous professional benefits. Other than these benefits, you will gain business associates as well as friends through blogging. You can build your network and increase your following by posting on Facebook and Twitter and writing guest posts for other bloggers.


If you cannot decide where you can start when it comes to blogging, then invite other bloggers to write guest posts on your blog. One thing may lead to another and you will reap many benefits such as starting a great networking relationship, give a fresh perspective to your readers, and get new ideas that you didn’t think of. You may also be able to find out the best clientele for you and also the right set of keywords to target them. You must be more proactive and make friends with the key players in the blogging world.

Top 5 Ways to Leverage Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

The social media platform is currently the best way to promote your brand and it is the perfect medium where to exert a significant amount of marketing efforts. This is because millions of internet users are engaged in social media.

Statistics would show that there are about 800 million users of Facebook, 500 million users of Twitter and thousands of people who use LinkedIn and Google + to set up their own profiles. It is obvious that social media will give you the best place where to market your business.

If you want to leverage your social marketing efforts, you should be able to know the right formula to make it work. If you successfully leverage your social media marketing efforts, you will likely give your search engine optimization campaign a boost too.

Social media marketing is known to be a part of SEO strategy where you can drive more traffic to your site and give your site ranking a boost to make your products and services more visible to the internet community.

Here are the top ways that you can leverage your social media marketing efforts the right way.

Invest on your profile

The first step in connecting with people in the social media sites is through your profile. People view the profile of users before they decide they want to add them to their circles or not. It is therefore important to emphasize that you should invest the time and effort in creating an enticing profile that will draw social media users to add you in their circles and to follow you.

Social media users are quite interested in people who are active in updating their posts and participate in discussions. You should be able to invest in keeping your social media profile alive, known and visible by actively posting tweets, comments and ideas to share. Most importantly, be consistent in providing your followers an update about your business and services.

Create valuable content through blogging

Social media users have been using the platform as an all-in-one place where to connect with people, shop, blog and obtain the information they need. Blogging through the social media platform remains to be a powerful internet marketing campaign that you can apply in your social media marketing strategy.

You will likely get a large group of followers if you are able to blog something informative on niches that are related to your business. If social media users identify you as a pro in the particular niche you blog about, they will likely trust your expertise and brand.

Using your blog to draw people to visit your site and to patronize and trust your business is a great way to leverage your social media marketing efforts. Just don’t forget that your blog content should include a link to your site in order to help your followers locate your business website.

Leverage on promotional tactics

As you start building your business blog using your social media account, you can further entice your followers and visitors to frequently visit your site and patronize your business by allowing them to participate in an online contest. It is a good investment to create promotional programs like giving away a sample of your product using your social media account or blog account in order to bring more social media users closer to your business and brand.

Linking your social media profile to your signature

One best way to leverage your social media marketing campaign is to link your social media profile or business site in your signature. This will give you more visibility on the different social media sites each time you leave a post, feedback or a comment with your signature with a linked URL of your business site or social media profile. Participating in forums with discussions related to your business is a good way of leaving your signature to enable the social media users find your business online.

Select different forms of social media platforms

Your social marketing efforts should not only be focused on a single form of social media platform. You can have a better leverage on your marketing strategy if you engage to participate and use varieties of social media marketing campaigns by using videos, images and powerful content.

Pinterest is a growing social media platform where you can embark on a marketing campaign using images. YouTube remains to be the best medium for video marketing campaign while Facebook offers a paid ad on the site which you can use to market your brand. Hash tags on Twitter are also being widely used as a marketing tool for social media marketing.

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7 Steps to Take When Bad News Goes Viral

When bad news goes viral you just want to crawl under a rock and die. Everyone has at least one moment in their lives that they wish they could do again. Unfortunately, life doesn’t come equipped with an “erase” button and those regrettable moments do not simply wind up on the editing room floor. They continue to exist in your memory – and, often, the memories of others. And, occasionally, they go viral – splashed across the internet for the entire world to see.

As tempting as it may be to change your name and move to a remote village in Outer Mongolia, the wiser option would be to fight back. A nightmare gone viral does not have to mark the death of your glowing online reputation. And you do not have to spend the rest of your existence hanging your head down in shame.

If you have opted for the paper bag to shield yourself from embarrassment, you are going to have to make a few minor alterations. Without them, things will only get worse – and yes, they can get worse.

Make Some Eyeholes

Turning a blind eye to negative comments or embarrassing moments can lead to even bigger disasters.  People may assume that they are true. Some may jump on board with their own damaging comments. And others may dismiss you as a coward. You must respond before anyone else has the chance to.

Cut Out A Mouth

You are going to need to address the problem because we have already learned that silence is not an option.  Here are a few steps that you will need to take:

  • Apologize – If you have done wrong, you need to admit it. The best way to win back public trust is to offer a sincere “I’m sorry” and take ownership of your mistake.
  • Fix it – You need to offer a resolution for the wrong that you have committed – whatever it may be. If your business has wronged a client, make it right. Find out what would make that customer happy and do it.  If your faux pas is of a personal nature, ensure the public that you find this behavior unacceptable and that you have taken steps to ensure that this will never happen again. And follow through with your promises because everyone will be watching to ensure that you do.
  • Share your story – If you have been wrongfully accused, you need to set the record straight. This means sharing your side of the story – particularly on the same forum through which the original accusation was launched. If possible, however, share your story on as many venues as possible.

Choose your words, carefully. You do not want to go on the attack, defame anyone, or use foul language. Simply be honest and share the facts in a respectful manner.

Poke Out Some Nostrils

Yes, the nose holes are handy for breathing, but they also serve an important purpose when combating bad press.

  • Sniff out good press. It’s extremely challenging to remove negative reviews from Google and other search engines, but don’t get discouraged. A great way to combat bad press is to highlight your good press. You need to encourage satisfied customers to post rave reviews regularly. One way to do this is to create special offers for people who leave a review at a specific link. If a viral attack is of a personal nature, friends and relatives can highlight your positive attributes.
  • Track future comments. In order to halt future negative press in its tracks, you will need to monitor your online reputation regularly. This will better enable you to respond immediately and better identify problem areas within your business.
  • Hunt down a pro. One of the best ways to win a battle is to enlist the help of an army of professionals. There are companies that are devoted to maintaining online reputations – including repairing severely damaged ones.

Encountering bad press about yourself or your business is a difficult thing, but when bad news goes viral, it can feel like the end of the world.  But don’t fret. You can fight back and restore your good name. By using the tips listed above, you will be able cancel that flight to Outer Mongolia – and finally shed that paper bag.

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4 Ways To Handle A Negative Online Review

 One star. That’s all they’ve given you. And beside that horrifying display of displeasure, they’ve listed a barrage of scathing remarks–in bold print, for the whole world to see. Not only is your ego severely bruised, but your stellar online reputation has been indelibly smeared.

You want to strike back while your wounds are still fresh, but wait. Before you add kerosene to an inferno, take a step back, inhale some deep calming breaths, and proceed with caution.

1. Examine the situation


Cool heads usually prevail, so you need to calm down and examine the review objectively. Set aside your injured feelings, and try to adopt the reviewer’s perspective. Though difficult to admit, it is possible that this individual did have a negative experience and that their comments are perfectly justified.

When you remove emotions from the equation, you are less likely to catastrophize the situation and better able to form a logical and effective next step.

2. Make amends

Eating the proverbial “crow” can be a bitter dish, but the alternative is suffering loss of business and a severely scuffed internet image. No matter how much the crow will stick in your craw, you need to admit your failings and set things right.

  • Admit wrongdoing. Fessing up to your mistakes will not only help to smooth things over with your disgruntled reviewer, but it will make you look like a caring person who values their clientele.
  • Make it right. Reach out to your unhappy customer and identify solutions that will right the wrongs. Find out what it will take to restore their faith in you and your company. Even if you cannot win back this particular customer’s future business, your willingness to make amends will impress anyone who sees this exchange–including future visitors to that review site.
  • Do it gladly. Remember to choose your words carefully. No matter how much you want to tell your reviewer to take a “flying leap,” you must conduct this exchange politely. Offer your resolution cheerfully. You are, after all, trying to restore your public image, so make sure you are on your very best behavior.

3. Make it the exception

One bad review in a mountain of positive press is not going to garner much attention–so you need to build the mountain.

  • Encourage your happiest clientele to create and post reviews on sites that pertain to your industry.
  • Create ways for your clientele to contact you directly to prevent them from taking future complaints–not that you’ll have any, of course–to third party sites. Launch a company website, start a blog, and create social media accounts.
  • Use the internet to garner a fan base. Post an informative YouTube video, guest blog on quality blogs pertaining to your industry, collect like’s on Facebook, showcase new products on Pinterest, encourage “endorsements” on LinkedIn, and garner +’s on Google+.

4. Monitor your good name

The best defense against future attacks is, of course, identifying problem areas and correcting them. Train your staff to maintain excellence in customer service, offer only the best products and services, and learn from past mistakes.

In case something does go wrong, make sure to watch out for ripoff reports and negative reviews on sites like, Yelp, Angie’s list, TripAdvisor, and Zagat’s. If bad news does pop up, you will be able to handle it quickly–before it can do damage.

The trick to coping with a negative online review is to remain calm and use your noggin. So, bandage your wounds, put down the kerosene, and find your inner happy place. You can make things right.

What measures have you taken to handle a negative online review? Which ones worked and which ones failed?

How To Find Right Products To Sell Online?

Are you thinking about finding a right product to sell online? Are you sure that the product you are selling will fetch you great profit? If not, then here are some tips to select the right products to sell online. These considerations must be considered before selling your product online and flourishing your business. Here are some steps to find a right product to sell online. Check them out below!

What is the demand?

It is one of the most crucial steps to think about, before finding a product to sell online. Ask yourself the following questions –

  • What is the need of people? What actually the people want?
  • Which market to target with your product and how much earnings can the product fetch you in long-term?
  • Is the product easily available and affordable?
  • Is the product good to sell online?

Just explore the Google trends and find the searches for the product. For example – If you want to sell T-shirts online, then you can compare the volume of keyword ‘T-shirt’ with other products. If the search volume is good, then you can go for selling that product online.


Research about the competition

You must know about ABCD of your product’s industry. It will help you in finding the best products to sell online. You should know about competition you may face in international or national market. You should analyze different websites giving you data about the competition your product is facing by different organizations. If the competition is negligible or it is low then the selected might fetch you huge profit. The Google keyword Planner can help you analyze the competition in the market.

Is it a money-making business?

Will your product available at reasonable price to the customers. People will buy your product if it is affordable. You should analyze the manufacturing price, packaging and shipping price, credit card processing charges, advertising and marketing price. These factors will define the maximum retail price of your product and percentage of profit you will make out by selling a product.

Cost and type of marketing for your product

You must consider the price that you need to spend on marketing of your product. If your product requires large investment on marketing then you must go for some other product. Wasting a lot of money on marketing and earning a little is not at all a good choice. Also choose cost-effective ways to give good market exposure to your product. Design your product by keeping cost effectiveness in mind so that it can suit every market.

Will the product last?

You must be sure about the long lastingness of the product that you are choosing for online selling. The survival of the product must be the first preference. It must have long expiry date and continuous demand. You must consider these points, if you really wish to earn good profit.

Will any law cross your way?

Before choosing the product you must verify the legalities about the selling, manufacturing, packaging and other assets related to the product. The product must be designed according to the standards set by concerned authorities and must follow its guidelines. This will help you in selling your product without any law fear.

So, consider these vital six points to find the right products to sell online and start gaining large customers and make huge profits.

How to Avoid 5 Biggest Problems in Link Building

Here is a list of the five biggest problems that link builders are going to experience. It is in order of how commonly the mistake is seen. The reasons why these problems happen so often is because people misunderstand the rules of SEO, or their trial and error tests lead them to conclusions that what they are doing is right, but is actually leading them down a more difficult path. Here are five of the biggest problems that people face when link building.

Overestimating How Many Links Are Needed

This is done by people who misunderstand SEO. More links don’t mean a higher rank in the search engine results pages. It is a good thing if you have more links than your leading competitors. But how you beat them does not really have any effect on your websites SEO.

The effects are the same if you have 10 links more than your competitors, as if you have 100 links more. The gaining of too many links is a common mistake. If it’s done too much, the website may be punished by Google.

Thinking That Link Building Is The Best SEO Method

This happens because link building is one of the fastest ways of raising your position on the search engine results. It has the very quick effect. People can go from being result number 220,000 to being result number 300 within a matter of days. This leads people to believe that link building should be their primary concern.

The problem with this theory is that it was born through a misunderstanding of how search engines actually index sites. The search engines will score a website on various things. If you use a SEO tool that shows PageRank, you may be able to see how well (or poorly) you score on some of these points.

For example, 25% of your rank may depend upon links, 15% on on-page SEO, and 10% on social media markers. Those are just examples of how the percentages may work. But you have to understand that when each portion of your SEO efforts has reached its maximum percentage – then adding to it will make little difference. This is where 2000 links will give you the same benefits as 75 links.

Becoming Accustom To Rejection

People are used to try to gain links through guest posts and requests to join article dissemination sites. Blog owners are going to reject guest post requests and some article disseminators are going to refuse access onto their sites. This will cause the link builder to send the same message to multiple blog owners in an attempt to gain guest posts by playing the numbers game. This results in more rejection as the blog owners will see it as spam.

Linking Only To Build Links

Google judges links by the fact that they may indicate if another webmaster finds your content relevant to something else, or finds your content interesting. A natural link will appear is a website captures somebody’s interest. Google will rank a site higher if it has multiple links going to it, but this is not the only reason to create links.

You should build links with a view to gaining direct traffic from them. This will remove your dependence upon search engines. A common mistake is to hide or play down a link. A link should be highly visible and advertised so that people will click on it.

Paying An Online Company To Handle Your Links

This is the cream of bad ideas. You have no way of knowing if the company you pay is actually going tocreate a high quality link campaign, or if they are going to use black hat methods. You have no way of knowing if their company will fail soon and take all of your links with them.

If Google punishes their site or company, then your website may also be punished. Google does not like websites who pay people to manipulate their links. Black link building will be punished.

HireWriters Review: Best Article Writing Service

It is a certain fact that on the internet these days content is king. And, we hear that every now and then not only from SEO experts but also from Google. Thus, if you have a website and you want it to make sales for you, you need to offer your visitors information and lots of it.

The problem is, of course, that providing information means writing that information down and this simply does not come naturally to many people. When you consider that the average reading age of the English-speaking population of the world is just twelve, it starts to make sense. If that is the average reading age, then it is certain that the average writing age will be considerably lower.

In other words, the majority of the adult population is simply incapable of stringing words together to form a sentence that can be read and understood by others, much less persuade the reader to take some form of action such as make a purchase, submit their email address or anything else.

Despite that the majority of people are poor writers, there are nonetheless thousands of people who are able to write really good articles. And, here comes article writing websites that brings together people who need articles written by talented writers and freelance writers who wants to work for home.

One such website is HireWriters!


Why Choose HireWriters Article Writing Services?

Here you can get an article written on almost any subject imaginable. It also costs a lot less than you might think, since you can get a 500 word article written for as little as $3.00. So, if you needed ten articles for your blog that week, it will cost you $30.00. If your blog is monetized in any way, shape or fashion, you will earn a lot more than $30.00 from it by providing your readers with quality information that you didn’t have to write.

However, once you have paid for the article it becomes your property and you can put your own name to it if you wish. So, you can come to be regarded as an expert in your field even if you are not.

Don’t worry about the authenticity of articles.

Articles are passed through Copyscape to make sure that it was not copied from some other website, and all this is done before the article reaches you from the writer’s desk.


One of the advantages of using HireWriters to content writing service is the speed with which your articles are written. The process is really very simple. You just log on and explain what you need, decide how much you are ready to pay for the article and make a deposit to cover it.

Explaining what you need is key here. The more detail you give to the writers the more quickly and easily they will be able to produce what you need. It is not much use saying that you need an article about skateboards (unless you don’t care what is written); you need to say that you need an article about skateboard use in the financial area of the city, or skateboard tricks, or how to keep up a skateboard, or whatever it is.

This way writers will be able to access your requirements and equally will be able to decide whether they feel competent to write the article. This is particularly important if your subject is highly technical as some writers will not feel comfortable researching and writing about things they have difficulty understanding.

That said, HireWriters have a private messaging system where a writer can contact you to clarify any important points.

Quick Turn Around

Turn around time can be very quick. When you place your order you can specify that you need it within, say, 12 hours, a day, three days or whatever. Often you will find that you place an order and get the article back within a couple of hours.

It gets even better!

While HireWriters article writing service has thousands of talented writers on its books all eager to tackle your job, you do not have to accept the article once it has been written if you are not happy with it. You have two choices here; you can either ask the writer to make some revisions or alterations if there are only a few minor details that need attention, or you can simply reject the article and have it put back for any other writer to pick it up and write it for you.

Get Your Article Written Now

Using HireWriters to have your articles written is an extremely quick and cheap way of getting quality content that you need to keep your website visitors happy. At the same time it frees you up to do the important things that you need to do in your business. You literally get the best of both worlds with Hirewriters.

What to Do When You Have No Idea to Write About?

Have you ever wondered how few blogs come up with great posts all the time? There are many popular blogs out there which post almost daily for their readers.

How do they post daily without burning out? Can you do the same??

What kinda blog posts go viral and how to write great topics on your blog when you have no idea?

What to write when you have nothing to write about?

Here are few surefire tips to write great contents on your blogs all the time.

1. Read other blogs: If you want to generate better blog post ideas, you must be reading other blogs. I won’t recommend you to read ONLY the blogs which are in your niche, instead read the blog posts even which are totally unrelated to your blogging niche. Why?

When you are reading completely irrelevant blog posts, you will actually get inspiration and/or new post ideas to write on your blogs. Trust me, this things works! I know because I will get so many unique blog post ideas when I stumble upon irrelevant blog posts to my site’s niche.

2. Write series posts: If you don’t get any idea to write about on your blogs, this tip is for you – create series posts. First of all, know what your audience wants, then research what kind of blog posts may go viral in your niche to create successful series posts.

Creating series posts on your blogs will not only improve your readership but it also give you more page views, email subscribers and credibility.

3. Write product reviews: Writing product reviews will not only give you a room to fill blog posts when you don’t get any ideas, but it also give you more affiliate sales and income. But remember one thing while writing product reviews on your blogs to get more people attention, write genuine product reviews. Instead of writing on those products which you don’t use at all, it’s always advisable to write the product reviews that you personally use.

4. Conduct interviews: This is my all-time favorite! If I don’t get any idea to write on my blog, I simply choose an influential blogger in my niche. I contact them about the interview on ‘specific topic’ (most preferably, I will find out the top blogger in my niche and I will enquire about what topics he is a master) to post on my blogs. You can contact the top bloggers in your niche to conduct interviews via twitter, emails. Contacting through the emails is one of the effective ways to get a positive response.

5. Do link roundups: Link roundup’s are the best ways to attract more bloggers attention. By linking to other bloggers, you will not only give your readers the best stuff, but you will also create great impact on other bloggers. Who knows they might find it interesting to linking to your blog posts in future too! It’s a win-win approach to get more people attention to create a better blog.

6. Talk about your blogging mistakes: We all are humans, and everyone makes mistakes. You can create great impact on your blog readers, if you not only write about the strength of yours, but also about your weak points and blogging mistakes that you have made in the past. This way you are making your readers NOT to commit that same mistakes again and again.

Bonus: Write a post on the plugins that you use

This is one of the easiest ways to write contents when you have no idea – write about the plugins that you use on your blogs. Most readers are interested to know what everyone else are using on their blogs.

Customize WordPress Login Page Like A PRO! – No Coding Skills

Do you want your blog to stand out from the pack?

Well every blogger wants!

While there are many things you can do to make your blog stand out of the crowd such as writing great content, promoting them on social networks and customizing WordPress themes to make it look unique and eye catchy.

But in this post I am going to focus only on customizing WordPress login page design which I think is the most neglected area in a WordPress blog.

And when it comes to customize the default login page in WordPress there are only two ways either you code it or install a WordPress plugin like BM Custom Login which is a free plugin. By using this plugin, you can easily create custom login screen by uploading your custom logo or selecting the predefined template to give a personal touch to your WordPress login panel.

But if you want to do more than just adding logo and selecting predefined templates.

I would recommend you an advanced plugin called Pathway which is a premium WordPress plugin from CodeCanyon. With this plugin not only you will be able to add custom logo and background images but you will also be able to add custom field text color, button color, shaker effects and much more.


Some Amazing Features of Pathway Plugin

  • Custom Background color & image
  • Custom Form border & round & bg color & image
  • Custom Field border & round & bg color & etc
  • Custom Field Text color ( hover / active / focus)
  • Button color options
  • Custom Logo
  • Custom Copyright text color & hover
  • Shaker Effect Options
  • Extensive Admin Options (Unbranded!)
  • WordPress 3.0.+ Ready
  • Extensive Documentation

Pathway – Custom WordPress Login Page Plugin In Action

Obviously, Pathway is not the only plugin to create custom login page designs in WordPress but when it comes to price and functionality Pathway is the best out there.

Do you know any other plugin better than Pathway to create custom WordPress login page?