Lose weight without dieting – free Android App

If you are want to lose your wait without dieting then a android app is help you for lose weight without dieting. That’s name is “Lose weight without dieting”. If you are going lose your wait with healthy way then this best app for lose weight is made for you.

“Lose weight without dieting” app is very easy to use calorie counter. This app give you comfortable way to lose weight with full fun. You can easily fill your meals in this app and this app provide you what meal is unhealthy for you but others apps like MyFitnessPal, Food Diary and others not give you this features.

It’s calorie counter also calculate your calories, fat, carbs, proteins. If you are forget to enter your any meals then it’s also remember you about that. This app also calculate your physical training spend, jumping, swimming, walking of a day for recalculate your dieting but others apps like MyFitnessPal, Food Diary and others are not give you this features.

“Lose weight without dieting” app also track your weight. This is calculate your bust, waist, for monitor your progress to lose weight and also provide you easy to read graph but others apps like MyFitnessPal, Food Diary and others are not give you this features. This app suggest you what food is healthy for you and which exercise is help you for shape.


Features of “Lose weight without dieting” app

  • Water consumption tracking
  • Track proteins, carbs, fats with Daily charts
  • Timeline progress of hips, bust and waist and measurements
  • Reminders of daily Intakes
  • Photo capabilities, Writing noted and setting moods
  • You can take photos of your food for record it later
  • You can also customized your baseline of training and food
  • schedule your future exercises or meals
  • Predefined your weight lose plans.


So, how much you like “Lose weight without dieting” Android app, place a comment of your view about this app and don’t forget to share best app of lose weight.

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