Delete all Tweets at once permanently

If you’re seeking to leave Twitter forever without a trace or you just want a fresh start on Twitter. I found a best tool for this purpose that allows you to wipe or delete all tweets at once permanently.


So, here you get best tip to Delete all Tweets at once permanently, read clearly this article and after going to delete tweets. But before you start ask yourself why you’re doing it and remember that all tweets are deleted permanently, without a chance of recovery.

Follow These Steps To Wipe and Delete All Tweets At Once

Step 1: Open your favorite browser and visit

Step 2: Click the “Sign in with Twitter” button and authorize the app.

Step 3: Once authorized you will be prompted back to the front page of TwitWipe to click a button reading “TwitWipe this account”, and you’ll be given one last opportunity to back out before accepting the terms of service.

Step 4: If you are sure then click the button to start the process.

Think at least twice before going through this process because this tool would wipe and delete all tweets permanently and once tweets are deleted, you can’t get your tweets back.

The process might take a little while depending on the number of tweets on your account. So, if you have tons of tweets start before you go to bed and hopefully it will be completed by the time you wake-up.

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