How to create a blog on blogger?

Today we will teach you to create a blog on Blogger and write the first post.

1. first Make an email account and then open Blogger dashboard to the left of “New Blog” click.

2. “New Blog” after clicking on “Title” fill in the name of his blog, “address” in the name of his new blog, then put down several templates are provided in the template and then select one Tanmplet ” Finish “click.

Your new and became the first blog;)

3. Now you have to write a post “Start Posting” to click.
4. The name of your blog in side “Title” will be written in it, you must enter the name of your posts, such as “my first article” and the bottom of the empty box in your article you write whatever he’s writing the “Post” press the button and then you will get a link to your new article opened and can see how the article of your blog is visible.

Our effort is to make the most of the help of people, if they so liked the article on the social sites and email, and your friend can share family.

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