How To Use Blogging Techniques Effectively

No matter how dynamic things get on the internet with constantly revised algorithms, upsurge in the social media, and marketing strategies being ever modified, blogging is but one dominant and guaranteed way to drive traffic to your website and landing pages. When done on WordPress, Blogspot, Weebly or any such platform, blogging proves to be among the simplest ways, along with giving you complete control, to augment your content marketing success. You can use your blog as the most effective and valuable marketing tools if you follow the below given techniques diligently.

Think Through The Ideal Topic To Write On

  • All famous blogs have a finger on the pulse of the readers as far as trends, latest news, and popular taste is concerned. Keep abreast of all of these by visiting the blogs and websites of your industry competitors.
  • Successful blogs are more informative and less promotional. Readers care for call-to-action and are more likely to like and share a blog that they think others will enjoy reading.
  • More than informing, effective blogs entertain. So ditch the formal language and essay-like copies and give them an entertaining read.
  • Successful blogs endure for a long, long time to come.

Selecting a topic to write about that will work is a difficult job; but you can work your way through this process using other strategies. The headline of a blog post is the most important part since that will get people’s attention first. Much like headlines of a publication if readers don’t find the title interesting they won’t bother reading the post. And since it will be the title that will be visible all over the internet, choose your words carefully and make sure the title is not long or random. And then, Google Search Algorithm will take out and analyze the blog title so make sure to put in one of your keywords or phrases in the title.

Maintain Restraint On Your Keywords

Many times, bloggers base their subject and content on a keyword. But it may prove detrimental to the blog if your writing is desperately promotional, something an effective blogging technique would oppose. Having said that, you can still safely include your brand name and contact info in the blog if you make it a point to keep it minimal.

When it comes to keywords, there are other phrases used in SEO and marketing that can be used to make your blog show up favorably in the search results. If you’re still unsure about the use of keywords, engage professional marketing help to prevent Google from discrediting your site for the overusing SEO.

It would go a long way for you if you get very good at identifying keywords for your blog. This will ensure increased traffic to your blog of the target audience that is actually interested in buying your product. Of course, it is a bit difficult to strike a balance between engaging and well-optimized content but if you have a skillful writer then he will know the trick like the back of his hand. And if you are the writer of the blog yourself then get acquainted with keywords, ways to do the research, and use them effectively in your blog.

Incorporating Videos Into The Blog

If you optimize them meticulously, videos prove to be not just an effective way to reach your readers but they also rank quite high in search engines. So it will work in your favor if embed videos into your blog and site not just for SEO but to communicate more effectively with your site visitors and to break up your content strategy. But, if you intend to use videos to connect with your readers globally then remember that third party video sites like YouTube and Hulu are restricted in some countries so your video will be blank. You can relay the videos to those subscribers if you can use an open source player.

More Quality, Less Quantity

Of all the blogging techniques you will ever read about, giving importance to how good your content is instead of how many you publish is something you will find most valuable. An overenthusiastic bloggers will churn out content like there is no tomorrow in order to get more awareness and social shares to their blog, and to reinforce their marketing campaign. But, it’s a myth that this strategy works. Instead, you must think through the blog and write something that would interest you as a reader and you would be proud to share. An effective strategy is to work out a publishing schedule and publish a post once in a few days so that your quality does not suffer. Also, always check the facts, edit and eliminate grammatical and spelling mistakes as readers detest such a thing because it makes your blog seem careless.

Sharing On Social Media

When you have published your blog post, hunt for readers by sharing the post on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc since these platforms have easy widgets for sharing posts. Make this a regular habit and after sharing, recheck your posts and determine which ones were more successful and which were not.

Blog Some More

All popular blogs can easily get a discussion going between your social media followers. Whenever you see a conversation happening in the comments you can consider writing a more elaborate post on the topic and even take your readers’ suggestions about what they’d want to read about.

Share Your Blog Again In Future

Maintain a list of all the topics you have written about on your blog. You can share them again at a later point and use it to your advantage when an industry changes and people search for related blogs. Determining the most effective blogging technique for your own marketing campaign will be very useful.

Build Your Own Network In The Blogosphere

Having your own network of bloggers is as important as publishing a great blog because being involved in the blogosphere has tremendous professional benefits. Other than these benefits, you will gain business associates as well as friends through blogging. You can build your network and increase your following by posting on Facebook and Twitter and writing guest posts for other bloggers.


If you cannot decide where you can start when it comes to blogging, then invite other bloggers to write guest posts on your blog. One thing may lead to another and you will reap many benefits such as starting a great networking relationship, give a fresh perspective to your readers, and get new ideas that you didn’t think of. You may also be able to find out the best clientele for you and also the right set of keywords to target them. You must be more proactive and make friends with the key players in the blogging world.

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