‘Lost or Stolen Laptop’ Find your Laptop Very Easy!

The website claimed stolen laptop can not get it, but it could provide the information by which you must help the police find stolen laptop can be happen!
TrackMyLaptop named Quick Heal Anti-virus company’s website operated on behalf of is there! The purpose of this website our customers and other laptop users to help find the laptop is lost or stolen!
TrackMyLaptop name of the website is the best thing is to keep constant watch on the stolen laptop! Quick Heal Anti-Virus for you to install on your laptop is placed on this website, please register with the information necessary to laptop! The laptop’s MAC address to register on the website of the recording! Since the laptop is lost or stolen when the user connects to the Internet user’s location information is sent to registered users!

MAC address is an identification of any laptop! It all computers and laptops, is in! Jesse mobile EMI number of MAC addresses in the same way every laptop and desktop and in the world, such as the two MAC addresses can not be one!
engaged in computer network cards, wireless There are also the MAC address of the card! If you do not install Quick Heal Anti-virus is in your laptop you can take advantage of the website!
If you have purchased the Quick Heal then you need to find the MAC address of your laptop, because it Install anti-virus on your laptop takes himself! But if you have not purchased the Quick Heal These addresses themselves will tell you the time of registration!

how to use this website!

If you Quick Heal is purchased So You For Quick Heal Users click! and then Register Now click and open in window and fill in the information requested to be added to the Register button to complete the process! Once you register Trace Now button Click to, now in front of you will open a new window in that your Product Key and the password you type will open dashboard where you can find full details of your laptop!
If you have not purchased any other Quick Heal Anti-Virus to use, you Not a Quick Heal User click and fill in the information sought in the open window button and then by boat to register yourself Please register on the website!

If you want to buy an old laptop once the details to match the course here! Also you Verify a Used Laptop click and then fill in details of the open laptop in window, click the submit button!
This website is an advantage if you are buying used laptop would be better that the first laptops were stolen data on this website must be able to see why it was stolen laptop that you can buy and then later Go get himself into big trouble!

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