Import Facebook Comments to WordPress or Disqus

A lot of bloggers uses Facebook comment box on their blog to avoid spam but when they want to switch back to WordPress comments or just want to migrate to Disqus comment system, they feel that all comments posted on their blog might get lost.

But this is not the case if you have a WordPress blog – Why?

Because if you have a WordPress blog you can easily import all Facebook comments to your WordPress blog using plugins like ‘Facebook Comments to WordPress‘ and ‘SEO Facebook Comment‘ plugin. The plugin combines both type of plugins and makes them part of your WordPress blog.

Actually, these plugins were created for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits so that search engine can easily crawl comments posted on your blog.

Using these plugins is very simple, all you need is Facebook admin ID, app ID and Facebook Secret key.

Once you have configured the plugin, it will start searching for Facebook comments already posted on your blog to add them to WordPress Database. However, this might take some time to re-crawl all blog post.

Finally, you have all Facebook comment on your WordPress blog and if you are looking to migrate to Disqus you can now easily export comments from WordPress Database to Disqus comment system using Disqus plugin.

If you know another way to import Facebook comment to WordPress or disqus then please share your knowledge with us by place a comment in below comment box and if you have any problem to this article then also place a comment.

NOTE: When you export WordPress comments to Disqus, they will not eventually appear you will have to keep patience. Because sometimes it can take up to 2-3 days depending on how many comments you have.

Update: Noticed that the plugin will retrieve Facebook comments to WordPress database only when a visitor opens a post.

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