Remotely Control other Computers using Chrome Browser

Recently, Google launched a new Chrome extension called ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ that lets you remotely control other computer using Chrome browser.

By providing a one-time authentication code you will be able to share files or control another computer and even send messages using Google Talk

One potential use of this extension is the remote IT helpdesk case, where helpdesk can use Chrome Remote Desktop to help their users by setting up a sharing session and most impotently without leaving their desk.

The best part about Chrome Remote Desktop is that you can connect any two computer that have a Chrome browser whether its uses Windows, Linux or Mac.

How to Connect two Computer using ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’

First of all, you will need to install Chrome browser if you don’t have and than head over to Chrome Remote Desktop BETA extension webpage. Now install the extension and tell your friend to do the same.

When you are done simply sign-in to your Google account and allow access to the application.



After you click on ‘Share this Computer’ button it will generate a unique access code that you can tell your friend with whom you want to share your computer.


Chrome Remote Desktop works very well, it depends on your  internet connection and with one time authentication code the sharing session is fully secured.

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