Tricks to drive more traffic to your website/blog

Searching for tricks to increase your blog/website traffic without SEO? Wanna drive more traffic to your website? Don’t worries, I am write this article for simple and best tricks to increase traffic to website.

How to increase website traffic through google

After building a new website, every one trying to drive more and more visitors on their’s blog. You are also one of them, I also. If you read all given tricks clearly, I swear your website Organic Visitors will increase.

You have to know that “Content is King”, If you write more fresh and quality content then no one can stop you to drive high visitors in your site.

Tricks to increase blog traffic for free

Those given tricks to increase traffic to your website are very simple to follow and you can write a SEO friendly posts-

Added it to a search engine
fastest Increase websites visitors

This is the best method to get more traffic on your web, submit your website to all search engines like google, yahoo, MSN etc and drive more traffic to your site.

  • Added to google searh engine, link
  • Added to yahoo, link
  • Added to MSN, link
Advertising your website on another websites

Advertising your website is the easiest way to immediately improve your website traffic, because you have to pay only and you can get traffic to your website fast.

If you have money problem then you can search on to “free ads” on google. You can also advertise your website on your social profiles for free. You can also write guest post to others blogs, you will also get back link to your website.

Join discussion forums

Search for discussion forms and join more and more, because on discussion forms you get many question and you can also add back links to your website. Joining discussion forms are very helpful to get instant website traffic.

Write fresh and unique articles

I already say ” Content is King “, If you write unique, fresh and original posts then you can increase website traffic fast.  For writing fresh and unique articles check the How to write unique and SEO friendly post.

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