10 Best Apps For Android Tablet PC To Get Started [FREE]

Got yourself an Android tablet PC? Now all you need is to install some apps to make your table experience better. But picking the first app to install on your tablet is very difficult. Especially with the growing popularity of Android operating system and Google Play.

To make this work easy for you I’ve created a list of top ten free apps for Android tablet below. You can also visit Google Play to see the featured apps for android tablet.

Top 10 Free Apps for Android Tablet to Get Started



Most probably when you start exploring your Android tablet you’ll notice that there’s no app for sharing files. Enter Dropbox an online file storage service that let’s you integrate your device with your computer. Meaning any file you save using this app will automatically be saved on your computer, smartphone, table and even on the Dropbox website.

You can always access your stuffs any time you want. It doesn’t matter where you are. If in-case you accidentally losses your tablet your stuffs are always safe on their website. Though there are many file sharing apps for Android tablet PC I recommend Dropbox.

Price: Free

File Manager HD


There many apps for Android tablet to manage file and folders. But in my opinion it is one of the most impressive and popular apps for Android tablet. This app not only lets you cut, copy and paste files but also enable you to compress and decompress them. The app supports high definition with fresh UI design  and 19 different languages. Besides this it also supports thumbnail for photos and apk files. The File Manager HD is an ad-supported application. However, you can get rid of it by making a donation in the settings page to enable the ad-free version.

Price: Free

Google Currents


If you want to read news while you take your breakfast try Google Currents for Android. It is one of the best apps for Android tablet PC that you should install. It delivers beautiful magazine like edition on your tablet with high-speed offline reading and quick touch sharing.

The app fetches stories only from sources you opt-in. It self-adapts to differently sized phones and tablets. Most importantly your subscriptions are synchronized across all your devices.

Price: Free

Advanced Task Killer


Having a slow tablet is as irritating as slow computer or even smartphone. Your tablet gets slow when there are too many unwanted application running in the background. To overcome this situation you’ll need a task killer app. With my personal experience you should install Advanced Task Killer.

You can either manually go through the app and check-off the items to kill or set up auto killing. If choose auto killing then you’ll have to choose one of the setting.

  • Safe: Kills apps that are consume memory but not running.
  • Aggressive: Kills apps running background and apps aren’t running.
  • Crazy: Kills all apps except the last one actively used.

Price: Free

Amazon’s Kindle


Amazon’s Kindle is one of the best apps for Android tablet for e-reading. It has an extensive collection premium books along with thousands of free Kindle books. For example Pride & Prejudiceand The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The app lets you read the same book across devices and automatically sync where you left it. This way you can start reading from where you left it on another device.

Price: Free



Updating status on social networking website like Facebook and Twitter is time-consuming. What if you can manage all your social networking accounts in the same view, with the ability to post updates in one hit? HootSuite has all that.

It handles Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and even LinkedIn accounts all together from one place. You can use this app for both personal and business networks. Best part? It supports multiple Facebook and Twitter account. And it’s also available through its website with the same layout and user experience as it is on tablets and smartphone. All these features makes it my first choice for managing my social accounts.

Price: Free

Apex Launcher


If want to customize the home-screen experience on your Android tablet install Apex Launcher. It lets you customize icons, labels for shortcuts and folders. It allows you to hide the dock or the notification bar and a lot more. In short if there is anything you want to customize in your launcher. Most probably Apex has that feature. With this app you can even lock down your desktop to prevent accidental changes.

Price: Free



There are many paid and free apps for Android tablet PC in the world of synchronized note services. But this app is the most well-known note keeping app. It turns your Android tablet into an extension of your brain.

It helps you stay organized with text, image and audio notes. It allows you to sync all of your notes across computers, smartphone and tablets. So it hardly matters whether you are at home, work or driving your car.

Price: Free

Google Chrome


If you like to surf internet a lot then Google Chrome is a must. Why? Because it’s the fastest browser available in the market. Secondly, you can sign in to sync your personalized Chrome experience across the computers, smartphone and tablets.

There is no restriction on the number of tabs you open. It lets you quickly switch between an unlimited number of tabs.  Just swipe your finger from edge to edge on your tablet to switch between the tabs. Though there are many browser apps for Android tablet but I prefer using Google Chrome.

Price: Free

Adobe Reader


What would you do if you got a PDF document attached in an email and you can’t open it? For this you can install the Adobe Reader app for Android tablet. It lets you view and share PDF documents across platforms and devices. The app enables you to view PDF Portfolios, password-protected PDFs, annotations and even drawing markups.

Price: Free

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