How To Play YouTube Videos In Slow Motion

There are many people who want to have YouTube slow motion playback option but they don’t know how to get it? So, here I am to let you now how you can watch your favorite YouTube video in slow motion and even in high-speed.

If you want to play YouTube video’s in slow motion then you are in right because here you get the most important tips, if you are learning something from YouTube then you need to play YouTube videos in slow motion and any other works there you need to play your favorite YouTube video in slow motion. So, read below how to use this trick-

YouTube slow motion video playbackOpt-In to YouTube HTML5 Video Player

The current version of YouTube video player does not have any option to play videos in slow motion or in high-speed, but if you enable the new HTML5 YouTube video player you will get the YouTube slow motion playback option.


All you need to have is the HTML5 compatible browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox 4+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 etc.

Get The VLC Media Player

Alternatively, you can directly play YouTube videos in VLC media player which has the option to play videos in slow motion or high-speed. Just hit File, choose “Open Network Stream,” and paste in the main YouTube URL for a video (like

Do let me know if you find a different method to  play YouTube videos in slow motion. If you have any other idea to play YouTube video in slow motion then please place a comment on below comment box. and if you have any problem to play YouTube videos in slow motion then also place a comment in below comment box.

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