7 Free Online Backlink Checker Tools You Should Know About

There was a time when backlinks used to be one of the most important factor in SEO campaign for getting high page rank and better search engine ranking.

But in the year 2012, Google demoted the priority of backlinks and started considering many other signals to rank pages in search results.

However, backlinks still plays a vital role in SEO campaign but unlike old days, now it’s more important to build high quality backlink from authority blogs instead of building lots of low quality backlink.

And to check the quality or quantity of backlinks you need backlink analyzer tool. Therefore in this post I am going to tell you about a few useful free website backlink checker tools which you can use to watch your inbound link.

List of Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tools for Websites and Blogs

By using these tool, you can derive the list of all the incoming links to your blog. You can use anyone of these tools but don’t expect to get the same result with each one.

#1. BackLink Watch

It is one of the most popular online backlink checker tool used by many bloggers and webmasters. You can use this tool to check the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your blog. It will show you anchor text, page rank and total number of outbound links on that page.

You will also be able to see whether the backlink is nofollow ordofollow.

The only thing which I don’t like about Backlink Watch is its pop-ups and the clutter of banner and text ads. Visit site

#2. Analyze Backlinks

Unlike Backlink Watch, Analyze Backlinks has a clutter free homepage and don’t even have pop-ups. Apart for that it gives you different options to filter your results like don’t repeat backlinks from same domain, show links only from homepage, find anchor text, total links, and outbound link on that page. Visit site

#3. Link Diagnosis

FREE Online Backlink Checker Tools You Should Know AboutLink Dignosis is another free tool that you can use to generate backlinks report either detailed or optimized. You can choose whether you want to check backlink for a single page or whole site.

Now here one thing you need to keep in mind that this tool works best with Mozilla FireFoxand that too with Link Diagnosis Extension installed. Visit site

#4. Rank Signals

Rank Signals is another excellent tool to check your backlinks. You can use this tool to check the total number of backlinks, link anchor text, pagerank of the page from where you are getting backlink.

Not only it provides you backlink report but also show you, your current Page Rank and Alexa Rank.

The thing I like the most about Rank Signals is its clean and clutter free lookVisit site

#5. AHrefs

Ahrefs Site Explorer emerged in 2011 as an alternative to Yahoo! Site Explorer, which was shut down on November 21, 2011. Even though it is a paid tool but reports from its free version are quite impressive.

When you sign up for a free account you will be able to generate complete backlink analysis report for upto 10 pages along with anchor text report.

Apart from this, you will also get information like how many backlink you have got from different TDL’s like .edu, .gov, .com etc. and how many of them are dofollow and nofollow. Visit site

#6. Dig Backlink

Not so famous but a useful tool that you can use to analyze your backlinks  for free.

All you need is to sign up with your Facebook account and you will be able to generate backlink report for your blog. Just like any other tool Dig Backlink gives you useful information like Pagerank and mozRank of the domain from where you are getting backlink and  whether it is an image or text link etc.

One thing which I like the most about this tool is its clutter free interface with no pop ups or any other distracting things. Visit site

#7. Small SEO Tool Backlink Checker

Another free website backlink checker tool which gives you backlink report with information like site PageRank, page PageRank, anchor text and whether the link is dofollow or nofollow.

You may not find this tool as cool as others but the information it gives is really amazing. Give it a try, and share your experience with us. Visit site

Over to you…

Do you have anymore recommendations? Let us know in the comment section below.

How To Check and Increase PHP Memory Limit In WordPress

If you are blogger and you use WordPress as blogging platform, there are chances that you will see an error which reads “Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted” either in your browser or server logs.

Usually, this happens when you install a new plugin, upgrade to the latest WordPress version or do other task.

Top and Best Premium WordPress Themes For Free

The reason why you get this error is the insufficient memory allocated to WordPress and to get rid of this error you need to increase PHP memory limit of your WordPress blog.

In this post, I am going to teach you how to check and increase the default memory limit when it gets exhausted.

How To Check PHP Memory Limit?

The most common way to check the memory Limit for PHP scripts is to create a PHP file on your server like view-php-info.php and put the following code in it.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

After creating this file on your server, simple open it in your browser e.g. www.yourdomainname.com/view-php-info.php . Here you will see a table list containing all configuration info about your current PHP environment (including memory limit).

PHP Memory Limit in WordPress

Another simple way to check the memory limit is to install a WordPress plugin called WP-Memory-Usage.

The plugin not only enables you to check the current memory limitbut will also show up the current memory usage and the PHP versionyou are using in the dashboard and admin footer.

How Much Memory Do I need?

By default, the max memory limit for WordPress core is 32 MB but if you are using too many plugins on your WordPress blog especially the plugins that deals with images such as NEXTGenGallery, you probably need 64MB or more memory.

WordPress Memory Usages Overview

If you are unsure of how much memory you need, make use of WP-Memory-Usage Plugin and look out for the memory usage bar. If you find it RED try to increase the max memory limit until it shows up inBLUE color.

How To Increase PHP Memory Limit For Your WordPress Blog

1. Increase Memory Limit via. php.ini

The most common way to increase memory limit is to edit the php.in file on your server. However, most small shared hosting servers won’t give you access to this file.

But if you have access to this file simply follow these steps:

  • Find the location of php.ini on your server by creating view-php-info.php file as mentioned above.
  • Search for “memory_limit” in php.ini and change its value to 64 M or 128 M. In case, there is no “memory_limit” found, add the following line at the end of php.in – memory_limit = 64M;
  • Save it and restart your Apache server with command line –httpd restart

2. Edit Your .htaccess File

A fresh WordPress Installation won’t have a .htaccess file so you need to create it yourself. In case you already have it for some reason just put the following line in it and save the file.

php_value memory_limit 64M

By adding this line in your .htaccess file the memory limit will now be 64 MB. In case, you want more just replace 64M with 128M and you’re done.

3. Change Memory Limit in wp-config.php

If you don’t have access to php.in and you don’t want to mess with your .htaccess file, then this method would be the best for you.

In this method, you don’t need to create a new file. Just adding the following line in your “wp-config.php” file would increase your PHP Memory Limit to 64 MB.

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

Over to you.

Do you know any other ways of increasing PHP memory limit in WordPress?

3 Ways to Add JavaScript to WordPress Posts or Pages

You might have modified your WordPress theme to add a JavaScript code but there are times when you may want to add JavaScript to a specific post or page. So, In this post I will explain you how to add JavaScript code to single WordPress post or page.

  • If you are running a self hosted WordPress blog than you can simple add the JavaScript code to your post through the built-in editor, just switch to HTML mode and paste the code.

Adding JavaScript in WordPress Posts and Pages

  • Alternatively, you can install a WordPress Plugin “Allow Javascript in Posts and Pages” which enables you to add JavaScript to blog posts and pages just by adding a simple short-code.
  • And if you don’t want to install an extra plugin to your WordPress Blog you can simply add a Custom Field (js) and paste the JavaScript code into the Value field. After that just add short-code in your post – [cf]js[/cf].

Adding JavaScript in WordPress using Custom Fields

Adding JavaScript in WordPress posts using Custom Fields

Keep Your Blog Stale Free Through These Six Tips

One of the many problems that bloggers nowadays face is keeping their posts from getting stale. Being boring in the cyber space means losing readers. Thus, most writers try to write about controversial topics they think would be of much interest to their audience.

Of course, knowing what’s needed to be done and actually doing it are two different things. After all, keeping your content fresh is easier said than done in this cut throat industry. Work on these six things in case you’re having trouble with keeping your blog “going”.

Think About Yourself For Once

Stop thinking about what your readers will like! The first thing you need to do in order to express yourself much better is know what you really want. Don’t sit in front of your keyboard and channel someone who isn’t “you”. You need to be your own writer. Own your power and talk about stuff that are of interest to you.

Furthermore, there’s a big difference between idolizing someone and actually imitating him/her. The latter will make you lose your “writing voice”. Thus, you need to make sure that the person who holds the pen at the end of the day is the one you see in the mirror next morning.

Know That Complexity Is Boring

Avoid using highfalutin words in the hopes of impressing your readers. As cliché as it might sound, writing is still about expressing yourself. You need to write as if you’re talking to your readers face to face. It’s all about making your topic conversational.

Scratch words that are too complicated for your average Joe. Instead, utilize terminologies that you use every day. Keep it as simple as you can and you should be fine.


Find Your Angles

How can you make sure that your blog offers something new to the platter that others haven’t presented yet? Well, the answer to that lies in finding angles! An angle is a writer’s take on the smaller details of a bigger picture. I learned this tip from my best essay copy writing job. Indeed, it’s not going to produce hits for your web site on the get-go but it will surely pique the attention of people who are looking for something different.

Don’t Just Show The Good Stuff

Behind your blog is a person who is also struggling with his/her daily life. This is someone your readers could relate to. Breaking down your walls and showing some vulnerability might do you some good. Why not consider dealing with your inner demons sometimes as you write? Yes, you’re a blogger but do not forget that you’re still a breathing, thinking, and at times, a problematic human being.

Remind Yourself That People Are Naturally Nosy

The readers of today loves digging everybody’s secrets. Use this to your advantage and write about your guilty pleasures. Admitting stuff that most people would not talk about will surely ruffle feathers.

Blog More, Brag Less

No one likes a bragger. True, you need to think about yourself when you write. But that doesn’t give you any right to act like a douchebag and sit on your “I’m superior” throne. Be sincere, keep your feet on the ground and you would be fine.

Keeping your blog from boring those readers to death may seem difficult at first. But you will eventually get the hang of it. Practice makes perfect. Prepare your cup of determination, add in some shots of creativity and include the above mentioned tips and you will surely keep that “stale feeling” away.

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Top 5 Free CDN Services for WordPress

What is a CDN ?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is locate your all multiple severs in different places in word. CDN are also caches all state content of your website like images and CSS-JavaScript files and also stores on his servers.

So when anyone visits your website then the closest servers are deliver you site static content to visitor. I give you below a image for easily understand you about data is delivered.

So, after see image that’s clear when your website data is delivered from a distance then it’s take more time load. But, if you are use CDN services then the nearest servers delivered data, So your website loaded very faster.

So i think you are ready for use CDN after i am understand you about CDN and you are searching for best CDN services then i am here for see you

Top 5 free CDN services for WordPress and It’s absolutely free to use.

1. CloudFlare

CloudFlare is the top 1 free CDN service for WordPress. CloudFlare are serve your content at very fast speed because it’s data centers are located in all world.
Your are setup your website in CloudFlare very easily. Firstly open CloudeFlare and create a account then add your website or blog URL, After this once CloudFlare check your website and it’s all free of cost.

It’s is very easy and this is make our website load very fast and it’s also save near 60% bandwidth and 65% fewer requests.

In below image you see the 30 data center of CloudFlare in around the world.

2. Photon by Jetpack

If you are a WordPress blogger then i am absolutely sure that you are using the Photon by Jetpeck plugin. This plugin give many options that are make your website users friendly and It’s also give you Photon  One of them is Photon CDN!

This top 2 free CDN service is not like to other CDN service but if you have a photography blog or if you are using many images in your blog then this free CDN service is very helpful for you, So, active this feature.

Photon content delivery network service are loads your blog images with WordPress.com servers and that’s servers are powerful.

If you want to activate Photon then just go to install Jetpack plugin on your WordPress and then activate the Photon free CDN service from your WordPress dashboard.

3. SwarmCDN

This CDN service is new to compare with other in list but SwarmCDN is offer you 250 GB of transfer absolutely free, So, after this offer this CDN service is come in top 3 free CDN services for WordPress.

This free CDN services data centers are available in 196 countries in all around world. So, if you are really think to using CDN then once you will try out SwarmCDN.


4. jsDelivr

This CDN service  for hosting your javaScript file. If you are WordPress blogger then your website have lot of JavaScript files. So, I am think jsDelivr is top 4 free CDN services and this is very helpful for your website. So, If you are think to use this service then just install the free plugin of jsDeliver free WordPress plugin on your blog.

5. Coral CDN

Coral CDN service is based on P2P mean peer-to-peer content delivery network and MIT project. This CDN service is absolutely free because this service relies on the P2P network.


This is the top free CDN services and if you use this service then install Coral CDN freeWordPress plugin.

If you have any question about this topic then place a comment in comment box and don’t forget to share Top 5 free CDN services for WordPress with your friends.

Tricks to drive more traffic to your website/blog

Searching for tricks to increase your blog/website traffic without SEO? Wanna drive more traffic to your website? Don’t worries, I am write this article for simple and best tricks to increase traffic to website.

How to increase website traffic through google

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After building a new website, every one trying to drive more and more visitors on their’s blog. You are also one of them, I also. If you read all given tricks clearly, I swear your website Organic Visitors will increase.

You have to know that “Content is King”, If you write more fresh and quality content then no one can stop you to drive high visitors in your site.

Tricks to increase blog traffic for free

Those given tricks to increase traffic to your website are very simple to follow and you can write a SEO friendly posts-

Added it to a search engine
fastest Increase websites visitors
fastest Increase websites visitors

This is the best method to get more traffic on your web, submit your website to all search engines like google, yahoo, MSN etc and drive more traffic to your site.

  • Added to google searh engine, link
  • Added to yahoo, link
  • Added to MSN, link
Advertising your website on another websites

easy ways to drive more traffic

Advertising your website is the easiest way to immediately improve your website traffic, because you have to pay only and you can get traffic to your website fast.

If you have money problem then you can search on to “free ads” on google. You can also advertise your website on your social profiles for free. You can also write guest post to others blogs, you will also get back link to your website.

Join discussion forums

increase website traffic

Search for discussion forms and join more and more, because on discussion forms you get many question and you can also add back links to your website. Joining discussion forms are very helpful to get instant website traffic.

Write fresh and unique articles

hack for increase website trafficI already say ” Content is King “, If you write unique, fresh and original posts then you can increase website traffic fast.  For writing fresh and unique articles check the How to write unique and SEO friendly post.

So, read those proven ways to drive traffic in your blog. If this article is helpful for you then like, share and follow BubbleIndia.

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How to improve page-rank With Google Seo

First know what is page-rank
Lerypej the webpages and websites for the 1995 program was developed to analyze the links, the site of his popularity was based on rank or marks, so the name Page-rank been placed. For a page page-rank shows his popularity status or class, it is between the range of 0 to 10 points. 0 means the least popular pages and the 10 most popular page or site means. If your blog / site’s Page-rank would like to know , click here . If your blog’s Page-rank is 0 are not disappointed. Why is it only 1 or 2 times in 1 year is updated.

Why should Page-rank increased.
As I have already pointed out the popularity of any site displays Page-rank, which will be obvious that the site more popular. According to Google Page-rank links from pages that are considered more valuable, so they are more expensive. The rates are more high costs ads. Popular or Popular site ads are cheaply. So their good earnings. 97 percent of Google’s revenue comes from the ads that appear on. So if you do Blogging, and quite hard, so if you have gotten some of the work is so bad. After all the hard work that everyone likes.

How Page-rank be increased.
There are many ways to increase Page-rank, rules and strategy, you Google search engine optimization Google SEO Tips & Tactics using your blog / site can create more popular. The rules and strategies stated by Google itself to just go follow them, your Page-rank automatically will only grow. For more about How Page-rank be increased click here.

Increase Blog Traffic with SEO Optimization Tips

Have a blog? Searching for SEO optimization tips? Wanna Increase your blog Traffic? In this post I write about Best SEO strategies to build organic traffic in your website from reliable source. So, read this post and Do SEO by yourself.

What Is SEO?

What is Google SEO, What are the tools of SEO?, What is SEO in Web design?, How can I learn about SEO?, What do you mean by SEO?, rank higher, Important SEO Tips, tips to boost organic traffic, Boost SEO Traffic,

SEO means optimizing a blog for get organic traffic form search engines. So, If you wanna Increase your blog traffic then just read below tips.

Search Engine Optimization Tip

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Search engines are the best place to find visitor and you also have to know that ” Content Is King”. You can easily increase your website SEO, If you write quality and original post with around 900 words. But, it take years to touch your website to higher rank.

If you wanna come up on the first page and Improve Your Website’s SEO, then this Beginner’s Guide to SEO is very helpful for you. Because, this Starter Guide of Search Engine Optimization is very easy to follow and you one can use this essential SEO tips & techniques for boosting organic your site traffic.


Right blog name = Google ranking boost

If you choose a good name of your blog then it’s also help you to increasing blog traffic. Read below steps for know what is that-

  • Choose a Good Name, That’s can easy to read and remind. Because, if i chose my blog name like ” eoefn423gsb ” then can you remember this?
  • If you chose name related to your website what about you wrote, then it’s very help you to improve website Search Engine Ranking.
  • Choose short and unique URL of your blog and this is also related to your blog name. URL is the first impression of your visitors.

Now you complete your first step of Search Engine Optimization tips.

Write unique content and be with keywords

I already say “Content is King”, If wanna increase you website rank with writing only then follow below steps that’s really help you to make SEO work in your blog.

  • Never do copy-paste from other website, It will decrease your website ranking.
  • Trying to write articles in your way of communicating to peoples in real life.
  • Write your article with keyword, Keywords are essentials need for optimizing.
  • If you use WordPress then use SEO by Yoast for write and SEO friendly post.

I think this tips is help to write an SEO friendly post and it’s also help your blog to Optimizing for search engines.

Choose right post tittle

When your are going to choose tittle for your blog post then you have to remind below tips for put SEO in website tittle.

  • Choose tittle only in English, because readers  are not able to search in any language.
  • Use your post keyword in your post tittle and URL for improve SEO ranking to higher.
  • Choose little post URL with all valuable words and don’t use stop word in post URL.

This three tips can help you to optimize your posts  & URL. Post tittle is take very important factor to rank higher on Google. Post URL is first impression for your blog viewer. So, use little, with keyword and valuable meaning.

Meta tag – a description of your blog

Meat tag is the brief description of your website and meta tag are help to optimizing your website SEO score. Follow below tips when you are going to choose your website meta tag.

  • Be careful when you are going to choose Meta tag, use related to your website.
  • Don’t use wrong or waste keyword because it will demonstrated your website.
  • For use more than one meta tag use, separate comm between those meta tag.

Blogger user can edit there met tags by search setting for meta tag. Meta tags can take up to 24 hours to take effects. So, use meta tags for make your blog as great SEO blog.

“Your sharing is our caring.”

If you have any problem to optimize your posts for increasing organic visits, then place a comment below and if you have any other way to do a SEO for blog then also place comment below.