5 Great Plugins For Making Your WordPress Site Responsive

A responsive website is one that changes according to the thing it is being viewed via. It changes depending on the operating system of the device, the screen size, browser and any other pertinent changes. There are plugins for the WordPress content management system that allow you to create a responsive website without there being a big fuss or having to do a lot of programming yourself. The list is in no particular order.

1. MobilePress


This is a plugin that will turn your website into a mobile friendly version of your website. It is not really a heavy plugin and is lacking a lot of features, but that does not mean it cannot be your number on choice. If all you are looking for is a website that may be used on mobile devices, then this is the tool that sits bereft of what are essentially unneeded extras. Create a mobile theme and plonk it on your website. You can test your website with a mobile view instead of having to use a real mobile.

2. WP Mobile Detector


This is a plugin that allows you to change your website so that it will work on mobile devices. There are mobile themes you can use right off the bat, and it will format and resize page elements for you. There are mobile tools that will help you to improve your conversion rate with your mobile device.

3. JetPack


This is the sort of thing for either the terminally lazy or the mystifyingly pragmatic. That is because it is quicker that a hippo at a buffet and that may be all that people need. It has twenty-four modules to choose from, but is basically just a big and fast WordPress converter. All you have to do is click a button and the WordPress friendly theme is there waiting. It can be made to be used in a more sophisticated and complex way, but there seems little point.

4. WPTouch


This is popular because it was well advertised and does its job. It is the Pepsi of the responsive world except without the patronizing appeal to the younger generation. The coca cola of course would be responsive design created by web programmers, which just like coke is not better, it was just there first. This plugin does its job and it work rather well with touch pad screens tool. It is popular and so, it has a few YouTube videos and articles written about it. This has helped it to become more popular as people start to see how easy it is to use.

5. Wapple Architect


This is a fast acting plugin in the fact that you can change your website very quickly and it is set to work with a wide range of mobile devices. It adjusts numerous features to be sure your website conforms with the mobile device you have chosen. There are a lot of functions that go with it and many that help the user get the most out of the plugin. It does work with quite a few devices and is rather good for the fact you can do it all relatively quickly and without too much fuss.

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