10 best Apps For iPhone Graphic Designers

Are you a graphics designer? Do you really think to produce great graphics? Are you using the right tools or app to do so? If you are a graphics designer then you must ask yourself these questions. You must do a judge to the graphics you produce. There are many application that had been tailored to help the graphic designers to create a quality graphics.

The use of graphics had become a trend in every entertainment industry. It is the great job of graphic designer to produce quality graphics to entertain the people. The imagination of a designer must be unique and must give support to people. The graphics of image or video can be easily intensify by using some of the applications. Here is the list of some applications that must be used by a graphic designer to implant quality graphics.


This application provides a good graphic to the poster and makes it look good and stunning. The quality of images or photos designed using this application is really great and people often go spell-bound by the posters produced by Phoster app. It is available for free online.


You just need to take the image of the font which you wish to point out. The WhatTheFont app will check the type of font used in the image and will tell you the font kind. If the match is not found in applications MyFonts then it will find the most suitable matches with the font. This application is also available for free.


It is a cool application which is full of pre-designed colors palettes and also provides you implement to make your own color palettes. ColorSchemer app also gives you Hex and RGB color codes, after you are design the palette. People working with division lightning can use RGB color to increase the lightning quality.

Design tools

It is simple and clean application for graphic designers. Design tools app just have everything as you want to make you comfortable, while you are designing your great stuff.


This is another useful application, which is pretty similar to ColorSchemar. But, it lacks glossily interface. It is more powerful to be used in iPad. You can access everything as you want on-screen while using this application.


This application is great to optimize the color contrast in RGB mode and increase the graphic quality. ColorZilla also provides you with the RGB value of the color so that you can use the value to remember the color code. This application is also available for free online.


Flow application has a MAC like interface. You can make use of this application to connect to your team, manage and organize task, assign tasks, discuss ideas and you can even get e-mail integration with this application. However, this app will cost you $9.99 per month.


The Dropbox is another useful application to store your data on cloud server. There is no tension of data loss as in system. A 2GB space is absolutely free get you for sign in for Dropbox app, but the pro plan for 100GB space starts at $9.99 per month. This is one of the best options to back up your data.

Adobe Creative Cloud

This application is the combination of 15 Adobe tools that include After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and many more. This application will cost $49.99 for common man while for students and teachers the price reduces to $19.99. You can make use of this application without using internet connection.


Evernote app is just like a scrapbook where you can store your important links, videos, pages, URLs, images, music and lots more. this app provides you with 60MB free storage per month. You can upgrade this app storage facility by paying $13 per month.

Do share your personal experience with any of the above listed applicayions. And, if you think I have missed some other great iPhone applications for graphic designers just let me know.

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