How Social Media Helps You Listen to Customers

It seems to be getting harder and harder to squeeze a single word into most conversations these days. This increasingly extroverted world keeps getting noisier, but God gave use two ears and one mouth for a reason. Quite simply put, we were meant to do more listening and a lot less talking. And your business needs to do the same.

Your customers need the opportunity to speak their mind without fear of interruption and social media provides them with the perfect venue. And when your customers speak, you need to listen.

Still not convinced? Well, here are a few very important ways that tuning in to social media can benefit your business and ensure that the money keeps rolling in.

1. Become an expert fire-fighter

Even if your business provides five-star service, the odd customer will still slip through the cracks and leave unimpressed. And that customer is more likely to share their negative experience with others than the gazillions of happy ones who came before them. Listening to social media will enable you to hear about what your customers – glad or mad – are saying about your company. This will provide you with the chance to rectify the problem quickly, address their concerns, and attempt to win back their custom. You will get to put out fires before they rage out of control.

2.  Develop your Mr. Nice Guy or Gal image

3.  Embark on a treasure hunt
When you bend over backwards to satisfy an irate customer, you come out looking like a star. And, when this transaction is done on a public social media forum, you will be able to dazzle a broad audience with your finely tuned customer service skills. This is the best free advertising you could possibly get and a great way to garner an excellent business reputation. Yes, you heard correctly – you can do all this for free!

Once you have mastered the ability to create compelling questions that encourage frank responses, you will have access to a treasure trove of information. Thanks to social media platforms, you will be able to actively pursue and collect customer responses that will better equip you to choose products wisely, ramp up your customer service skills, develop effective marketing campaigns, and solidify your reputation as a businessperson who cares.

4.  Show off your big brain

Asking questions cannot be a one-way street. By allowing your clientele to pose questions to you online, and offering expedient and thoughtful responses in return, you are accomplishing some very important feats. These exchanges will enable you to show your customers that you care about both them and their business. Plus, these conversations will provide you with the chance to show off your knowledge and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

5.  Put James Bond to shame

Social media platforms also enable you to spy on your competition. Finally, you will be privy to a plethora of corporate secrets including who is unhappy with them and why, and which of their products are succeeding or creating headaches. With this information in mind, you will be able to design marketing campaigns aimed specifically at winning over their clientele.

6.   Become a trend-spotter

Listening to customer feedback on social media enables you to identify trends relating directly to your business and your industry. If customers appear to be making similar complaints, you will be better able to take corrective measures. When you examine feedback as a whole, you are better equipped to identify staffing problems, product issues, and policies that need to change.

Like a master spy, tapping into social media conversations enables you to gleam important information firsthand. It may not save the world  as we know it, but it could certainly save your business.

As an irate customer, what social media venues would you likely use to vent? How would you use them?  

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