Shopify Review: What Makes It Best Hosted eCommerce Solution?

Shopify is one of the best, simple and popularly chosen e-commerce solution out there. Shopify presents its users with a very neat, clean and easily manageable user interface that favors any kinds of users.

Shopify is the best eCommerce solution that can be chosen by anyone, no matter whether a professional or newbie. If you’re still confused why you should opt for them then read this Shopify reviewand decide yourself.


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Features Provided By Shopify

If you’re new to Shopify and the service provided by them, below is a list of useful features that Shopify offers to its customers:

  • Themes: Shopify is well known for their best-in-class selection of over 100 professionally designed themes which will suits any kind of e-commerce websites. The Theme Store at Shopify is filled with themes created by designers such as Pixel Union and you’ll always be able to get the best themes from Shopify.
  • Customization Options: Shopify does not only provide a vast selection of themes, but also a variety of customization options for the theme on your site. Hence, you will be able to easily make changes over your website’s design and without much hassles.
  • Coding Helps: You have no restrictions, when it comes to making changes over your website’s source code. Which means you have all controls over your design and you can personalize your theme by using HTML or CSS codes. Moreover, the Liquid language used in Shopify allows you to customize your theme to a great level, and also you’ll be able to master the language pretty quickly.
  • Shopify Experts: Got any problem in the customization section on your site, which you can’t handle? Well, don’t need to search off somewhere else to hire website designers. Because, Shopify has got its own designers club where you’ll be able to discuss your problems and even get paid help as well. The Shopify Expert Club has also got many marketers and eCommerce developers, officially approved by Shopify who can really help you out in building a successful and user friendly online store.
  • 24×7 Tech Support: Shopify has got a great tech support team who works 24×7 to solve all your issues and queries. Also, you are given a chance to rate the customer service once your ticket gets responded and therefore, you can also review and suggest for reform within the tech support team.
  • Free Trial Option: Well, not yet satisfied with the features Shopify has got to offer you? Go on and take on their no-risk, free trial package for 14 days. And once you’re satisfied after completing their trial package, you can upgrade to their premium package anytime.

Advantages Of Shopify eCommerce Solutions

Below is a list of advantages that makes Shopify the best hosted eCommerce solution out there:

  • Fast and Reliable Hosting: An online store needs to be always fast and secure, in order to attract more and more customers. And with the hosting service provided by Shopify, you need not worry on either of them. In fact, Shopify is one of the fastest hosting provider out there, and their payment service is quite secure and reliable as well.
  • Availability Of Marketing Tools: Well, even the online shopping world is competitive nowadays. No matter what your store is all about, no one would use or recommend your eCommerce site if you don’t spend enough resource in marketing it. Shopify does not provide the best marketing facilities out there, however usual freebies such as Google Adwords coupon and related stuffs are included to give you an initial boost in marketing your eCommerce store.
  • Purely SEO Optimized: Shopify also provides a purely SEO optimized environment and takes special care in SEO optimizing the theme on your website by modifying the Title, meta as well as description tags to be more SEO optimized.

Would I Recommend Shopify?

As I stated earlier in this article, Shopify is indeed the best eCommerce solution that anyone would opt for. As you could easily understand from this Shopify review above, they does provide a lot of user friendly features and always brings out the best for their customers.

Definitely, there are a lot of other features provided by Shopify and there are lots of advantages to speak about their service as well. However, I have only tried out to bring the important points on their service.

Finally, even though Shopify does have some negligible disadvantages, I would gladly recommend Shopify for anyone seeking a perfect e-commerce solution.

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