How to identify Virus

Most people may not realize that when they arrived Computer a Virus or Spyware. Virus Spyware is a kind of, living quietly in your Computer monitors your secret data and the necessary information is sent to the manufacturer hackers. Virus on Your Computer Virus infection and lasts months or spyware etc. are working with impunity. Detection occurs when a larger Hard Disk crashes or data loss is a loss. Virus or spyware infection is not very difficult to recognize. Computer Virus infection before taking seriously their signs.

Computer slow
Computer is very slow and any Software is taking longer to open, it means that a large part of Computer Virus or Spyware memory and the CPU is busy processing. The computer starts and Internet Explorer to open the Web page is late.

Change browser settings
Turn off your browser’s homepage, it is very likely that your Computer has a spyware attack. Homepage of the website or web page, which adds to the current Internet browser opens automatically. Usually we go to the Tools menu to set your homepage, which is usually your favorite websites, search engines or used much like e-mail, etc. are Services. PC spyware entered a particular website you change it is to carry.

Computer Hang
Computer repeatedly jammed or suddenly began to Hang, so it may be due to infection. Especially when you have a new Computer Software or hardware is not installed.

A message box appears on the screen, which may continue to be stated at the Computer Virus or Spyware has been attacked, as well as a free spyware scanning, you may be advised to go to the website.

Strange icon
Icon on your desktop or system tray may have come Unusual, while you have not installed any Software. Click to quickly open porn sites start.

Inadvertently folders and files
Your Computer’s any drive or folder will appear on the desktop, you’ve made a few. Some in their files are created, neither you nor they turned to the installation of any Software. Also deleted after they are coming back shortly.

– Your e-mail client e-mail messages that appear in the Sent folder are never sent you.

– Internet browser toolbar – new may have come in. If you try to delete them, but they either ignored or not come back again later.

– Computer Hard Disk is cool but there are voices in the still roam.

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