Top 5 Mobile Applications for Business

For the professionals on-the go, it is highly essential to make the best utilization of time in an efficient way. You may have the latest smartphone, and may have installed the latest app from an app store. But I ask you a question, is it productive or counter-productive?

If you don’t know, then do yourself a favor and ask, how many apps do you use each day in your phone? How much do you depend on it? Does it help you in your professional life? And if your phone’s app list is just occupying space, it is time you try some of the productive apps mentioned here.


A presentation can be boring or exciting depending on how you present it. If it is an important presentation to impress clients,then this app on your smartphone will build your reputation. The Keynote app delivers instant pitch presentation with powerful conveyance. It is interactive with complete features like charts and graphs that will instantly attract viewers. Also, through the Keynote app you can edit your typical presentations created in Microsoft PowerPoint.


For business people, there is a constant need to keep in touch with important people through a phone number. Add a professional look through RingCentral app when you display your main business number as your caller ID. And if you don’t have Wi-Fi, use RingOut to make calls. With the newly launched phone system, RingCentral Cloud Touch, you can manage, set-up and use phone numbers with ease.


When you are a subscriber to different sites it is difficult to remember all the passwords, and there is a constant fear of losing the passwords if it is written down somewhere. Besides, there is always a continuous caution of keeping the passwords safe from being spied upon. 1Password app helps you generate secured passwords and keeps them safe from unwanted intervention. This app can even store securely the credit card numbers, software license keys etc.


As businesses depend on project management and tool collaboration, apps such as Encamp become popular. Encamp gives you access to messages,to-do list, milestones and projects to complete along with upcoming tasks that have to be managed. PDF files, images and office documents can be viewed and attached to an email. Encamp’s dashboard displays all the archived as well as active projects with an overview of your latest activity.

XE Currency

No matter how many international transactions you make, a currency converter is mandatory for a business. The XE converter app can convert currencies from 180 countries and save your latest conversion for reference even if you are offline! This app is simple to handle and is up-to-date with changes in the currency value.


This is a Guest Post by Gemma Jones. He’s a Content writer and his interests are Technology, Phones, and Eco living, insurance, and Travel.

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