Top 5 Free CDN Services for WordPress

What is a CDN ?

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is locate your all multiple severs in different places in word. CDN are also caches all state content of your website like images and CSS-JavaScript files and also stores on his servers.

So when anyone visits your website then the closest servers are deliver you site static content to visitor. I give you below a image for easily understand you about data is delivered.

So, after see image that’s clear when your website data is delivered from a distance then it’s take more time load. But, if you are use CDN services then the nearest servers delivered data, So your website loaded very faster.

So i think you are ready for use CDN after i am understand you about CDN and you are searching for best CDN services then i am here for see you

Top 5 free CDN services for WordPress and It’s absolutely free to use.

1. CloudFlare

CloudFlare is the top 1 free CDN service for WordPress. CloudFlare are serve your content at very fast speed because it’s data centers are located in all world.
Your are setup your website in CloudFlare very easily. Firstly open CloudeFlare and create a account then add your website or blog URL, After this once CloudFlare check your website and it’s all free of cost.

It’s is very easy and this is make our website load very fast and it’s also save near 60% bandwidth and 65% fewer requests.

In below image you see the 30 data center of CloudFlare in around the world.

2. Photon by Jetpack

If you are a WordPress blogger then i am absolutely sure that you are using the Photon by Jetpeck plugin. This plugin give many options that are make your website users friendly and It’s also give you Photon  One of them is Photon CDN!

This top 2 free CDN service is not like to other CDN service but if you have a photography blog or if you are using many images in your blog then this free CDN service is very helpful for you, So, active this feature.

Photon content delivery network service are loads your blog images with servers and that’s servers are powerful.

If you want to activate Photon then just go to install Jetpack plugin on your WordPress and then activate the Photon free CDN service from your WordPress dashboard.

3. SwarmCDN

This CDN service is new to compare with other in list but SwarmCDN is offer you 250 GB of transfer absolutely free, So, after this offer this CDN service is come in top 3 free CDN services for WordPress.

This free CDN services data centers are available in 196 countries in all around world. So, if you are really think to using CDN then once you will try out SwarmCDN.


4. jsDelivr

This CDN service  for hosting your javaScript file. If you are WordPress blogger then your website have lot of JavaScript files. So, I am think jsDelivr is top 4 free CDN services and this is very helpful for your website. So, If you are think to use this service then just install the free plugin of jsDeliver free WordPress plugin on your blog.

5. Coral CDN

Coral CDN service is based on P2P mean peer-to-peer content delivery network and MIT project. This CDN service is absolutely free because this service relies on the P2P network.


This is the top free CDN services and if you use this service then install Coral CDN freeWordPress plugin.

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