How to write a good article for blog? Content writing tips for beginners

Good articles: Searching for how to make a valuable article? Wanna know content writing tips for beginners? Don’t worries, In this Post you get best website content writing guidelines for make creative content in your website. If you are going to writing content for websites then you have to read below tips for seo content writing for your website. Creating great content is not a rocket science. Of course, anyone can create great contents on their blogs. But the question is what does it mean by great content?

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What is Good Articles or Valuable Content?

Great content is the MEAT that can solve your readers problems. So, it’s mean you have to write for your reader not for SEO. Below content strategy help you to make great websites.

Why you should consider to write good content?

If you want to succeed in blogging, you must be creating engaging content on your blogs to build thriving audience around your network. Without having great content on your blogs, it’s hard to make your blog a success

how to create a content strategy?

It is very simple to write a good blog post, After read this tips to to write a great blog post you can easily post a good articles in your website. When you are going to creative content on your blog then this writing website content ideas help you to make quality content for be a good blogger.

So, This below tips to create great content are really gonna help you to write a curated blog post. Follow below steps to to write a good article-

Research and capture unique points

You need to research a lot if you want to write high quality blog posts that will blow up your readers’ minds. Most bloggers, especially the new bloggers don’t research at all to create blog posts for their readers, they always end up writing crappy posts which don’t contain the MEAT.

How can you make your blog successful if no one is sharing, commenting or linking to your blog posts?

If you want to make your blog posts go viral, RESEARCH a lot about the topics that you want to write. No doubt, research takes a lot of time, efforts and energy – but you can reap the best rewards once you are done with the writing part.

Try to add ‘unique point of view’ on your blog posts to give your readers a FRESH feel. Don’t post what others saying, no one will be interested in reading your blog posts if they are generic, agree?

“Find out your targeted readers” Best SEO content writing Tip

If there is only one thing that makes anyone to read your content, it would be knowing your targeted audience wishes and interests.

What happens if you know your targeted readers?

You will know what to create and how to create the specific contents for your blog readers which can give great results for your readers in the long run.

How to find out the targeted audience then?

First off, know your passion. Analyze what kind of topics insist curiosity in you. Then create blog posts according to it.

Soon, you will find the better community growing around your blogs. Yea, it does take some time, but you need to be patient to get the best results from your content.

“Educate them” it’s makes  you a good writer

After finding out your readers, it’s time for you to educate them about the specific topics. Don’t write whatever that comes into your mind, instead FOCUS. Focus on educating your readers the best way.

Ask them frequently what they want to know from your blogs. Use free tools like Survey Monkey to know your readers feedback. Or use your mailing list to grab their attention with your question to develop your blogs.

“Use simple language” for writing a successful blog

You don’t need to use hi-fi words on your blog posts. No one will care if you write articles with complex words.

You shouldn’t impress your readers, instead express your opinions and ideas in a simple language. Even a child should understand your language. Use simple words to create blog posts, so that your readers don’t have to use a dictionary!

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“Write keyword rich contents” and create content heavy website

One of the best ways to create long lasting blog posts is by focusing on writing keyword rich articles. No, I don’t suggest you to keyword stuff your blog posts, instead use the relevant words on your desired keywords.

This way you can bring more quality traffic to your blog posts from the search engines. Also build quality back links to your sites to get more visibility and high rankings for your potential keywords on Google search results.

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Final Touch to ” writing website content/ what is content creation? or how to curate content?”

“Your Sharing is Our Caring.”

Do you have any more tips to create great content? Then place your tips for write SEO content in below comment box or If you have any problem then also place a comment with your problem to makes a good article.

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