11 Plugins To Add Notification Bar On WordPress Site

Have you ever wanted to draw your reader’s attention to something specific? If so then this is for you whether you run a business website or a personal blog built on WordPress.

In this collection, we have listed some of the best plugins to add header notification bar on your WordPress website that you can use to grab their attention and reach your goals. While some of these plugins are free to use others will cost you some bucks which is fair enough as long as they come with special features like click counter and A/B split testing.

Before we move further, let’s have a quick look at why do bloggers and website owners adds notification bar to their website.

  • To increase affiliate sales.
  • To make customer service announcement.
  • To capture newsletter signups or RSS subscribers.
  • To reduce bounce rate by linking to popular posts.
  • To promote newly launched products.

Free Notification Bar Plugins

Hello Bar

hellobar plugin
It is probably the most popular option that allows you to draw your reader’s attention to a call to action, not only on WordPress sites but also on static websites and other CMSs as well.

DW Promobar

dw promobar plugin
A clean and simple WordPress plugin that allows you to add a meaningful message with or without clock counter in just few simple steps.

Viper Bar

viperbar plugin
If your goal is to capture newsletter signups without annoying your readers with signup popups then Viper Bar plugin is what you should be looking for. It adds an attractive bar to your site, which you can use to increase newsletter signups or RSS subscribers.

WordPress Notification Bar

wordpress notification bar plugin
An easy and quick way to add header notification bar with your own custom call-to-action message and button.

Notification Bar

Another simple yet very effective notification bar plugin that allows you to add an attracting bar to your WordPress site which automatically hides after 7 sec. The plugin includes 5 different color schemes and allows you to choose where to display the bar – Top or Bottom.

Easy Heads Up Bar

easy heads up bar
Easy Heads Up Bar is a free WordPress plugin that allows you todisplay multiple bars randomly with different messages. It also allows you to set an expiry date for a bar and limit the display to only Home Page or Interior Pages.

Premium Notification Bar Plugins


foobar plugin
The Foobar is a highly customizable WordPress plugin to add anattention grabbing notification bar to your website or blog. You can create an unlimited number bars and display different bar on different pages or define a default bar to display on all pages.

Attention Grabber

attention grabber plugin
It is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to display custom texts, Twitter posts and RSS Feeds at the top of you website. You can create unlimited notification bars with this plugin and even track the number of clicks.

Notification Bar Pro

notification bar pro pluginIf you’re looking to add a cool notify bar to your WordPress website then you should try this awesome plugin. With this plugin you create an unlimited number of notification bars, and use them on single post or pages. One cool feature that sets it apart from rest of the plugins is that you can add additional extended message or display larger images.

WP Header Bar

wp header bar plugin
WP Header Bar is yet another attention grabbing and highly customizable responsive notification bar plugin that comes with A/B split testing feature and page level targeting.

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