mCent Unlimited Recharge Trick (100% Working)

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3 Best Camera Apps For Android to Improve Photos

Every were you go you are always think to click those moment because when those moment gone then not came back again. So, If you have low megapixel camera on your phone and you are try to great shoot with system camera app, you are failed.

So, i am here to give you 3 best camera apps for android phone and tablet to improve camera and photos or pictures quality. If you are searching for android apps for improve quality of camera and photos.

These apps make your camera better and optimize your camera quality. This best camera apps help to capture perfect image with improve photo quality. So, in below you see best camera apps for improve camera quality.

3 Best Camera Apps For Android To Improve Quality of camera and Images

Open Camera

best camera apps for androidOpen camera apps is fully free android app. Open camera give you auto-stabilize for perfect shoot, Zoom in and out via gesture and single touch, easily focus area via touch, many colors effects, auto flash modes, white balance, screen modes…etc many other features are get you by install one app. This app really help to improve your photography skills. Open camera app also improve your camera quality and picture quality. You can download in by click on Open Camera app Download.

HD Camera

top camera apps for androidHD camera app come with great features for photographer and non photographers. This best android camera app help to improve your photo quality. This app give you silent shooter, Continuous AF, Shake reducing, Continuous shooting, many effects, spot focus, guideline’s, white balance option, many scenes… etc many other features for improve your picture or camera of device. you can easily download HD camera app pro free by click on HD Camera Pro app Download.

Camera 360 Ultimate

At this time camera 360 ultimate is very popular camera app at this time. Camera 360 ultimate great feature is this give you hug variety of effects and options and very easy to use. This apps come with great camera effect. You can download this best camera app by click on Camera 360 Ultimate apk Download.

So, which best camera apps you like most for your android smartphone or tablet, place a comment of your view and if you know another best camera apps for android device then also place your idea on comment box. Don’t forget to share.

3 Best Android Launchers to Customize Android Phone

If you are bored from your old android launcher. Then you can customize your android phone by simply install best android phone launchers. In below i am give you three best android phone or tablet HD launchers.

Launchers gives you many other options, custom tabs, custom icons and great themes for make better your android device. So, below you see best android phone and tablet  HD launchers apps.

List Of Best Android HD Launchers apps To customize Android Phone or Tablet

Apus Launcher

apus best android phone launchersThis launcher app give you lot of icons and themes for customize your android phone or tablet. This is best and HD launcher for android smartphone and i am also use this launcher on my own smartphone. APUS is the great launcher i can’t say about that more. So, download this launcher and enjoy new experience on your phone. You can download this launcher by click on apus Launcher Download.

Action Launcher 3

Action launcher 3 app theme fully customize with lollipop. This launcher are working great with all android devices. The most important part of action launcher 3 is windows like starter menu bar and here you are set your favorite apps for faster experience. you can also customize your apps icons, colors, layout and themes and app list easily with help of Action Launcher 3. You can download Action Launcher 3 by click on Download.

C Launcher

C launcher application is great and economic launcher for android phone and tablet. C launcher app come with own phone cleaner, thousand of different themes for make your phone look different every time. And you can also create your custom theme on c launcher app. So, this app give you all option for make your phone look great as you like. You can download this app by click on C Launcher App Download.

So, which Best android Launchers you are like mostly place a comment of your view and if you know any other best android launchers then also place a comment.

Lose weight without dieting – free Android App

If you are want to lose your wait without dieting then a android app is help you for lose weight without dieting. That’s name is “Lose weight without dieting”. If you are going lose your wait with healthy way then this best app for lose weight is made for you.

“Lose weight without dieting” app is very easy to use calorie counter. This app give you comfortable way to lose weight with full fun. You can easily fill your meals in this app and this app provide you what meal is unhealthy for you but others apps like MyFitnessPal, Food Diary and others not give you this features.

It’s calorie counter also calculate your calories, fat, carbs, proteins. If you are forget to enter your any meals then it’s also remember you about that. This app also calculate your physical training spend, jumping, swimming, walking of a day for recalculate your dieting but others apps like MyFitnessPal, Food Diary and others are not give you this features.

“Lose weight without dieting” app also track your weight. This is calculate your bust, waist, for monitor your progress to lose weight and also provide you easy to read graph but others apps like MyFitnessPal, Food Diary and others are not give you this features. This app suggest you what food is healthy for you and which exercise is help you for shape.


Features of “Lose weight without dieting” app

  • Water consumption tracking
  • Track proteins, carbs, fats with Daily charts
  • Timeline progress of hips, bust and waist and measurements
  • Reminders of daily Intakes
  • Photo capabilities, Writing noted and setting moods
  • You can take photos of your food for record it later
  • You can also customized your baseline of training and food
  • schedule your future exercises or meals
  • Predefined your weight lose plans.


So, how much you like “Lose weight without dieting” Android app, place a comment of your view about this app and don’t forget to share best app of lose weight.

3 Best Apps To Increase Android Internet Speed

Today i am going to introduce How to boost android phone internet speed. At the home we are use WiFi connection but out of home we are use mobile internet connection. And some time you are get bad internet speed, So, i am provide you best internet speed booster android apps.

You may also install a best cleaner android app on your android phone for easily speed up your internet connection. Memory Booster is also best android phone cleaner.

Internet Booster app

Internet speed-Booster-Android-AppsInternet Booster app is help you to speed up android internet speed. Internet Booster boost up you slow internet connection up to 25 – 50 %. After install this app on your device you can make you internet faster then ever. This app also speed up instantly WiFI/ 3G/ 4G/GPRS/UTMS. Internet Booster optimize internet speed and open faster website’s and pages. This booster clean DNS cache, clean browser cache, optimize your browser and give better signal or stronger cell tower for boost the internet connection speed.

Download Internet Booster for Android

Network Speed Booster

Network Speed Booster app improve  your phone internet speed or signal reception. You can easily speed up internet data speed with network booster app just tap on boost.  You can easily improve your internet downloading speed and internet browsing speed by this best internet booster app.

  • Improve Internet Connection speed and signal reception.
  • Also improve WiFi connection
  • Better call quality

Download Network Speed Booster

Internet Speed Master

Internet Speed Master tools is help you to Improve your internet connection speed. For speed up your connection this app modify your  device file system. This app also safe your internet connection like linux and you must your phone backup your phone before try this app. It supported for all ROMS.

Download Internet Speed master for Android

So, Which App To Increase Android Internet Speed you are use for boost your internet connection. Place a comment below of your view about those app and also give your idea to improve internet speed or speed up internet connection.

Recommended Android Apps For United States

Hey everyone, If you are live in United  States and searching for recommended android apps for united state then you are in right place. Here you are get best android apps for increase android phone speed, check WiFi speed, best photo editor, Best android games for US, Best internet browser for android, best android phone launcher… etc. So, lets start –

Best and Top or Recommended Android Apps For US

Magic Rush : Heros

Magic Rush : Heros android game is very great for entertainment. If you are finding for best android game for android then this game is very awesome, I am also play this game when i feel bored. Install this game from click on Download.


If you are die hart fan of HBO then you must install HBO Now app on your android devices. Now you can get latest update of HBO Now on your android phone By download HBO Now apk on your phone. So, you can download it from click on Download.

Free Internet

Now you can surf free internet on your android phone using Free internet app in US and other country. Recommended android apps. If you are searching for free internet tricks, free 3G internet…etc then this free internet app is very useful for you. So, download free internet app by click on Download.

APUS Launcher

This is best launcher app for android phone. If you are finding for top android phone launcher app then this is made for you. In US 75% android user are use this app launcher and this is top launcher for android because this is very easy to handle. Downlaod

Top and Best camera apps for android Phone

Open Camera

Open Camera is best camera app for android. Recommended android apps. I am also install this app on my own android phone. You can also download this app by click on Download Open Camera APK.

HD Camera

At this time android phone are mostly use for click photos. So, if you are want to improve your camera quality and you are want to click best photos. then HD Camera app is very useful for you and install it click on Download. Continue reading “Recommended Android Apps For United States”

Apple IOS 9 Release Date, Specs, Features

Apple Inc. decide to release new Apple IOS 9 soon. After Good success of Apple iPhone 4 and 6 apple Inc. come Again with IOS 9. So, I am here to update you about iPhone news and latest updates.

iOS 9 Release Date

According to Apple Inc. news, Apple iOS 9 release date is 16th September. So, your dream of Apple 9 is became true at this month.Apple ISO 9 Release date , Price, Specification, Features

Features and Specs

So, below you see new features off apple new operating system. See those features and specs and know what new thing is come on this new IOS.

Apple Improve Maps

Apple maps is most usage maps at this time and Apple is Improving apple maps regularly. Apple maps improve her map clearly. In IOS 8 some problems are come on map like what transport directions…etc

Humanise Siri

Siri is virtual assistant of apple iPhone like Tony Stark’s JARVIS from Iron Man movie. Siri is make your iPhone quicker, faster and easier for find out information’s and run your devices. It is come  better then iOS 8 and come with more new features. And it is also activated when you say “Hey Siri’

Browse Ad free with Apple New IOS

Apple also come with this great feature, when apple iOS 9 released you can surf websites ad free with apple new feature.

Default Third Party apps

Now you can make default third party app because iOS 9 beta come with new feature that’s are not available in iOS 8. In last apple operating system you can not choose default apps like mail, SMS app…etc So, you love very much apple new operating system because apple give you this new feature.

Hide System Apps

Now you can able to hide systems apps that you can not be able to uninstall. This is new and great feature of Apple new operating system.

TexEdit And Preview

TexEdit and preview both are two different applications of mac os but now you can get those applications in apple new operating system. This application help you to view easily file that are stored in cloud.

So, How much you like Apple new OS IOS 9 place a comment of your view, Place a comment.

Top Apps For get free Internet Data Pack or MB

Last update 5 March 2017 : android tricks, free data, free internet, free mobile internet data

How to get free internet data on android phone? Today i am come with best and simple way to earn free data or earn free mb  or best way to get free mobile data.

Apps That’s Give Free Internet Data Pack

In Below some best apps listed that’s give free internet for completing easy tasks. So, just read below steps and get free internet in your android phone.

Databack App
Free 3g & 4g
Get free 3g & 4g data free with databack

Get free mobile data or earn data by complete tasks and invite your friends via databack mobile app. Download Databack app by click on Download Databack App.

  • Use referral code for get extra 100 Mb mobile data signup bonus : RAJ1072
  • Refer your friend and earn 50 Mb internet data instantly.
  • You are also get 20 Mb extra when your friend reach 30 Mb
  • Your friend also get free mobile data 100 Mb signup bonus.


Get free 150-300 MB free Internet Data by Downloading Gigato App

Install Gigato App now and get 150-300 MB fack by complete sign up process. You can also get more free MBs by complete Gigato app task. So,

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How to get free data pack with Gigato app

Firstly you need to install this app on your android phone by click on Download Gigato app APK.

  1. After download and install this app Enter your mobile number (Fill corect mobile no. because after 10-15 minute you get your internet data pack).
  2. Then fill up your state…etc correctly.
  3. And use this app for some time you are get your internet pack on your phone after 10-15 minute, I am get after 10 minute.
  4. Refer this app to more friends and earn more free internet data pack. And also complete offers of Gigato app for earn more free MB or free data pack. Free mobile internet data app for android.
KickBit app For earn Free Internet Data with refer and earn program

KickBit app is new in market and this app developer promote this app by give you free 3G MB/ free android or apple internet data. By using this app you can earn easily free internet data or free 3g internet MB.

How to earn 50 MB and more via KickBit app

Firstly you need to download this app new version on your phone by click on Download KickBit APK.

  1. After open this link Select your country and put your mobile number.
  2. Then touch on ‘ Check Wireless Plan’.
  3. Now if your operator support this app then you got download link of KickBit free data app.
  4. After this download and install this app on your android phone.
  5. Now again fill up country and number and you got a OTP for verify your number.
  6. Enjoy! you are got free 10 – 50 MB internet data free by signup bonus.
  7. Now refer this apps with your friends and you are earn 50 MB free data per refer, and you are MB free when your friend earn 100 MB data. So, you can get unlimited free data for more refer.
Pocket money app

Earn Rs. 100 in paytm wallet free by download and sign up with pocket money app. Follow below steps for get free mobile rechrge-

  1. First of all download this app from Download pocket money app.
  2. After download and install it, register a new account and complete a task.
  3. You can complete your task form pocket money app download wall.
  4. Just install any app from download wall and complete one successful task.
  5. After completeone one task you get free Rs. 100 cash for mobile internet pack recharge or transfer to paytm wallet.

So download this app and get free cash for do free mobile internet recharge with paytm or pocket wallet.

TaskBucks App - for get free internet and free recharge

Now you get free talktime with free internet with taskbuks app. First copy referral code ” 5GU81UXD ” for get free Rs. 140 rupees and free internet data 20 mb and then download Taskbuks app by click on : Download Task Bucks app And you got Rs. 140 rupees free paytm or mobiwiki cash or mobile Talktime by use this referral code ” 5GU81UXD ” and install any one app from your task and get sucessfully free money.

Free Internet

Get free internet using the free internet app. If you are searching for free internet pack or free MB data then you must install this free Internet App. You can download this app by click here – Free Internet App

Mobile Money : Earn 500 MB Data free

Mobile Money app come with new refer and earn program. Now refer mobile money app and earn free 500 mb mobile data and you are also get 100 mb free data by download this app by given download link. If you are searching for free data app then this app give you high payout by refer friends or complete offers of mobile money app and this is limited time offer. So, hurry up and install highest payout mb data pack app by click on : Download Mobile Money Apk

Hike : Earn 50 MB data free for per Refer

Hey friends, Hike come with new great offer after long time, last time it’s give you free rs 20 recharge for per referral and now Hike offers live again! Hike come with new refer & earn offer, Now you got 50 MB free internet data per refer. (You may also like :-  Unlimited Free 3G internet Tricks For All Operators users)

Hike referral program details
  1. Firstly you need to download new version of hike by click on Download Now.
  2. Sign up with this and you get free 20 MB as a bonus reward.
  3. Now for earn more MB you need to share hike with your friend, So move on upper corner, here you get ‘ invite friends ‘ tab. So, click on invite friends tab you got your unique referral url for earn free MB.
  4. Share this link to your friends and family for get more free internet MB.
  5. You are get free 50 MB data per right refer. When you are reach 100 MB then you withdraw your Free internet data from here.
  6. You can also check your refer or invites status, For check your invites status go to “rewards/extra” option and here you get your full status. You can also monitor your status and activity from this tab.
  7. This offer for limited time, This special hike offer expire soon.

( You may also like : –  Top trusted way to Make Money online in India) So, how much you like this free internet trick, If you have any problem and any question about this tutorial to Free 50 MB internet data by Hike refer and earn program then put your problem below comment box.

Get free Internet data or mobile internet pack

Also share this trick to your friends and family because your share is our job earning. If you have any other trick to free internet recharge then place a comment of your Idea in below comment box and you may also earn free Internet. Tags : Free internet recharge, earn free mb, Free data pack, Internet pack app, free internet data pack app, mb free data, unlimited free data, earn free data app, free 3g internet mb app for android, free internet android apps

Unlimited 3G tricks for Vodafone, Idea : March 2017

last update 1 March 2017

Free Internet app

Friends get ready for free internet because free internet app in coming for android to surf unlimited and download unlimited without any data pack via free internet app. So, Download this free internet app and enjoy free internet by click on – Download Free Internet App Continue reading “Unlimited 3G tricks for Vodafone, Idea : March 2017”