How to Transfer Domain to Hostgator for Free

If you are new to blogging then perhaps you might not be aware that you can transfer domain to Hostgator for free. It doesn’t matter who your registrar is. It could be godaddy, namecheap, enom or any one else. You can transfer domain to Hostgator for free but there are certain things you should keep in mind.

But before that I would like to tell you that it’s not necessary to transfer domain to Hostgator to Host your blog at Hostgator. You can leave your domain registered elsewhere, but you’ll need to update nameservers to point it to Hostgator. However, if you want better support from Hostgator then I would recommend you to transfer domain to Hostgator.

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Now coming to the guidelines you must follow before you apply for free Hostgator domain transfer.

  • Make sure you have an Hosting account with Hostgator. If you don’t buy it using Hostgator discount coupon “BUBBLEINDIA25″ and get 25% off.
  • Make sure it’s a primary domain name (.com, .net, .org). That is domain name you used to register hosting account at Hostgator.
  • Make sure your domain is at least 60 days old. Otherwise it will be rejected.
  • Make sure the WhoIs information is up-to-date and you have access to the email address mentioned.
  • Make sure your domain is in Unlock state.
  • Make sure you have the EPP Authorization key. If you don’t retrieve it from your current registrar.

Transfer Domain to Hostgator

If you fulfill the above said guidelines you may now initiate the request for free Hostgator domain transfer. Just visit this page and fill-up the form.

Transfer domain to HostgatorThere you will be asked to enter your email address, primary domain name,  EPP Authorization key and the domain name you wish to transfer. Here some people get confused what to write in the primary domain name field. So I would like to make it clear that you are asked to enter the domain name you used to register the web-hosting account at Hostgator.

Once you submit the form the whole transfer process would take up to 7 days. However, if your current registrar is enom then you can expect the process to complete in just few hours.

Do let us know why you choose to transfer domain to Hostgator and long it took to complete the process.

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