Increase Website Rank with One Plugin

Hey friends, I am come back with new tips Increase Website Rank with One Plugin. There are many SEO plugins are available but the one but the one plugin are help you for increase your website or blog rank. So, lets start with steps to steps guide.

Increase Website Rank with WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin

1. Install WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin

According to me this plugin is the best plugin for increase website rank and this plugin also help to write SEO friendly article. If you are try to make your website SEO friendly then this plugin very important for you and this plugin also optimize your content for all search engines.

  • WordPress SEO by yoast help you to complete your website.
  • This plugin help you to sitemaps and it’s also submit your website sitemap to webmaster tools.
  • This plugin also help you to make you website social friendly.
  • This plugin also verify your verification for Bing, Google webmaster verification.
  • This plugin have a great option for complete your website that’s name is Force rewrite rule.

However, I see you some impotent featured of WordPress SEO Plugin. But that’s are only some highlights and this plugin also help you to prevent from copy content problems.

2. Setup Permalinks


In upper image i am force on two area, so you are change settings like image. This change are help you to increase website rank and also help you to prevent duplicate content issues. And the The second thing replytocom problem are create in your comment reply button. Google are index you comments issue, so this is also also help you to increase website rank

3. Title & Sitewide Meta Settings

Setup all this settings that’s i am give you in upper image because force rewrite rule is allow to change your setting in search engine.

There are first option is select to noindex all sub-pages because Google are index your website sub-pages and they are not good for SEO. And you are also see here more setting options but they are not necessary.

3. Social Settings

For open social setting of plugin go to WordPress SEO Plugin setting and open Social setting here. After open this you are see here below settings.

Facebook : In this option you are see connect your account with Facebook and set your default image you are want to see in Facebook of your website share.

Twitter : In twitter option select meta data.

Google Plus : In this option add your Google publisher page link and then setup author name.

4. Placing Your Keywords

this is very important task before you are write any past in your website. If you are want to perform your research, then you are need to palace keyword in your post without waste time. In the below i am see you the best things of me for focused phrase.

  • Palace keyword in your first sentence, this sentence must be under 150 words.
  • Put  key phrase in the last of your sentence.
  • Highlight most related word in your post using Bold, italic or underline.
  • Palace your keyword in H2 headings, H3 sub headings.
  • try to sprinkle your phrases, So specially Palace one one keyword in middle paragraph of your article.

And also place a keyword in your outbound and one inbound linking in your post.

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5. Add Custom Meta Description Tag

To increase website rank then this is good thing that Because Google are automatically add you meta description but this description are not friendly with your visitor and this is also carry your targeted key-phrase.

I am copy the first paragraph in below 150 words and place it on custom description become this is help to write valuable description of my post.

And this one is also important thing that palace your keywords in your description because Google is search engine that’snot right Google also a largest share search engine then it’s also focused on yahoo, Bing.

There are biggest problem to related to keyword is that spamming or simple terms keyword stuffing. If you are do this of one or both then Google panda algorithmic update are also penalized you and your search engine traffic is decrease in your website or blog.

Simple guidelines;

  1. Place targeted key-phrase.
  2. Also Place implement related phrases.
  3. Use one keyword only one or tow time in you website.
  4. Your tag must be simple and natural.
  5. Don’t Place up to 3 to 5 keywords.

However, If you have any question about Increase Website Rank with One Pluginthen palace your question in comment and also share this post with your friends.

Increase Blog Traffic with SEO Optimization Tips

Have a blog? Searching for SEO optimization tips? Wanna Increase your blog Traffic? In this post I write about Best SEO strategies to build organic traffic in your website from reliable source. So, read this post and Do SEO by yourself.

What Is SEO?

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SEO means optimizing a blog for get organic traffic form search engines. So, If you wanna Increase your blog traffic then just read below tips.

Search Engine Optimization Tip

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Search engines are the best place to find visitor and you also have to know that ” Content Is King”. You can easily increase your website SEO, If you write quality and original post with around 900 words. But, it take years to touch your website to higher rank.

If you wanna come up on the first page and Improve Your Website’s SEO, then this Beginner’s Guide to SEO is very helpful for you. Because, this Starter Guide of Search Engine Optimization is very easy to follow and you one can use this essential SEO tips & techniques for boosting organic your site traffic.


Right blog name = Google ranking boost

If you choose a good name of your blog then it’s also help you to increasing blog traffic. Read below steps for know what is that-

  • Choose a Good Name, That’s can easy to read and remind. Because, if i chose my blog name like ” eoefn423gsb ” then can you remember this?
  • If you chose name related to your website what about you wrote, then it’s very help you to improve website Search Engine Ranking.
  • Choose short and unique URL of your blog and this is also related to your blog name. URL is the first impression of your visitors.

Now you complete your first step of Search Engine Optimization tips.

Write unique content and be with keywords

I already say “Content is King”, If wanna increase you website rank with writing only then follow below steps that’s really help you to make SEO work in your blog.

  • Never do copy-paste from other website, It will decrease your website ranking.
  • Trying to write articles in your way of communicating to peoples in real life.
  • Write your article with keyword, Keywords are essentials need for optimizing.
  • If you use WordPress then use SEO by Yoast for write and SEO friendly post.

I think this tips is help to write an SEO friendly post and it’s also help your blog to Optimizing for search engines.

Choose right post tittle

When your are going to choose tittle for your blog post then you have to remind below tips for put SEO in website tittle.

  • Choose tittle only in English, because readers  are not able to search in any language.
  • Use your post keyword in your post tittle and URL for improve SEO ranking to higher.
  • Choose little post URL with all valuable words and don’t use stop word in post URL.

This three tips can help you to optimize your posts  & URL. Post tittle is take very important factor to rank higher on Google. Post URL is first impression for your blog viewer. So, use little, with keyword and valuable meaning.

Meta tag – a description of your blog

Meat tag is the brief description of your website and meta tag are help to optimizing your website SEO score. Follow below tips when you are going to choose your website meta tag.

  • Be careful when you are going to choose Meta tag, use related to your website.
  • Don’t use wrong or waste keyword because it will demonstrated your website.
  • For use more than one meta tag use, separate comm between those meta tag.

Blogger user can edit there met tags by search setting for meta tag. Meta tags can take up to 24 hours to take effects. So, use meta tags for make your blog as great SEO blog.

“Your sharing is our caring.”

If you have any problem to optimize your posts for increasing organic visits, then place a comment below and if you have any other way to do a SEO for blog then also place comment below.