3 Best Apps To Increase Android WiFi Connection Speed

Sometimes you might creep in with some astonishing problems on your Android smartphone. One of them is having a bad Android WiFi connection speed. Since certain functions on your Android mobile phone needs WiFi connection. Having a bad WiFi connection can really spoil your mind.

If you are facing a bad connection speed. Just try out the following Android apps to increase your Android WiFi connection speed.

WiFi Analyzer

analyzer your WiFi speed by this awesome app for android phone. Download

Memory Booster

If you want to double your WiFi speed on android phone then first install this app and then install any app that’s given below. I am 100% sure this is best app forever for speed up your WiFi network. Download

Internet Connection Booster

This is an awesome app that can speed up Android connection up to 20%. With this application installed on your device you can speed up instantly WiFi/GPRS/UMTS internet connections. Besides that it can also boost Bluetooth connections up to +20%. This is help you to optimize your wifi speed. Download

The app works in two ways to speed up your connections:

  • By simply optimizing system configuration parameters of your Android device.
  • By dropping  your current connection when it finds a better connection. It could be a closer WiFi access point or a stronger cell tower which gives a better network signal.
wifi internet connection booster app

Network Signal Booster

This application boosts your Android WiFi network connection by 30-40% just by pressing one button. It is probably the most advanced network signal booster on market. It  runs well-known commands and tweaks to improve 3G, 4G, and WiFi signal. Download

One thing you should be keep in mind here that this app is device dependent. Therefore, results on different devices may vary.

network signal booster app

WiFi Booster Easy Connect

As the name suggest this app not only boosts WiFi connection but also finds the best available WiFi access points. The app enables you to search for best available open WiFi networks with just one press. Download

android wifi booster easy connect

So, which WiFi booster app you like must place a comment in below comment box. And if you know any other app for WiFi booster, increase WiFi connection, improve WiFi speed, make faster WiFi, double WiFi speed, increase WiFi speed on android, android WiFi speed bosster, best WiFi speed booster for android, best WiFi booster app…etc then please share your knowledge with as by place a comment.


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