How To Increase RAM of Android Phone? Best Ways Of February 2018

How to expend Android phone RAM?

Increase RAM Of Android | February 2018: Do you have low RAM android smartphone? Searching trick for increase RAM of Android? After read this article , you can easily Increase your android phone RAM with only one application, with this application you can expend RAM. I am search on web and i found many way to increase ram memory on android but i got a best and simple way for increase ram on android. You Have to only follow below steps and i 100% sure you can easily increase ram of your android phone. You can choose any size of RAM you want in your smartphone. I also use this process of my phone that’s only have 512MB ram and I increase RAM to 3GB easily with following below given steps to increase android phone RAM.

Steps To Increase RAM of Android Device

At this time lots of peoples use android phone, you are also one of them and they are facing problems like slow android phone or Low RAM on android. So, Here you get How to Increase Android RAM or How to Increase RAM of android Phone.

In below you get A Android Ram increaser app that’s name is ROEHSOFT RAM EXPENDER. You have to download ROEHSOFT RAM expender app and follow below given steps for increase RAM of android phone easily.

ROEHSOFT RAM expender app is specially made for low end RAM android phone for increase RAM easily with using swap file store in your memory card. But go carefully this will harm your android phone.

ROEHSOFT RAM Expander – Increase RAM in Android


The ROEHSOFT RAM Expander is an amazing application which allows the Android Phone users to make partitions of android phone memory storage or SD card. ROEHSOFT RAM expender Use your memory card storage and create a swap file for increase android ram.

Like the hard disk of our desktop computer. So, This RAM expander use your device SD card as RAM by create a swap file with size as you want to increase RAM of android.

So, that’s means the more space on your phone SD card or Memory card is more Ram in Android. You can directly download ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER (SWAP) (Free)*  From Below link.


Steps to Increase Android RAM with ROEHSOFT RAM Expender

After ROEHSOFT RAM expender app you have to setup using below instruction for increase android RAM. I Have 512 MB RAM and after using this steps to increase android phone RAM, I able to play asphalt 8 on my Low RAM Android.

Follow steps for increase ram in android with ROEHSOFT RAM expender-

  • Download the ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER app from upper given link.
  • Install ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER on Internal memory in Android Device.
  • Open this app And select Ram size to 212 Mb and select 100 swap.
  • Wait for 5 minute sit back and relax and wait for swapping complete.
  • Congrats you are Increase RAM of your android phone by swapping.

So, Can you increase Android RAM? After using this method to increase ram of android, I able to play many android games that’s need High RAM for play. You can also play any high end game on android after increase ram.

Final Touches to Tips To Increase RAM on Android

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If you have any other idea to increase RAM of android phone. Then please share your idea with us by place a comment on below comment box with your ANDROID RAM INCREASING TIPS.

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(Your Device Must Rooted)

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