Increase the speed of the computer

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No matter how nice you are buying computer or put the latest operating system, but the system’s speed is still slow and do not understand why? Listen to the way a new home can be cleaned and kept clean forever, it has to be cleaned daily. Like that, the computer must also be kept clean. There are two types of computer cleaning software and hardware, but how will it, come to know –

Hardware Tips

1. You know that the biggest enemy of computer dust, dust is deposited on your chip and IC, which no longer find it cold and also decreases the speed of your computer.
2. Processor Fan need special attention on cleaning the dust it is jammed or slow speed makes it even. If the situation is much worse then immediately change new processor fan.
3. Keyboard Keyboard from dust on the button too quickly gets worse, or if the buttons are jammed.
4. Dust can also reached Disservice your DVD Rom, his Lens Lens from dust may worsen or DVD Rom jam.
5. For this, you clean it once a month from the blower.
Software Tips

1. If the computer hangs frequently use disk Fragmentation. Differentiation will organize all the files on your computer.

2. If you have non-essential applications are installed, uninstall them all if you do not please the ever-use.
3. The system before installing the new system, make sure that your operating system new operating system meets the hardware requirements or if System requirements. Your hardware does not support the new Windows or Mac to your new Computer speed can be very slow.
4. If your motherboard / hardware for the driver are not installed, be sure to install them. Without it, the system does not work at full speed.
5. The main reason for reducing the speed of your computer virus may remember when the last time you had a scan of your system, anti-virus, not just it. Many are bringing the virus hidden in your computer hard disk, which does not even know you, while working at the computer seems to many troubles.

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