How To Speed Up Computer : Tips & Tricks to Speed Up Computer | February 2018

How to speed up computer| February 2018: No matter, how much nice or costly PC you buy or installing latest operating system, if system’s speed is still slow? then it feel like old computer. If  you are Searching for solution for how to speed up computer then don’t worries, because in this post I write about how to speed up computer easily with below given tricks and tips. After reading this I damn sure you can easy boost your computer speed.

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How to Speed Up Computer?

Buying a new computer is like new home if you wanna keep your home condition good forever then you have to clean it daily, as like this your PC also need to clean for keep speed up your computer.

If you wanna speed up computer free then you have read below tips to increase your laptop speed. For the computer, you have to clean your PC from hardware and software for speed up a Slow windows Computer.

Hardware Tips To Speed Up Computer

In below you read some easy tips to keep clean your hardware for speed up computer for free.

  • Dust is the biggest friend to slow down your computer, So, this is really easy ways to speed up computer by just clean dust.
  • This dust deposited your computer IC, chip. which help to didn’t find cold and hitting decrease speed of your computer.
  • Processor fan also need special attention on cleaning, because dust jammed fan and slow down your PC’s processing speed.
  • From the dust keyboard button are get worse or jammed, clean your PC keyboard for speed up computer for gaming or typing.
  • Dust also can be a reason to disservice your PC DVD, dust worsted DVD ROM lens or this also jammed your DVD ROM device.

So If you really want keep speed up computer then you have to clean you PC hardware from blower in every month. Regularly cleaning your PC will make large life of your PC and also speed up computer.

Software Tips For Speed Up Computer

Follow below steps and make your speed up computer faster then ever.

  • Use frequently disk Fragmentation, disk fragmentation will organize all file and help to speed up computer windows 7/10/8.
  • Can you installed any non-essential applications?, uninstall them and I request you to never use non-essential applications.
  • If you installed any operating system that’s doesn’t meet with your hardware requirement, this is slow down computer speed.
  • If you have didn’t install any driver of motherboard or hardware then install them for speed up your computer.
  • Virus can be main reason to reduce your computer speed. Use an antivirus in your PC to keep speed up your computer.
  • You have to scan not only your system drive but also scan hard drive, because in PC hard drive many hidden virus bringing.

So, just flow all upper tips to speed up computer with caring of software and hardware. If your hardware and software are working fine then your laptop automatically speed up.

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